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The vague thin line between Nafaryus' song 237 and Mangini's Room 137

Started by Wim Kruithof, January 24, 2022, 04:48:15 AM

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Wim Kruithof

Reading the novel from The Astonishing again, there's this similarity I've been thinking about.

In The Astonishing story Nafaryus wrote this special song with his dad. It ment the world to him at a moment, but with his father not being there for him when he needed him the most, the song was also a painful reminder. He recorded it on his birthday for his dad, who wasn't around (again) and did so as song 237 on the musicplayer. That very afternoon his father - who was the emperor - died due to an ambush by the rebels and therefore Nafaryus decided to hide it from anyone and keep it safe. He hid it in the Hall of Lost Things, not to visit to again. Too painful, the wound was still too fresh and hurts too much. When he became the emperor himself, this was the foundation on deleting any music in the empire.

At any moment his daughter finds it in the Hall of Lost Things, keeps it closely and when see found out - through her mom, Arabelle - about song 237, she's over the moon and treasures it like diamonds. This song is innertwined in her relationship and the love she feels for Gabriel.

And then, an album later on Distance Over Time, there is this strange and spooky Room 137. Lyrically is shows similarity, with phrases like:

"someone is trying, someone is dying, to find out something. Will he reason, what's the message... the key to heaven, 137."

But later on there is also "show me what I cannot find, hidden by design."

Does anyone know if there is consciously layed an easter egg in here, somehow... or am I way off base.



Quote from: wkiml on June 08, 2012, 09:06:35 AMwould have thought the same thing but seeing the OP was TAC i immediately thought Maiden or DT related
Quote from: Buddyhunter1 on April 22, 2023, 05:54:45 PMTAC got a higher score than me in the electronic round? Honestly, can I just drop out now? :lol


Room 137 is about this...

I think Peter used 237 as a number because it rolls off the tongue easily. You'd have to ask him though. I am sure there could be some sort of purpose behind using that number 237. But it's not connected with Room 137.

Wim Kruithof


Nafaryus was paying tribute to his favorite movie, The Shining, wherein strange things happen in Room 237. Then Mangini moved into the same room one floor below to write his song. Also remember Astoni(shi)n(i)ng


(honestly, though, I like this find, even if it's just a coincidence)