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Re: My ranking of the Dream Theater albums
« Reply #35 on: January 07, 2019, 08:01:57 PM »
It's hard for me to go past a top 3, so here is my top 3.

1)Awake - This album was one that showed me DT was for real. I didn't know about WDADU until a lot later, so for the longest time i thought this was their 2nd.  For weeks, a station in NYC that is all classic rock now was playing 'Lie' for weeks, but i didn't know it was DT for awhile.  When the DJ said it was DT, i couldn't believe i didn't recognize them.
My most memorable moment from this is the first time i heard the transition from 'The Mirror' into 'Lie.' I was walking through a courtyard where i live. I had a Sports Walkman with this on. When Lie popped in after that ending, i flipped out. I was like 'Oh sh_ _!, that was dope!

2)Metropolis 2: Scenes from a memory - A very emotional album that caught this emotional persons eye very quickly. Luckily for me, back then, this album helped me find out about Eddie Trunk's radio shows. MP was doing 3 or 4 Tri-State(NY)area radio stations to promote. One station, WSOU, is an iconic college rock station that  i knew of already. Then he did a Long Island station, and then finally WNEW-FM. I was able to hear at least 2 interviews, and found a great deep track rock radio show in the process. I was shocked that Eddie was such a knowledgeable rocker, because he was a DJ on Q-104.3, which played modern rock before they went to classic. I always thought Ed over enunciated, and wasn't that great an on-air voice. Well, it's almost 20 years of listening to him and it's great to see what he became.
Another key thing is one of my sister's lived with me around this time with her daughter, who became my favorite niece. When they moved out i was sad, but always remembered that this album was played over and over by me when they lived there.

3)Falling into infinity - This one made my top 3 and could easily be #2. Nothing can touch Awake to me, btw!
Back when this was out, i was lucky enough to have a cool manager, working the opening shift at McDonalds. He was Asian, and at that time knew a way to wire the 'musak' system in the store, so that we could plug in a Walkman, or I-pod, or CD player and play our music throughout the whole store, before we opened for business.  Problem is, he kept playing the theme to Titanic over, and over, and over!!! As soon as it ended, it would start again!!  One day, after we were getting tired of that song, i asked if i can hook up my Walkman and play my stuff. The first thing i put on was this album. The morning cashier heard 'Burning my soul' and right away said to the mgr, 'Now that's a great song, not that 'Once, more, you opened the door' over and over!' I knew i hit the motherlode, because any other morning mgr let me put on this. We had a female manager named Elsie, who always had heartbreak in her life, so one time i could tell she was into 'Trial of tears.' She wouldn't say it, but i knew. I sprinkled in some other groups from time to time, but this album was always played start to finish, or until it was time to put the regular crap musak on for the customers in that Canal St. McDonalds. 
I can't explain how big this was. I would go to the basement to do stock up and there was D F-ing T blasting downstairs, and of course the whole store.
That makes this an untouchable #3 for me. I can't explain how great this time was!

'Sorry about the short set' as James would say. I say 'sorry about the long post.' Haven't posted in awhile!
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Re: My ranking of the Dream Theater albums
« Reply #36 on: January 13, 2019, 04:55:25 AM »
Here's mine, with the top 5 often jockeying a little for positions. I always like to think of each album as having its own unique feel to it, usually bought about by cover art plus common occurrences throughout some of the songs. Just a silly, fun little thing I like to do. In any case:

Awake - The "Space" Album
Scenes - The "Masterpiece" Album
Dramatic Turn Of Events - The "Sky" Album
Falling Into Infinity - The "Water" Album
Images & Words - The "Regal" Album

The Astonishing - The "Musical" Album
6 Degrees - The "Experimental" Album
Train Of Thought - The "Black" Album
DT - The "Slick" Album

8V - The "Nuggets" Album
Systematic Chaos - The "Fantasy" Album
BCASL - The "Ambitious" Album
When Dream & Day Unite - The "Beginning" Album

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Re: My ranking of the Dream Theater albums
« Reply #37 on: January 13, 2019, 05:19:37 AM »
12- TA
11- SC
10- DT12
9-   ToT
8-   FII
7-   8V
6-   ADTOE
5-   Awake
4-   BCaSL
3-   Scenes
2-   I&W
1-   6DoIT

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Re: My ranking of the Dream Theater albums
« Reply #38 on: January 14, 2019, 10:46:02 AM »
Geez, almost been 2 years since posting on the forum. I'll be honest, I haven"t really listened to DT at all for a good minute, but the upcoming release of the new album and then this thread urged me to revisit their music. I was surprised by how differently I now feel about some of them.

13. The Astonishing
Not exactly controversial, I know. I was never a fan of this one on my first listen, and nearly 3 years on, that hasn't changed. It's simply too long for it's own sake, with little in the way of memorable songwriting. I get second-hand embarrassment listening to some of these lyrics.

12. When Dream and Day Unite
 A decent debut record with some good tunes on it. What kills it are the shoddy production and Dominici's vocals. While he's competent, he's not as versatile or iconic as LaBrie.

11. Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Probably their most inconsistent. Has some really good moments, but just as many bad ones too. I forgot just how long this one could feel.

10. Dream Theater
I remember constantly trying to defend this album, and while I still enjoy it to an extent, it does have glaring flaws looking back on it. The production is pretty unbearable, and overall it just feels like DT by the numbers, and has no strong identity of its own.

9. Systematic Chaos
Enjoyed this album more than I had ever used to. It has a grit that is pretty uncommon for DT, some of these tracks are just blistering. But it's also a bit inconsistent, with some pretty weak tracks as well.

8. A Dramatic Turn of Events
Probably only this high by virtue of BAI. This album is a mixed bag for me, but mostly ranges from meh to decent. Few tracks have had real staying impact since the album's release.

7. Falling Into Infinity
Was not expecting this to land so high. Another DT mixed bag. It's two epics are great, but has a few other tracks that bog it down. Goddammit, I can't not like Hollow Years though.

6. Octavarium
All around a pretty consistent DT album. Title track is great and I wouldn't call any of the others weak either, just not many I'd call amazing.

5. Train of Thought
While a consistently heavy DT project would sound tiresome to some, I quite like it. It's dark, aggressive, and bitter. I know some of the rapping sounds corny, but I really wish DT weren't afraid to do stuff like that these days.

4. Awake
While other DT albums are similarly dynamic and varied, this one truly does it well with good songwriting throughout. While some songs are better than others, there's not a bad one here. And Scarred is fantastic.

3. Images & Words
Yeah, yeah, we all know this one's good. I don't think it's a perfect record, but nearly every song here is a DT staple, and some of their most praised as a whole. MP1 is still one of my absolute favorites in their entire discography, and LTL is not far behind.

2. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory
This used to be my unchanging, all time #1 from DT, and while I still love it, maybe distance/time has let me look at it more honestly. Some of the lyrics are very direct and blunt but not always in a way that is compelling or impactful. The story of the album itself is also pretty bare thin and lackluster over the course of a 77 minute runtime, all things considered. But where this album really shines for me is in its memorable and dramatic songwriting. Strong melodies, fire solos and instrumentals, and LaBrie's warm and powerful vocals. It's just the band in peak form and this album really shows it.

1. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
This was the DT we never knew we needed. What happens when you let outer influences and ideas marinate with the typical DT norm? You get a mastapiece. Each song is inspired, each one meaningful, each one distinct and unique from the next. The risks they took on this one paid off, and it's something I wished they'd do more often. It's gritty, solemn, and deranged at points and I love it.

Kudos to anyone who actually read all my drivel. With all that said, I do look forward to D/T.
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Re: My ranking of the Dream Theater albums
« Reply #39 on: January 14, 2019, 02:38:35 PM »
1. Images and Words

2. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory

3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

4. A Dramatic Turn Events

5. Awake

6. Falling Into Infinity

7. Dream Theater

8. Octavarium

9. Train of Thought

10. When Dream and Day Unite

11. The Astonishing

12. Black Clouds and Silver Linings

13. Systematic Chaos
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