Author Topic: Richard Chycki says he's currently mixing a DT live album **DO NOT POST LINKS**  (Read 49535 times)

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Then again, if you read the hobbit today, it's significantly different from the version originally published, due to Tolkien revising the Hobbit to fit with the story of Lord of the Rings (in particular Bilbos meeting with Gollum).
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I just acquired a copy of this show from a trader. This is one of the funnest live performances of DT I've seen. Sure it's not perfect but it's refreshing and seems to have a lot of raw energy. The sound is great and the drums are up front in your face. I could tell MM and JP were having an especially good night. I missed seeing them live on this tour so this was a nice treat to have.
 I gotta give props to James as he soldiered through the I&W songs, he definitely had his shining moments. I liked the first set equally as much if not more. The two songs from TA had high energy and I love that side of DT's songwriting. Then they go into As I am and BAI both of which is the highlight of the show for me!
 What I love about this show is that they ditched the screens and just had a nice light show with the band jamming. I'll take that any day over the use of screens,  I hope they stick with that on future tours.
All in all, this a very nice production and could be my favorite of all their live concert videos. It's not really polished but the band seems to be having a lot of fun just being Dream Theater.  :metal

If they ever release this officially, I will buy it to support the band. Plus it will probably be touched up a bit and have some bonus material and what not..
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