Elite's Ridiculous Reverse Scoring Roulette - v4.0: EP Results (The End..)

Started by Elite, May 03, 2018, 04:52:20 AM

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i'm just surprised my non-metal EP made it to the top 2 at all


Quote from: Elite on August 26, 2018, 11:19:58 AM
Maybe you should organise a roulette yourself so you can regain your interest in music. And then be surprised if everybody sends late :neverusethis:
Thanks for the recommendations! More stuff to check out :)
Been thinking about it, although I haven't finished checking what I got sent in the last one from some months ago :lol
Sending late would be a requirement :neverusethis:


i'll send so late that i won't even send for the first round until after the roulette is over :jamaritard:



Quote from: Parama on August 26, 2018, 12:24:19 PM
i'll send so late that i won't even send for the first round until after the roulette is over :jamaritard:
You'd still send me the song before splent and DrDTVT post results :vomitard:


Quote from: Sacul on August 26, 2018, 12:30:02 PM
Quote from: Parama on August 26, 2018, 12:24:19 PM
i'll send so late that i won't even send for the first round until after the roulette is over :jamaritard:
You'd still send me the song before splent and DrDTVT post results

omg :lol



Quote from: Buddyhunter1 on May 10, 2023, 06:59:19 PMAriich is a freak, or somehow has more hours in the day than everyone else.
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ariich let's romeo & juliet it so elite doesn't have to shoot us dead



Depths: Revisited – sent as a single file, I burned it to a disc

'Hello, melodic death metal, so glad to see you my friend. It's been a while..'

1. Witherscape - The Inheritance (1:15)
2. Amorphis - Wrong Direction (5:09)
3. Insomnium - Winter's Gate, Part 4 (5:24)
4. Witherscape - The Examiner (5:04)
5. Insomnium - Shadows of the Dying Sun (6:33)
6. Amorphis - Pyres on the Coast (6:19)
7. Witherscape - Vila I Frid (1:54)

Stylistically this is easily the most consistent EP, since it's all melodic death metal and consists of just songs by three bands. The transitions are for the most part seamless, since the overall sound of the songs is so similar. Also, having two Amorphis songs from the same album helps continuity (I totally had to look that up, I must admit), even though they're quite different from each other. Likewise, the two Insomnium tracks are very distinct and not at all too similar. Ironically, the centrepiece of the EP, Witherscape's 'The Examiner' was the song that felt the most out of place here, and is the one I enjoyed the least. I can't do anything but commend ariich in how this EP turned out; it's very, very consistent, both in quality and in style. The title 'Depths' comes from the original EP ariich submitted, that contained songs from The Ocean's 'Pelagial', an album that firmly sits in my top 30 of all time (and was obviously banned as result), so he took a melodic death metal approach that kept the same idea; the EP does indeed get tonally darker towards the end.

The way the EP opens and closes with the two interlude tracks works great to set the mood. The first track is actually the closer on the album it comes from, but the transition into the first Amorphis song makes it seem as if both tracks are on the same album. It's that seamless, which adds to the overall experience. I really like the first Amorphis song. It's upbeat, it's quite heavy and it's even catchy in the chorus. Melodic Death Metal done right, I think, although I must say I have been too into the genre as of late. I can remember that I was a huge In Flames fan back in high school and also enjoyed the likes of At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity, but ever since I got more into progressive metal stuff, I have not followed the scene at all – the exception being the band In Mourning (which I will mention later on). From what I remember from In Flames, since I haven't listened to that stuff in years, is that they were a bit more raw. The first Amorphis song is more 'streamlined', if that makes sense at all. But this is seriously great stuff. The transition into 'Winter's Gate, Pt. 4' is alright, but nothing exceptional. It starts out with some clean guitars and vocals, before breaking into the riffing. This is song is already a lot darker than its predecessor, but this is mostly due to the guttural vocals. It's a good fit with the first song though, but the similarity to the first song is striking. Will it eventually wear me out? Not yet in this song, but there does come a point where the EP just becomes too much more of the same, and the impossible-to-find transition between the two last tracks is around the point where that happens, but first, we have what I think is easily the weakest song on the album.

The Witherscape song didn't work for me. I can see how you might have wanted something a little more restrained in the middle of the EP, and that's not a bad idea at all, but this song is just too different from the rest, in the sense that the riffs are more rhythmically based, instead of melodically. It makes for a very strange intermission between the melodic death metal. Op top of that, I don't like the guy's voice here (am I allowed to say that? I remember the last time I said something bad about Dan Swäno, I got some flack). I wonder how this EP would have turned out with what I consider to be the penultimate melodic death metal song (full disclosure: I'm not too big in the genre, so I haven't heard a lot of stuff). I think 'The Smoke' by In Mourning would have served better here, and typing that makes me wonder why the hell I didn't send that album to you in your roulette, but it's too late for that.

The EP ends with the literally joined-together double-punch of another Insomnium and Amorphis song. The first time listening to this EP I had no idea these were actually two separate songs, but now I'm able to tell when the first one ends and the other begins, but only because I looked up the beginning of Pyres on the Coast elsewhere. Damn, that transition is smooth and awesome. It's completely unrecognisable, which unfortunately also speaks about how sonically similar these songs are. It's nice how you managed to pick an Insomnium song that's very different from the first one. This one is more melodic than the first, but it's still darker in tone. Pyres on the Coast is actually a lot heavier than Wrong Direction and hearing them bookended on this EP, through Insomnium and Witherscape, makes it difficult to imagine that they come from the same album – it's almost as if there's another band playing. This may seem contradictory with the notion that 'a lot of it sounds the same', because while that may be true, there's still enough variation in here to keep things interesting, like the random keyboard solo in one of the tracks and a lot of variation in the vocals (even though Swäno's cleans were annoying). I'm unsure which track on this EP I liked the best, because I don't really think anything was particularly strong, or should I say 'stronger' than the rest, but I think Amorphis' style was a little more daring than the other albums, and having seen the album these songs come from pop up on some preliminary 2018 lists makes me want to at least check that one out.

Final Verdict:
I don't know what got you to send melodic death metal in the final round, because the only similar song I got in the roulette was the Ghost Brigade track Tomislav95 sent and that did alright. I haven't really listened to the genre for very long, which could explain why all three bands you sent weren't banned. I've seen the names before, obviously, but never took the time to check them out. I thought your EP was very enjoyable and was easily the most 'consistent' EP in terms of style, the drawback of that being that it wore me out a little with repeated listens. I'm sure I'll jeep the EP file to return to every once in while though. I burned it to a disc, and 'conveniently enough', it's track 2 on the same disc the next – and final entry – got burned (coincidence of course, I literally burned the EPs in alphabetic order).

Throughout the roulette, you;ve sent me some really cool stuff, most of it in the vein of modern progressive metal. There was quite a lot that I really enjoyed, and some that didn't really click with me, in some cases to your surprise as well. I got the Dissona album (listened to it once, it was cool) and I need to get into Closure in Moscow & Diablo Swing Orchestra and then there's Destiny Potato / David Maxim Micic to check out as well. Thanks for playing and for all the music you sent too! I know it sucks having to end in second place, especially after I've kept you waiting for longer than I should have done, but I'm glad you took the time to participate in the thread as well. It was fun having another Rich in the same game :)

Blood Boiling and Streaming – sent as a single file, I burned it to a disc

'Songs that destroy Parama' – written down in what was perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious PM I received for this round.

1. fun. - Be Calm (4:10)
2. My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade (5:11)
3. Coheed and Cambria - Mother Superior (6:38)
4. Bent Knee - Being Human (6:28)
5. The Antlers – Wake (8:36)
6. Oceansize - The Frame (10:41)

Honestly, I was looking at the track lengths for all these songs, because I was doing that with all the other EPs and some of these lengths completely surprised me. For some reason, the first songs feels like it's 2 minutes long, I never realised Being Human was over 6 minutes, but most of all The Antlers being over the 8-minute mark was really strange. I mean, listening to this EP has that effect apparently that I completely forget to keep track of time. If you don't give a damn about what I have to say about any of the songs, you can of course skip straight to the 'Final Verdict' section, but I'm going to finish this in a good way and say stuff about these songs as well.

The underlying theme for this EP is songs that 'destroyed' Parama at some point in his life (I guess?) , or somewhat better worded: every song is an emotionally charged powerhouse; a triumphant climax breaking through an air of melancholy. Not knowing anything about these songs, except that I'd heard Bent Knee once and never got myself to dive deeper into Oceansize after loving Massive Bereavement in my first roulette 5/6/7 years ago, I expected the worst: some sort of teenage angst EP, especially with seeing My Chemical Romance – whose music I only know because this emo girl I dated in high school liked them (should I be typing this stuff here?). I don't know 'fun.', apart from the fact that they had a massive hit once and they're definitely not metal. I can recall having been sent a song by The Antlers before and it must have left little to no impression and Coheed's 'IV' is an album I used to listen to in high school, but haven't heard in probably 8-10 years. So there's that fantastic starting point this EP had to deal with, but I just went in, unbiased and without any expectations whatsoever – everything Parama had sent me previously was good, so this probably wouldn't suck, right?

I don't know how I can possibly describe the experience this EP offers, without having you as a reader hear it as well. I also wonder how the hell it ended up on top, because I have no idea whether or not I would like to hear a full album by some of the acts on this EP, but as a whole this EP is fucking fantastic. It's easily the most diverse EP I received, all the songs fit together very well, it has better flow than some actual albums by artists I love and the theme – emotionally charged powerhouses that end triumphantly is about as apt as it could possibly get, but then not only within the songs, also through the entire EP there's this feeling of continuity that's going to be impossible to describe.

'Be Calm' is brilliant. It works as an opener, but I'm sure this could work in the middle of an album as well, it's epic, despite being very short, it's theatrical, despite not really doing anything that strange and it's uplifting in an amazingly positive way, despite the inherent sadness at the beginning. Talk about a triumphant climax, this song has it all, but this isn't even my favourite on the EP. The transition into the My Chemical Romance song works very well. And yes, I do hear the 'emo' stuff in this song, but in the context of this EP that doesn't bother me at all. The drums that run throughout the first part of the song have this triumphant quality in them as well, but the real joy comes when the songs ups the pace and gets about 1,5 times faster. 'We'll carry on!' has to be some of the most memorable vocal lines of the entire round for me. This is one of the artists where I'm not sure whether I'd want to hear a full album from them. I get a little pop-punk vibe from the second part, even if it may be a little more refined than your average Green Days. But then you thought you'd heard it, but no – this song even has a finale! Ending with drumrolls, straight into Coheed and Cambria's soft guitar work.

Now this song is hard to explain. I don't know why this song speaks to me, but it does. There's definitely more to the lyrics, it's probably part of a larger story, but that doesn't matter all that much to me. It's just very laidback, but at the same try the song tries to convey this sense of urgency and this guys demands you to pay attention. I've seen very divisive comments about Claudio Sanchez's voice, but there's no doubt this guy knows how to write a fantastic song. Speaking of fantastic songs.. how the fuck did I miss this track when I decided to listen to Bent Knee's first album after having seen lots of comments about them in various places? I probably didn't like it that much overall, because I never listened to the thing again, but I must have missed this. Holy shit, this song is amazing. I love her voice, but the best part of the song is the 'breakdown' that's so weird and unique it's awesome and the glorious, epic ending that follows that one. I think this constitutes the first 'climax' in the EP overall – the second one being the end of the EP – as if all songs before this one were building up to that fantastic vocal moment at the end of this song. It makes no sense on its own, but in context of the song and the EP, it's great.

The EP gets quiet again, because in order to have a climax, one must need restraint as well. And restraint is exactly want The Antlers' 'Wake' does very well, at least for the first ~70% of the song. For the first couple of listens, I did not 'get' this song, but at the same time, I had no idea that it takes over 8 minutes. Looking at it now, that totally makes sense, because the build-up is so smooth and drawn-out, but the music coupled with the lyrics is some intense (and not in that way) stuff.. I'm honestly left speechless at this point and can't do this song any justice with this write-up however much I'd love to. And the last song is similar, though I can't explain why either. The song is beautiful, the lyrics are kind of strange, but at the same time a little mysterious in the sense that I don't completely 'get' the song or what it's about, but that doesn't matter, because musically it's beyond outstanding. The songs builds up a little like a post-rock song would, adding layer by layer and expanding on that, ending with a grandiose crescendo and epic intertwined melodies. I know you originally wanted to end this EP with 'Staying Alive' by Cursive and that would have worked as well, in fact it might have meant the EP got an even bigger climax at the end (and the title of the EP would be 'correct'), but this was as amazing an ending as I could have wanted.

Yes, I'm rambling, I can't do this thing justice. Have I gone mad? What's the non-metal EP doing in the final write-up? I stand behind my choice: this EP is the shit.

Final Verdict:
Quote from: Parama on July 30, 2018, 01:07:26 AM
last place

I kind of hate to say this, but Parama's almost whining persistence in stating his EP probably wouldn't be good enough for this roulette started to annoy me after a while and I really wanted to say something along the lines of 'shut up dude, this EP is fucking amazing and you're going to win the Elite Roulette with it', but I obviously couldn't because it would spoil the shit out of these results :lol But yeah, there you have it, if the write-up for the EP didn't already make that clear.

When you first sent me the tracklist I had no idea whether I would like this or not, but it turned out I did like this one, a lot. I must say you really surprised me with this EP, after the doses of Paramacore and other metal-ish bands you sent in the regular rounds. I was expecting some stuff I've randomly guessed in hangmanen over the years, but never actually listened to and then I got something completely different in the final round. A bold move, I must say, but for you it payed of very well. You were the most consistent participant at the top of the leaderboard throughout the whole roulette and it's great how you managed to find stuff to send that I actually enjoyed as well. I have yet to listen to some of the albums I bought thanks to your submissions in full, but the Algiers and Cryptodira have been fun at least. Thanks for playing man! It was good to have you as a participant, both in this thread and by the songs you've submitted throughout. I'll give you the official Elite Roulette trophy in the next post, just so people skimming over the results will have to actually read this stuff I'm typing out, instead of merely glancing at a shiny picture.



pretty much all the songs deal either with accepting death or accepting life which may be a big part of the theme (staying alive obviously would've made that whole arc clearer but the frame isn't thematically inconsistent either)

also the song lengths might confuse you since i chopped off about a minute and a half of being human (though the official upload is about in line with what i sent) and the end of the frame has about 30 seconds of silence before the bonus track on the album

anyways i never have any confidence in EP rounds now because i always lose them except i guess not this time  :metal



also part of why i didn't go with a metal/paramacore ep was that i was out of all the really good stuff i wanted to send in that vein, but i had all my FEELS tracks ready to go at the very least
also you saying you liked the cursive album was actually pretty reassuring even if it meant i had to swap a song out so fair enough to that

also reposting 'cause why not

cursive version
oceansize version

reading over my writeup of ariich's EP and then elite's big post and it's scary how many of the same comments we made, i hope i didn't accidentally influence your opinion or something  :lol


I'm sure you didn't influence my opinion, because I don't really remember what you wrote (though I did read it back then). Every single 'Final Round' post was written over the course of this weekend with the EPs on and I gave all of them plenty of spins over the past two weeks. I've been quite sure of how this roulette was going to end for the better part of last week.

Oh by the way, the trophy, I'll post it in a bit :)


Congrats Parama! :metal

I never particularly expected to win, but I'm glad you enjoyed the EP so much still Rich! To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what inspired me to send melodic death metal. I think it was probably a combination of factors. I wanted to send an EP that was broadly consistent in style because, as an album listener myself, I always find that makes more sense than a 'compilation' of random bands and styles. It's why I put the effort into the transitions, to make it really feel like an actual EP with tracks than run into each other. And in terms of genre, MDM was a style I had some really good (IMO) music in that I hadn't sent previously, having (as you noted) focused more on the more fun side of prog metal infused with jazz/folk/electronica, which I'd therefore mostly exhausted from my list. I had actually initially tried to put together something to bring the proggy side of jazz/funk together with the jazzy side of prog/metal, but I didn't have enough stuff I thought would work and I couldn't get any consistency from track to track.

Anyway this was a really fun roulette (don't worry about the delays, it's all good), thanks for having me and hope you enjoy some of the bands I sent for a good long time!

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Maybe if I post this, Parama lets the victories get too much to his head, but well, I said there would be a trophy and I made it this morning, so it would be a shame not to post this thing of beauty, so here it is:


give me an ego and i might stop complaining about how bad my entries are  :tup



Nice, congrats Parama! I'm gonna listen to your EP since you never sent me fun. nor that Oceansize track on my roulettes, also curious about that MCR tune :corn


Good to see MCR getting some recognition. They were one of my absolute faves back in like '04-'07. I can still listen to them now and enjoy them a whole lot. Coheed and Cambria I now pretty much consider my favourite band of all time so  :metal

I got sent both Being Human and The Frame in my roulette, and loved both (although The Frame by quite a bit more). Looks like a banging EP dude and one that I'm surprised to see sent by Parama. Congrats dude


Quote from: ariich on August 26, 2018, 02:11:15 PM
Anyway this was a really fun roulette (don't worry about the delays, it's all good), thanks for having me and hope you enjoy some of the bands I sent for a good long time!

Your EP was definitely fun to listen to! Now that this is finally over, I actually have time to start listening. The list of albums from this roulette I want to hear is very long though :biggrin:

Train of Naught

Dang, wish you liked Rolo Tomassi more, it definitely sounds revolutionary for its genre to me, but tastes. Ancestors' new album is definitely one of the highlights of this year so far man, seriously.

Congrats parma