Author Topic: *IMPORTANT REMINDER: Posting leaked material, clips, snippets, etc.  (Read 36231 times)

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This is posted elsewhere, but it seems a reminder is necessary, so I am posting this to make it perfectly clear and to hopefully avoid us having to start issuing bans.

2b. With regard to "leaked" material ... [from] Dream Theater and side-projects by the members of Dream Theater, you may not discuss the leaked material whatsoever.
Any discussion of a leak, including discussion of the songs themselves, will be met with an immediate ban until at least release date, if not longer.

In short, DO NOT POST ANYTHING FROM THE NEW ALBUM unless it is a link to an official source (i.e. DT's or Roadrunner's official sites, YouTube pages, etc.--no other sources are acceptable until further notice) that has been allowed by the band and/or the label.  (live performances are fine)  If you aren't sure whether it is okay to post a link to something, PM a mod or admin and ask first rather than risking the ban.

*Note:  This includes retail sites.  In short, again, if you aren't sure if it is okay to post, or if you aren't clear on the rule, don't post until you ask a mod/admin.  If you don't follow these instructions, you will probably be banned.

EDIT:  And sorry for adding yet another sticky.  I know some people hate having too many for some reason.  But around album release time, it is generally unavoidable.
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Re: IMPORTANT REMINDER: Posting leaked material, clips, snippets, etc.
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Re: *IMPORTANT REMINDER: Posting leaked material, clips, snippets, etc.
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Bump, because apparently people still don't get it.

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