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Re: The Terror- AMC Series
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What an amazing show. As everyone has said the vibe and setting of the show are outright phenomenal. The series is supposed to be an anthology series so season one is just a one season arc. There is apparently a ton of accurate historical backstory on several if not all the characters in the show. The ships, boats, clothes, accents and many accounts are all interwoven into the story.

This show is a very welcome pace from all the other ones I was watching and I'm really amazed with the amazing acting, the dialogue and overall bleakness of the entire journey. I haven't read the book that it's based on but might pick it up. I love the mix of mysticism and dread plus hopelessness depicted on the show. While the demon/creature was more hearsay I imagine in real life, I like how they made it more unassuming on the show.
What a wonderful ride of a show, finished it in days.

I'm reading up on all that is known about the two ships now and was glad to learn that they found the real shipwrecks while the show production was going on.

Season 2 is apparently to be based on the Japanese Internment camps. I don't know how that will pan out going by AMC's history but will wait and see if they do it justice.
I might actually give it a second watch.
Also wanted to add the actress that played Lady Silence I thought was fantastic. Her emotions were so fitting and well portrayed.
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