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So, apparently, JLB is doing this event in his hometown of Midland. Seems like sort of a "Inside Actors Studio" type of event, where he'll get to talk about his life and stuff. I think I'm gonna check it out. It's only a couple of hours away from me.

Wow... Ninja'd by seconds.

Madman Shepherd:
Eh, I say close the thread I started.  I only beat you because I was lazy and didn't bother posting the picture of the event.  But anyway, you should definitely go to this event.  If I was anywhere within a few hours, I would be there.

Can't promise a bootleg though, lol.
Well, maybe.  :yarr

Why do they always have to add the "Prog rock may not be your thing" disclaimer on these things? It should be everyone's thing!

PS. Rush asked "Where's My Thing?" on Roll the Bones. It's quite possible that it may be in this post.


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