Author Topic: New prog featuring MARK ZONDER: Skeptosphere - Crash and Burn (single)  (Read 380 times)

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Crash & Burn is the new single from Skeptosphere, featuring Mark Zonder (ex-Fates Warning) on drums.  Mixed by Grammy award winning engineer Phil Magnotti.

CD Baby:

Skeptosphere is:

Alex Tamulis Vocals, bass
Paul Holloway Rhythm guitars, keys
Alexandre Monari Lead guitar
Mark Zonder Drums

Skeptosphere is a slow burn... one song at a time :)  Next one after this is due out in a month or so.

By the way, any of you musician-types interested in hiring a drummer should REALLY give Mark a call (  Not only is his drumming outstanding (and he plays on our next song too!) but he is a heckuva nice guy, very friendly and accommodating and really listens to the composition.  His drum work was so good, we re-tooled everything to try to bring it up to his level.  Zero ego.  An absolute pleasure.