Author Topic: Puppies (Re)Discovery EP Roulette V.4 (The Final Art!)  (Read 85175 times)

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Re: Puppies (Re)Discovery EP Roulette V.4 (The Final Art!)
« Reply #2905 on: December 29, 2022, 03:48:28 AM »
I actually genuinely feel like a butthole now. Puppies, Iím actually really sorry if bringing this roulette back up feels like a burden. Iíd be happy just to see the final ladder and know who won. Write ups arenít necessary.

You did nothing wrong mate.
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Re: Puppies (Re)Discovery EP Roulette V.4 (The Final Art!)
« Reply #2906 on: December 29, 2022, 05:24:08 AM »
Pup, I know I like to harass roulette hosts for taking their sweet ass time....BUT I am NOT doing it when I say this...
You don't owe anyone any writeups. I mean, only Crow and Ariich have a chance to win, so it doesn't matter to anyone else. Let your art stand as your writeups, and I might suggest to say a few words about Crow and Ariich's Concept Albums and call it a day and lift the burden of this roulette off your shoulders..

I think this is the perfect solution.  I wasn't going to say anything and let it go but since it's heading this way, Chris, I'm more than happy not to have a write-up and a score.  I'd actually prefer that.

I'm not just saying that but my album ended up so personal and hard hitting for me and I only did it for me.  I really appreciate you giving me the platform to do it but it definitely was something for me in the end.  I'm not sure if I'd actually like to see a score for it.  I was very hesitant even sending it to you also.

As Tim said, this means nothing and you don't owe us anything.  If trying to complete this is adding pressure, then don't do it.  None of us know what you are dealing with and we never will, but focus on yourself and your mental health and dealing with this. 

My recommendation is try and keep busy and do your best not to overthink.  I had a few days off over XMAS and that was the worst thing I could have done.  Your mind spirals and does nothing to help your mental state at all.  Although, that's probably escaping from your feeling also but meh......Obviously we don't know the circumstances around your friends death and you'll grieve for some time to come but go easy on yourself.  Also, I now firmly believe that death is nothing to fear and I also believe your friends are in a nice place on the other side.  Yes.....I think I'm losing my mind, and my thinking has changed this year.....a lot.

Don't stress over this mate, announce a winner and let it be.  I think I speak for all of us, especially us that have never done this format before that it has been very enjoyable and worthwhile.  One of the most entertaining and fun roulettes I've ever played in.

If you ever need to drop a PM mate, go for it.  I'm sure that goes for all of us.

Well said mate. 

Chris ... This was a fantastic roulette.  Put a bow on it, and put it out of your mind - this need not be anything you should be stressing about.
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