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Sacul's controversial roulette v3. Less frustration™️, A REAL WINNER AT LAST!!!!

Started by Sacul, December 05, 2017, 08:54:36 AM

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Sorry Nekov and Bolsters, forgot to mention you got cut for this round so didn't bother with your EPs, here's the real winners :2metal:
Kattoelox: Breath of the Wild playlist

- Harsh Noise #2-56.1
Wow, didn't know you liked this kind of music! Very intriguing stuff, I'll definitely send you some of this on your roulette, mostly after discovering the love we share for the Mario Galaxy games  :metal . +4.5/5

Ostura - The Room (Complete album)
I was really about to ask you to resend when I accidentally hit play and was blown away right from the beginning - really one of the best albums of all year! Redefines the genre completely and I'm sold. 5/5

Hypno5e - Baguettecore
Seems trainy got you into them, huh? Sadly, this is the big dud in your EP, bland music overall. 2.5/5

Merbow - White Noise #32-5.4
It's hard to describe this, but I really like it when the noise gets harsh. +4.5/5

These songs feel made for each other in a way that's beyond words, so I'll save you the pretentious music critique (you can read it on my Pitchfork review tho), and state that this is a piece of art, despite the obvious dud. 5/5

Final score
RP: -1.75
Flow: 5
EP Score: ((4.75 + 5 + 2.5 + 4.75) * 4) / 4 = 17 (out of 20)
Total: RP + Flow + EP score = -1.75 + 5 + 17 = 20.25


scar: The Grand Conjuration
Dream Theatre - Faythe Needs Glasses
Melodies are pretty catchy and memorable, and the sense of melancholy permeating the song is up my alley. 5/5

Opeth - Angela's Got Your Back
Synthpop with much emphasis on the pop, meaning pretty catchy melodies, but lame lyrics, mostly the chorus' ones. Those riffs make that forgivable tho. 5/5

Opeth - The Grand Conjuration
Wow, didn't know they were so diverse! Definitely intrigued you sent me this since I've been meaning to give this album another chance for a while. It starts pretty cool with those badass riffs, nice. However, it feels pretty one dimensional in terms of structure, with not much variance throughout it, sticking to a same mood and melodies. 2/5

Dream Theatre - The Hovering Souvenir
Some of the mos inventive electronic music I've heard in a long time, real good stuff when it bleeps the blop, but somehow I get the feeling this is more of an interlude in an album or more fitting as a soundtrack rather than on its own, since I find myself enjoying it, but not being particularly amazed by anything in particular. 5/5

I can't believe you already sent this EP in another roulette and didn't get the crown! This one has changed my life - made me lose weight, cured me from cancer, got my degree, and I've been told all my FB likes turned into rains in Africa - bless them! And turned me into a vegan.  5/5

Final score
RP: √-1
Flow: 5
EP Score: ((5 + 5 + 2 + 5) * 4) / 4 = 17 (out of 20)
Total: RP + Flow + EP score = √-1 + 5 + 17 = 420
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:2metal: :metardica: Congrats scar! :metardica: :2metal:

:vomitard: :footloose: :vomitard: :vomitard: :footloose: :footloose: :vomitard: :vomitard: :footloose: :vomitard:


King Postwhore

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Ok for reals now :P
Nekov: Soft Electronic EP
Trentemoller - Evil Dub (Original Mix)
I like the pretty minimalist style here, reminds me a bit of Ricardo Villalobos' Alcachofa, but less repetitive. I love the synths that pop occasionally, and the inclusion of that bass/guitar was unexpected, but quite fitting, giving the song some sort of progression. The vibe here is soothing and ambient-ish, carefully produced, and being just enough engaging to be above typical background music. It gets a little repetitive tho, but I like this style. So yeah, a simple song, and an effective one without much more to it. I've had this album on my list for quite some time so I'm glad I'll finally have a chance to give it a listen. +3.5/5

Pantha Du Prince - Lions Love
The noisy beginning is quite surprising, because it's unexpected considering the calm nature of the previous track. But it's still pretty atmospheric and soothing, with many wonderful synths and simple beats, and the very interesting background vocals. Has quite a bit of emotion and melody, which is always welcomed on electronic music. However, it feels pretty one dimensional in terms of structure, with not much variance throughout it, sticking to a same mood and melodies  I didn't mind that in Evil Dub but here it feels kind of... not grating, just not very interesting. Maybe it's more enjoyable in the album's context? But despite that, it's a pretty nice track. 3.5/5

Telefon Tel Aviv - Your Mouth
Synthpop? Oh boy. I definitely want to get into more of it since I fell in love with Hotline Miami and its bombastic soundtrack, so I'm glad I got plenty of those kind of tracks on this round. To start things off, I'm quite surprised at how layered this song is, with these pretty inventive beats along with layers of vocals and synths, there are always many things going on - it sadly is a bit too compressed. It's got plenty of 80s sounds, but the electronic feel written in a way that's closer to IDM than synthpop, so that makes it pretty interesting. Melodies are pretty catchy and memorable, and the sense of melancholy permeating the song is up my alley.

At first I was kind of underwhelmed, but I've really been digging this more and more, even relistening to it after making this writeup to make sure I got it right. One of my favorites of the round. +4/5

Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are the Worst Thing in the World
I swear the beginning of this song reminds of a certain Ulver track I can't point out right now, but luckily from there things go in a different way. I really like these synths, the excellent production, and the stronger feelings on this track. Lyrics are uuhhh okay I guess. The instrumental sections are pretty good, with all of the sample play. Very good chorus and melodies overall.

It may be a little repetitive or not as varied as Your Mouth, but this song's strengths are quite remarkable. +4/5

Telefon Tel Aviv - Helen of Troy
Fairly upbeat track after the pretty melancholic ones before, but probably my least favorite out of the bunch from this artist. It's got that excellent production and layered vocals and synths are great like usual. However, this feels pretty short, with barely any instrumental sections or more developed ideas, so it's mostly a pretty straightforward song. Catchy and quite enjoyable, yes, but feels less inventive than the other two. 3.5/5

Well, the flow here is kind of a mess - first track is pretty minimalist, second opens with noisy synths but it's fairly soft, which leads well into the Your Mouth. However, the beginning of You're the Worst... feels disjointed, like maybe it flows from another track in the album. And Helen of Troy breaks with the mood the previous two songs had built. I think mixing up the tracklist would have helped - on my first several listens, I accidentally had them in a different order, almost reversed, and the TTA songs were in the order in which they appeared on the album, and the EP arranged in that way felt a little better than this one :lol. But I know you didn't have much time to put together this thing, so it could have been worse. 3/5

Final score
RP: 1.75
Flow: 3
EP Score: ((3.75 + 3.5 + 4.25 + 4.25 + 3.5) * 4) / 5 = 15.4 (out of 20)
Total: RP + Flow + EP score = 1.75 + 3 + 15.4 = 20.15

At first I didn't care much about your EP, but these tracks kept growing and growing on me with each listen. I'm very glad you and the rest of the top 3 players went with a more electronic approach, as it paid off very well. Sadly, it was a very tight competition, leaving you 0.17 points shy of the crown. So you get a gold star . Thanks for playing! Am already checking out some of the things you've sent me, like that Leech album - good stuff  :metal .

Bolsters: NineteenEightyFour
The Midnight - Nighthawks
This is a pretty chill track, with wonderful synths and neat vocoder vocals, with melodies that remind me a bit of Daft Punk but also of, well, the 80s. It's got a great production too. I find I don't have much to say about it, other than the ending is quite abrupt since this likely flows into the next track in the album. Other than that, it's a very solid and interesting way to begin your EP. 4/5

Gunship - Fly For Your Life
Yeah I've definitely seen this album around quite a lot but never got around it for some reason. Now, I'm not surprised to hear this sounds exactly like its cover :lol . Synthpop with much emphasis on the pop, meaning pretty catchy melodies, but lame lyrics, mostly the chorus' ones. It also becomes fairly repetitive towards the end, and the chorus ain't even that great, the male/female duo being just ok. But it's got some very cool synths and beats, so props for that. +3/5

The Midnight - Nocturnal
I love how this track begins, with subtle beats and synths until the actual beats drop. From there, I like how the song slowly incorporates new sounds while occasionally having a vocoder saying "Nocturnal". Around min 3 this becomes pure synth bliss - really, these are some excellent patches and the playing in general is pretty creative. Probably the most atmospheric track on your EP, and certainly an interesting shift from the Gunship song. It's a track that can be both enjoyed as background music as well as relaxing and following these great melodies. Solid songwriting, yup. +4/5

Scandroid - Atom & E.E.V.
Cools synths and beats, AND sax? Hell yeah. I mean, it only appears here and there, but it sounds so good it's a shame it's not more integrated into the music in general, not just the chill parts. When there's no sax there are these very cool melodies and synths that somehow remind me of 0edit's Neotokyo (amazing album btw), lots of energy here. But yeah, it's the sax that got this from a 4 to  a +4/5.

Scandroid - Datastream
Oh, now to a track with vocals, nice. Which reminds me of Celldweller quite a lot, and the whole song in general, like if he had gone full synthwave... which is actually what happened, huh :lol. Very cool riffs and synths, quite catchy melodies. Lyrics are kinda dumb. Great production as usual. I feel many of his songs aren't very good for the most part so this was quite pleasant and fun to listen to, surprisingly. +4/5

Gunship - Tech Noir
Oh yes, the intro is great with the spoken word and the dark synths, both fitting quite well and setting the mood. Which isn't as dark as I'd have expected once the beats pop in. Sure, it's pretty melancholic but far from the apocalyptic vibe I was expecting. Well, ignoring that, I prefer this Gunship track better, probably because it's not as repetitive, and the songwriting's more varied and creative. However, I find the melodies kinda lacking, not being really that memorable, mostly on the chorus. Synths are on point tho. +3.5/5

Scandroid - On The Face of The Deep
Yeah this has got a great buildup at the beginning, leading to a pretty interesting break, with menacing synths and triggered drums. It's.. curious ending for the EP, but somehow I get the feeling this is more of an interlude in an album or more fitting as a soundtrack rather than on its own, since I find myself enjoying it, but not being particularly amazed by anything in particular. But it's still quite enjoyable, yup. 3.5/5

For the most part, you really nailed it keeping a style and sound quite consistent throughout the whole thing. However, I think there are little unbalances, like two instrumental tracks followed by three fairly catchy songs then another instrumental that felt more fitting as an interlude than as ending. But they are mostly minor issues really. Great job. 4/5

Final score
RP: 0.75
Flow: 4
EP Score: ((4 + 3.25 + 4.25 + 4.25 + 4.25 + 3.75 + 3.5) * 4 / 7) = 15.57 (out of 20)
Total: RP + Flow + EP score = 0.75 + 4 + 15.57 = 20.32

Your EP was my early favorite from the first listen, but as I started digging into the others, when it came to adding the scores, I was worried you'd end up in second or third place. And with such small margin, it shows you and the other top 3 guys sent some very good stuff indeed. Thanks for playing! It was a blast to have you, and it's funny I ended up last in your roulette while you get the crown here. So...

:2metal: :2metal: :2metal:
:2metal: :2metal: :2metal: Congrats Bolsters!!! :2metal: :2metal: :2metal:
:2metal: :2metal: :2metal:

Again, thanks for playing everyone, and special thanks for bearing with me throughout this thing - took a little longer than what I had expected, and I know I can be a little frustrating to deal with :blush. I had a blast, and now I've got lots of music to check out (some of which I've already done while hosting this), from every single player, even from some that got cut in the elimination round. I'll try make little writeups for each of my favorites as I listen to them, and next week I'll try put together a 'best of roulette' compilation or something.


the second time bolsters has narrowly won a roulette with an EP containing Tech Noir by Gunship

Train of Naught

Can't believe you gave The Grand Conjuration 2/5, they are one of my favourite bands of all-time! :millahhhh


They're especially good when you're forced to listen to them every other song!
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Quote from: Parama on March 28, 2018, 09:38:53 PM
the second time bolsters has narrowly won a roulette with an EP containing Tech Noir by Gunship
Looks like The Midnight was the star this time though.


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Congrats Bolsters!

I'm happy with third place - never really expected to win, but glad you liked so many of my submissions. :)

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So close! Congrats Bolsters!!!

And thanks Sacul for running this, I didn't expect to make such a good run. And yes, that Leech album is great and grows with time  :)

The Walrus

I'm okay with knowing my stuff was too good for Sacul to handle

Congrats Bolsters!


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