Author Topic: Ayreon/Arjen Lucassen 2017 Survivor - Prediction Contest  (Read 5294 times)

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Re: Ayreon/Arjen Lucassen 2017 Survivor - Prediction Contest
« Reply #210 on: July 06, 2018, 06:38:15 AM »
Congrats to the winner :clap:

And a lot of thanks to Evermind for running this.  :tup It was long but it was fun.  :metal It got to almost a daily routine to check the survivor thread and vote for Ayreon, what am I going to do now with my free time?

I'm the real winner by not even bothering to update my predictions for any of the finals rounds and getting almost no points  :metal

ditto to every word of this.

I'm the real winner because I voted regularly for the best songs. It's not my fault that you all have no taste.  :biggrin:
Can you imagine some alien race comes to a large nebula they've never seen before, and it just turns out it's the Federation's dumping ground for space-smile?
And TAC can suck it  :biggrin:, this is heavy in all the right places.  :tup