Author Topic: Want/ Need a Laugh? 😀 Funny/Helpful Video from Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson)  (Read 144 times)

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Thought I’d share this video Craig Blundell posted the other day. I love the silliness! And check out the new look!  :lol.  Shares some tips for musicians as well.

Craig posts a lot of cool/fun/silly/helpful/tour-related stuff on his Facebook page if you follow him. He’s also really interactive with fans, which is always cool.  :tup

Do you tend to follow your favorite musicians on social media? Is it mostly for posts, or to stay updated on shows and news? Craig seems to use social media quite a bit to share what he’s working on (as many do), but also to be creative with videos like this, which I don’t see often with other musicians I follow. Just curious what other fans like to see when the follow their favorite musicians.  :yarr

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You should have put a warning up:

DON'T CLICK ON THIS unless you really have 8 minutes to spare!!!!

(Which I currently haven't)

I clicked and couldn't stop watching :D
This guy totally blew my mind when I saw him in February in Vienna with Steven. My friend and I met him in the foyer after the show and he was very nice. I didn't know he was also such a goofball, too!

Love this guy - I will "like" his FB page now.
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Hahaha! Sorry!  :laugh:

He blew my mind too!! I saw 5 shows in the U.S. on this last tour. He definitely seems to like to have fun, and share a lot with fans.