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Re: The Arch Enemy thread
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Arch Enemy is a band that tries to be too many things at once, and it just doesn't fit together for me. Most songs start heavy and mean then devolve into the soppiest, mellowest slow crap imaginable.

It sucks, since Jeff Loomis is my favorite guitarist on the planet. I wish he played in a more badass band. But you can't argue with Arch Enemy's fame. topic but I may take Chris over Jeff.  I've just always loved his playing.  But then I think of some Nevermore solos and go......ah yes, this guy is amazing.

I met Chris Broderick a few years ago and got one of his picks. Thick, solid, unbendable pick. It totally explains why his solos have so much attack.

I donít think that can be applied to the two new singles unless we have very different definitions of mellow and soppy.  Deceiver, Deceiver in particular is pretty relentlessly heavy.