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Spock's Beard Survivor 2019 - B-Sides - Handling The Format of this Survivor?


The Letter M:
Before I move on to the next survivor here, I wanted to take a poll about how to handle the B-Sides/Bonus Tracks/Non-Album tracks that the band has produced and released over the years. Among them are a number of songs on unconventional albums (From The Vaults, The First Twenty Years), or are bonus disc inclusions (many of which came from the Nick-Era), or are other rarities (such as the various Japan-only bonus tracks), as well as a number of covers.

I'm sure not all of us SB fans here have these tracks, and fewer of us probably care for them, but there are some legitimately good songs here and there, like the epic "Falling For Forever" or "Their Names Escape Me" from X.

I was initially going to do Option 1 in the choices above, but the more I thought about it, I thought it might be easier to do three separate survivors for each era of the Beard, and pick the first place from Neal-Era, and the top two from both the Nick and Ted Eras, for a total of five going on to Finals.

OR...we could just skip these songs altogether and move on! I figured I would offer that option up as well, because as I said above, I'm sure many fans haven't heard most of these tracks and only listen to the main studio albums.

This poll will be up for 2 days, so either way, a new portion of this survivor will begin on Thursday!


I haven't heard most of them, so I wouldn't be able to take part.

You might as well skip it, I don't know if there will be enough voters. I'd also be surprised if any of the B-sides are even consolation worthy.

I only know the BNADS b-sides so I'd be out for a good portion of it (and I've voted every round).


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