Please vote for the song that you'd like to see win each match

8. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
14 (60.9%)
9. Far From Heaven
9 (39.1%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Voting closed: May 28, 2021, 06:14:36 AM

Author Topic: Dream Theater the League - A Dramatic Turn of Events - Opening Round  (Read 590 times)

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A Dramatic Turn of Events Tournament

1. Breaking All Illusions - #10 Ranked Division 1 Song
2. Bridges in the Sky - #29 Ranked Division 1 Song
3. This is the Life - #23 Ranked Division 2 Song
4. On the Backs of Angels - #25 Ranked Division 2 Song
5. Outcry - #29 Ranked Division 2 Song
6. Lost Not Forgotten - #3 Ranked Division 3 Song
7. Beneath the Surface - #16 Ranked Division 3 Song
8. Build Me Up, Break Me Down - #29 ranked Division 3 Song
9. Far From Heaven – Play in Tournament 1st Rounder

Opening Round (Songs 1-7 have a bye)

Please vote for the song that you’d like to see win this match.

8. Build Me Up, Break Me Down vs. 9. Far From Heaven 

I will only vote to break a tie.
48 hours to vote.

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South of Heaven
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BMUBMD, but I have a relatively high degree of apathy about this one.
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I really love both of those, so it was a difficult choice. In the end, I almost always choose a rocker over a ballad.

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Far From Heaven

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Far From Heaven. I don’t hate any Dream Theater songs, but Build Me Up, Break Me Down is pretty close.
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Far From Heaven