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Started by bosk1, January 28, 2016, 05:44:54 PM

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Much better than the " you have to be a computer programmer to figure it all out" from last time.

Wim Kruithof

I dived into the 7 hour (!) full breakdown of the Astonishing novel by Peter Orullian, on Youtube. He talks about every part of the album, the novel, the characters, the images, landscape and all that. Now was the Astonishing aging well on me already, but this definitely helps even more. I've ordered the paperback of the novel, which would arrive in a couple of weeks, while I already have the hardcover. But reading is easier in a paperback, plus that my hardcover remains as new. But I also truly hope to get a limited edition of the Astonishing, at some point.

Because after all, it might end up being my favorite of all.