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Hello all. I have been using my tablet to play music in my car, but transporting it to/from my house/car is getting tiresome. I can't get my cell to play audio through my car's stereo via Bluetooth. It's an older phone so I think that's the issue, but it works great otherwise so I don't want to replace it.

What I want is an inexpensive mp3 player I can play through my car's stereo via Bluetooth, so I can also connect to other BT systems like my home theater. I demo'ed a Dansrue mp3 player but it won't connect to my car's Bluetooth, and I can't figure out why, and if it is an issue with the player or my car. It shouldn't be the car, it's a new 2017. And it syncs with my tablet just fine. I don't want to buy another player and end up facing the same issue.

Alternatively, if anyone has any thoughts on my car Bluetooth syncing issue, those are welcome too.

Another thing I realized is that when connected to my car stereo, you cannot access the controls on the player, you can only change tracks, etc... via the car stereo. That's fine in the car, but not if I connect it to a portable speaker. Are all mp3 players like that?

I thought this topic or something similar had come up earlier but I couldn't find it, If it exists feel free to direct me there. Thank you.
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Re: mp3 Player question/recommendation - need new player for car
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You're probably thinking about this thread-  Though, it was more about the software app.

There's also this one -

You think about trying a bluetooth plugin adapter for your phone? Something like this, where you pair the device to your phone, then plug it in to the car's 3.5mm plug.

And for most car stereo systems, the ability to control all functions of the player through the entertainment system via bluetooth is limited to play/pause, and foreward/back.  I believe that you can only get full device control when you connect through the lightning port (or Android equivalent) via USB.
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