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Re: Justin Timberlake Tour Logo
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It would be about the funniest thing ever to see the crowd reacting if JT actually did cover some DT material.   :corn
As a matter of fact, it would be quite.........astonishing.....
It would probably be Misunderstood by the audience.
It would be Blind Faith to even imagine they would have a clue as to who DT is in the first place.
If only they would Take The Time.
Otherwise it could be a dramatic nightmare to remember.
His fans need to look at The Bigger Picture and Surrender to Reason, because after all they are only Along for the Ride.

Not going to Lie, they just need to take a long hard look in The Mirror(s).
They may find that The Answer Lies Within.

Well, to find what they'll need they'll need The Looking Glass for Breaking All Illusions and getting The 20/20 Experience in full. They need to act fast though, as they're Losing Time and there chance will soon Disappear. If they fail, though, they aren't too Far From Heaven. After all, they can easily redeem themselves through Repentance. They have not been Forsaken In the Name of God. It'll be tough, but I think they can go about Lifting Shadows Off a Dream and Bring Sexy Back.

But hey, that's just a Illumination Theory! Thanks for watching.