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On the nature of "open"
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:10:37 PM » is a message board community designed for, and run by, the fans of Dream Theater. We welcome users with wide and varied musical tastes to come participate in our community and we thrive on the fact that members come in with broad interests and backgrounds, yet still find a way to meet on common ground. Users of all levels of knowledge, talents, and tastes intermingle, often allowing friendships to develop and influences to spread.

The forums, as fun and relaxed as they may be, weren't ever intended to facilitate the needs of everyone who wants to talk about anything at any time. It is not intended to be a wild playground. Moderators and rules exist to keep the content in-line and to maximize the browsing experience of DTF and its users.

Our goal with this board is to provide a place for Dream Theater fans, and fans and students of music in general, to congregate together to share and speak their minds. We love to see individuals learn to open their minds to new ideas, new sounds, and new people. We try to foster a fun, loose, but structured environment conducive to enjoyment and expression. Fun, loose, and relaxed does not mean that the loudest, most profane, and/or most obnoxious individuals are given the chance to steal the spotlight and garner attention, especially not at the expense of others. It does not mean that individuals have a license to abuse the community and/or its audience. It does not mean that racism and sexism will be tolerated. And it does not mean that individuals are free to beat topics into the ground and thrive on pissing people off. While open and honest critique and criticism are welcome (and, indeed, valuable), pointless negativity solely for the purpose of derailing discussion and/or stirring up controversy are not. Similarly, shock value is not something that we value or appreciate. is a community of people with similar interests on certain levels that is provided by the users themselves. It is an open atmosphere for intelligent conversation, musical expression, and gathering. Still, as a community, we have to get along, and for that to happen, there have to be some rules. If you have not already done so, please familiarize yourself with those rules and abide by them.
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