Author Topic: 2019-03-28 St. Paul Audio or Video!  (Read 245 times)

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2019-03-28 St. Paul Audio or Video!
« on: July 05, 2022, 05:26:17 PM »
Hello. I'm doing a bootleg of the 2019-03-28 St. Paul but there are some of the songs missing!
If the songs that I'm looking for are not available, I'm going to edit it with the ones I have, but please try to help me finding these:
- Intro (at least the first 30 seconds of Untethered Angel).
- The first three minutes of A Nightmare To Remember.
- Through Her Eyes.
- One Last Time (and the first seconds of Spirit Carries On).
- Finally Free.

If you have something, please PM me or send me a mail:

Thank you in advance.