Author Topic: US IW&B Venue Cancellations / Venue Changes. Discussion and Info thread.  (Read 9681 times)

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Oh, OK. That makes more sense. No way they're getting in here:

I want to know what the hell kind of booking company they're using that started with this place. It's not like tech riders are written to be vague or generalized.

Also, I'd like to know which one of them wants 3 raw habeneros before every show. Is it some sort of singer thing?

That'd be MM I'd bet... he's a hot pepper freak.  Seems like I remember a back stage shot of him eating one or a pre-show vid from Luna Park maybe...

Man, Asheville is 2-hours from me and the wife and I LOVE it... we go a few times a year and stay at the Double Tree on Hendersonville RD (good spot with shuttle service).  If I'd known what was going to happen, I would have gone for that show for sure instead of Raleigh.  It is what it is I guess... can't sell my Raleigh tickets so that's where we're going!
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