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Re: "Fix" the Score set list
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Lines in the Sand: while itís awesome that they included a reject song from Falling Into Infinity, I much prefer them including a song from the album proper. Another Won already takes care of the deep cut part of the set, so Raise the Knife wasnít necessary.
This is literally just fanfiction I invented to amuse myself, but I choose to believe they would not have included (or, they would have considered not including) Raise The Knife if Kevin had accepted the invitation to be a part of Score. If you go back to the Score drumcam DVD commentary, it's as if the rejection brought back literally all of the feelings that made him write the RTK verse about Kevin in the first place - erasiel transcribed all of it here if anyone needs a refresh:

I have, uh, some Opinions about what he said there  :lol but I don't think MP would sign under this today, so I'm gonna hold out on my potshots as well, and I don't want this thread to become about that either, but I still had to share my fanfiction because it's been a while since we last talked about Score.
Is this part of Score or a separate DVD?
That was on MP's separate drums-only DVD.
As a basic rule, if you hate it, you must solely blame Portnoy. If it's good, then you must downplay MP's contribution to the band as not being important anyway, or claim he's just lying. It's the DTF way.