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Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #245 on: December 22, 2013, 01:49:29 PM »
Well folks, today is the day! Your fates shall be revealed. It's been fun, guys. It was a bit overwhelming at times, but you've definitely introduced me to a lot of new, awesome music, and I thank you for that. Hopefully it was enjoyable for you too!

Now, as promised, here are the scores for the final round. Remember, the score for this round was doubled, so these points are out of twenty.


Lucien: Rush - Natural Science
Score: 16

jingle.boy: Gowan - A Criminal Mind
Score: 17

senecadawg2: Deafheaven - The Pecan Tree
Score: 17.5

?: Paradise Lost - The Glorious End
Score: 17.5

Lolzeez: Deafheaven - Dream House
Score: 15

Nekov: Pendragon - A Man Could Die Out Here
Score: 16

elefantStone: The Tallest Man On Earth - Kids On The Run
Score: 15

LieLowTheWantedMan: Kvelertak - Utrydd Dei Svake
Score: 17.5

Elite: Spock's Beard - The Doorway
Score: 17

And with that, here we are! The final, final results! I shall reveal the final rankings, one by one, and I'll also rank the songs of each contestant, just for the heck of it (It has no effect on your score).

And here we go!


#10: Scorpion - 49 Points

In absentia: Scorpion. Hopefully he's doing alright and comes back soon, but while he was here, he sent some really awesome stuff. He even proved to me that Trivium may not actually suck! It's a shame he wasn't here for the whole thing, because I'm sure he would have submitted some great stuff during the final couple rounds.

Your song rankings: (Remember, this doesn't affect your score at all)

1: Trivium - Shogun
2: Iron Maiden - Paschendale (Even though you didn't really send this one at all) :lol
3: Ihsashn - On The Shores
4: Protest The Hero - Sequoia Throne
5: Wintersun - Winter Madness
6: Pain Of Salvation - Never Learn To Fly

#9: Lucien - 71.5 Points

I sincerely hoped you enjoyed your first roulette, even though you would have come in last place if Scorpion hadn't left. :lol You definitely sent some good stuff. You made some risks that didn't always pay off, but at least you tried. I get the feeling that you sent some songs that you thought I would like, even if you might not have liked them yourself (I kinda doubt you listen to bands like Abyssmal Sorrow :lol). If that's true, it was an interesting strategy. Don't let these results demotivate you; you did good, and I'm sure you'll do even better in your future roulettes!

Your song rankings:

1: Haken - Falling Back To Earth
2: The Enid - Tripping The Light Fantastic
3: Rush - Jacob's Ladder
4: Rush - Natural Science
5: Paul Winter - Canyon Chaconne
6: The Storyline - Unchained
7: Abyssmal Sorrow - Cavernous Sorrow And Worthlessness
8: Zero Hour - The Falcon's Cry

#8: Lolzeez - 72 Points

Your scores were all over the place. :lol You were another risk-taker, and I appreciate that. While there were a few of your submissions I didn't really like, you made up for it with some ones that I really loved. I really thank you for sending me that Dir En Grey song, as it made me get Uroborus, which is probably gonna be up there in my top 50 albums of all time. Thanks for participating, and remember, next time someone asks for a heavy guitar-oriented track, don't send them a jazz song! :lol

Your song rankings:

1: Dir En Grey - Vinushka
2: Amorphis - Sampo
3: Ne Obliviscaris - Forget Not
4: Leprous - Bilateral
5: Cult Of Luna - Finland
6: Olafur Arnalds - Ljosio
7: Deafheaven - Dream House
8: John Coltrane - Resolution

#7: jingle.boy - 72.5 Points

Despite being in last place for most of the roulette, you went out with a bang, and here you are! Thanks for sending me all those old-school songs; though not all of them were that relevant to my tastes, I appreciate your desire to expose me to the "golden era" of music. I think you realized pretty quickly that our tastes in music are pretty damn different, but that's okay. :lol Thanks for participating!

Your song rankings:

1: Iron Maiden - Paschendale
2: Gowan - A Criminal Mind
3: Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
4: Flaming Row - Rage Of Despair
5: Yes - Roundabout
6: Genesis - Watcher Of The Skies
7: Van Halen - Panama
8: Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Love

#6: elefantStone - 73 Points

I gotta say, you did pretty damn well in this roulette, especially for your first one! You dropped a couple ranks in the very end, but that's okay. Since you're still new to these forums, I encourage you to post more often; this is a great community with some great people. And your English seems fine from what I've read. :) Thanks for participating, and I hope to see you more often!

Your song rankings:

1: Radiohead - Videotape
2: Unitopia - Tesla
3: Ulver - The Future Sound Of Music
4: Disillusion - And The Mirror Cracked
5: Buckethead - Final Wars
6: Nevermore - My Acid Words
7: Seventh Wonder - Unbreakable
8: The Tallest Man On Earth - Kids On The Run

#5: LieLowTheWantedMan - 73.5 Points

Wow, you sure came out of nowhere in the end. :lol After a string of songs that were good but not quite great, you saved the best for last, and the double points launched you all the way into the top five! As I mentioned earlier, except for Diablo Swing Orchestra and maybe Kvelertak, all of your submissions have been from bands I haven't even heard of! So congratulations for that, you definitely sent me some obscure and interesting stuff. Thanks for participating, and good luck with finishing your own roulette... I feel kinda sorry for your participants. :neverusethis:

Your song rankings:

1: Kvelertak - Utrydd Dei Svake
2: The Drones - I See Seaweed
3: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Honey Trap Aftermath
4: The Antlers - Kettering
5: Psychotic Waltz - Out Of Mind
6: Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Midnight Black Earth
7: The Storyline - Unchained
8: Melvins - Honey Bucket

#4: Nekov - 74.5 Points

There's a reason you were in the top two or three for pretty much the whole roulette: your submissions were by far the most consistent. You never sent a bad song, and the amount of 8.5s you got was pretty crazy. Ranking your songs is going to be really difficult. :lol Thanks for being in my roulette! You didn't win this one, but you came pretty damn close.

Your song rankings:

1: Pagan's Mind - God's Equation
2: Russian Circles - Geneva
3: Frost* - Welcome To Nowhere
4: Pantera - Domination
5: dredg - Cartoon Showroom
6: Pendragon - A Man Could Die Out Here
7: Von Hertzen Brothers - Insomniac
8: Ayreon - Comatose

#3: Elite - 75 Points

After hovering around in the top five for the whole roulette, you safely managed to secure your spot in third place! Have a bronze trophy! You sent me some really awesome stuff, especially that Maudlin Of The Well song. You were also spot-on with following the round themes; if I awarded extra points to the submissions that fit the round theme the most, you might have won. :lol But hey, third place ain't too shabby! Thanks for participating. :)

Your song rankings:

1: Maudlin Of The Well - They Aren't All Beautiful
2: Firewind - Into The Fire
3: Spock's Beard - The Doorway
4: Frost* - Welcome To Nowhere
5: Haken - Atlas Stone
6: Protest The Hero - Without Prejudice
7: Gov't Mule - Forevermore
8: Wolves In The Throne Room - Dia Arto

#2: ? - 76 Points

Like LieLow, you just came right out of nowhere in the end. :lol You can thank your awesome submissions in the last few rounds for that! Your submissions shared the same style a lot, but not in a bad way. You told me you might have played it a bit safe for this roulette. *shrugs* Maybe, but you got second place, so who gives a fuck. :lol Thanks for participating, my Scandinavian friend!

Your song rankings:

1: Barren Earth - As It Is Written
2: Paradise Lost - The Glorious End
3: Amorphis - Sampo
4: Sentenced - End Of The Road
5: Kevin Moore - Shine
6: Paradise Lost - The Enemy
7: Fates Warning - Firefly
8: Dark Tranquillity - Nothing To No One

And now, the winner of Buddyhunter1's Roulette...


#1: senecadawg2 - 76.5 Points

CONGLATURATION!!! A WINNAR IS YOU! While things got a bit dangerous towards the end, you managed to stay in the lead for the entire roulette, and in the end, you won by half a point! :D Hopefully the suspense didn't cause any trauma. All I can say is that you deserved this win. For the whole first half of the roulette, you were unstoppable. You continuously scored top points for your excellent submissions; it's clear that you have a genuine love for the songs that you're sending, and I can definitely say that you've got a pretty awesome taste in music. :tup You introduced me to some awesome stuff, including a band that hasn't even finished their first album yet! While your lead started to slip in the last few rounds, you managed to hold on. This is your first win in a roulette, correct? If so, congratulations again! I'm sure you'll have plenty more to come. Enjoy the win, and thank you for participating! :)

Your song rankings:

1: Gallowbraid - Stone Of Remembrance
2: Circus Maximus - Architect Of Fortune
3: Deafheaven - The Pecan Tree
4: Ulver - Eos
5: Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home
6: Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar
7: Seventh Wonder - Unbreakable
8: Clint Mansell - The Last Man

And that's all, folks! Buddyhunter1's Roulette Of Fun And Tears has come to an end. Thank you all once more for participating! I definitely plan on doing another one, but not for a while... roulettes are time consuming. :lol If you've got any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it, but otherwise, that's it! Take it easy, guys. :)


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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #246 on: December 22, 2013, 01:51:39 PM »

I wasn't in this roulette, but I had a lot of fun following it. Good job, everyone. :D

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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #247 on: December 22, 2013, 02:18:09 PM »
Dammit, that was close! Congrats to Seneca and thanks to Buddyhunter for running this roulette :tup This is a pleasant closure to my career as a roulette participant.

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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #248 on: December 22, 2013, 02:42:05 PM »
Congrats Dawg... should take the sting away from getting punted in mine!

Had a good time participating, and sharing with you some old school tunes
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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #249 on: December 22, 2013, 02:49:46 PM »
Unsurprisingly, the worst 2 songs I sent were my least favorite.  :lol

"Kind of a stupid game, isn't it?" - Calvin

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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #250 on: December 22, 2013, 05:30:06 PM »
My first victory   :blush

Thanks for having me play, I had a lot of fun! And thanks to all the competitors too, Buddyhunter isn't the only one who managed to find some new music this Roulette!!
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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #251 on: December 22, 2013, 09:00:43 PM »
Unsurprisingly, the worst 2 songs I sent were my least favorite.  :lol

Same here  :rollin
But still,thanks for running this!

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Re: Buddyhunter1's Roulette of Fun and Tears (But Mostly Fun) - The End!
« Reply #252 on: December 24, 2013, 05:33:16 AM »
Congrats Dawg!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the songs I sent Buddy, it was fun to play.
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