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My Music (musescore account)
« on: July 19, 2018, 09:54:09 AM »
So I've created a few pieces of music with my limited experience. I think the first one was almost 2 years ago, and the last one 'till now one year ago. Those were mostly attempts and even though there was maybe some good ideas here and there, I think it was overall way too repetitive and/or sometimes poorly arranged. I write with musescore as it is the only thing I've managed to understand since it is made for creating sheets (I have tried softwares similar to FLStudio but I understood nothing at all and gave up on it :-X) but my goal is to create tracks in the end, not especially sheets, so I try to make the best out of these sounds even though some are rather poor. So, anyway, I wrote once again a piece last week, In Your Name, it took me a lot of work, way more than for the rest and I think it is better than everything before, mainly thanks to my regular DT-listening which helped me analyse music much more easily. So I'd be glad if I had some opinions on it, and advice as well. You can listen to the other stuff if you want to compare (though I don't have everything online because I am limited to 5 scores at a time since I don't have a pro account) but I am mostly interested in what other musicians think of this one.

Here's the link:

I tried for the sheet to make the most sense possible but I'm not entirely sure about it, so tell me if some things should be corrected.  ;)