Sacul's controversial roulette v2. UNNECESSARY EPILOGUE

Started by Sacul, January 10, 2016, 04:46:40 PM

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Pain of Naught
Kevin Moore

Train of Naught

Yeah, same thoughts about See Hell, it might've been on the lower side of things in the round it was sent in my roulette (I'm liking it more now though), but "memorable vocal melodies" were never absent :lol that's pretty much the definition of this song. Whether they're memorable in a good or bad way, well that's up to the listener, but I can't ever read the name See Hell without thinking "We open up to, seeeeeee he-eeell"



Quote from: Parama on April 03, 2016, 08:58:55 AM
where results
stop sleep where results saculman

Quote from: Bolsters on April 02, 2016, 09:30:09 PM
Quote from: Sacul on April 02, 2016, 06:39:51 PM
I wanted to add some suspense so I'll only reveal each player's result in ascending order, one per post
So it will be one reveal per day?

Maybe Dave wasn't too far off after all. :lol
Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Train of Naught

I bet the #3 is going to be revealed at his normal results time too, which is like 3 am for me, just put me out of my misery already saculman, I'm going to have nightmares about fluffy monkeys and Taylor Swift


I kind of expected to be fifth, I knew you weren't a big fan of Karnivool, but I hoped to change your mind, at least Alpha Omega got a 3,5. Funny that Radiohits for Idiots got a 4, adding it was really an impulse. I knew Syd Barrett's stuff would be a hit or miss, I don't know a lot of people who like his stuff. I reaally love it but I can completely understand the scores for that. Also you were quite generous with the flow score  :lol

Anyway, I really enjoyed playing in the roulette! Thanks :azn:

Quote from: Parama on April 02, 2016, 07:03:32 PM
karnivool really is nothing special though, yeah. sound awake's alright. a few good tracks. but nothing that fantastic.

Quote from: Fluffy Lothario on April 02, 2016, 07:40:52 PM
I have a friend who has Piper at the Gates of Dawn and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea both very high in his favourites, and when he told me that, I suddenly clicked how similar those albums are despite being completely different. Both are very experimental sprawling whimsical albums evoking childhood with a lot of trippy imagery and such.

I agree about the similiarity, though In the Aeroplane Over the Sea reminds me even more of Syd's solo albums (which are not as brilliant as the Piper, but still have a place), mainly because of the unpolished recording and voice. In fact, the fact that In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was in Sacul's top 50 albums list was one of the reasons for sending some of Syd's solo songs.


to be fair i understand since i can't make anyone else like east of the wall even half as much as i do


Quote from: Parama on April 03, 2016, 08:58:55 AM
where results
stop sleep where results saculman
Oops, fell asleep :lol

I guess with See Hell it has the kind of melodies I don't find memorable, while others do. They just don't stick with me.



Train of Naught - Secrecy EP

1. Sean Ashe - Imagine
A very relaxing, interesting opener that isn't too minimalist to be boring nor uncreative to be filler. Very good use of guitars, reminds me a bit to David Maxim Micic's chill tracks. It has grown a bit on me so I guess I'll eventually check this album. 4/5

2. Slipknot - Danger - Keep Away
Well, I definitely didn't expect something like this from this band - when I saw them in the tracklist, I was ready for something br00tal. This is pretty interesting indeed, for it has a nice dark atmosphere and is certainly chill. Kind of fits weird after such a joyful track like Imagine, but I don't mind. I guess this will be the closes that I'll be to liking this band :P 3.5/5

3. Deftones - Tempest
This seems to basically be the definition of alternative metal but unlike most bands in that style I've listened to, Deftones have their own sound. And while that's something I appreciate a lot, it ain't enough for me. I guess this track fails on the melodies to grab me - they're not in a style I dig, really. Yes, the chorus is catchy and nice, but I guess I've listened to better ones. I quite enjoy the song, but it doesn't resonate with me much. The singer is nuts tho. 3.5/5

4. Children of Nova - Second Sight Blackout
Yes, the chorus is pretty epic and I like it, but I don't find the rest of the song that interesting tbh. Maybe it's the melodies? It pretty much happens the same as with the Deftones song. 3.5/5

5. Like Thieves - Ghost in the Machine
I feel like this track closes the EP pretty well, with that bombastic beginning and the great chorus. Although it sounds similar in style to the previous two songs, I feel the moelodies of the vocals and the guitars are stronger here, more memorable. there's definitely that "epic ending" vibe here, and I dig it. Didn't blow me away, but it more than closes the EP well. 4/5

A pretty good EP that starts and ends great, but what's in the middle I found nowhere as interesting. At first I thought it nailed the flow score, but with more spins I realised how odd the first two tracks sounds together. The other songs blend very well tho.

EP Average = 14.8/20
Flow = 4/5
RP = 0

Score = 18.8

Final Thoughts

With a bit of an inconsistent output during the roulette, you managed to get into the Finals by a hair. How epic it'd have been if you won this round, but I guess this is already better than what you expected. Thanks for showing me some great stuff like Lechuga, I'll be jamming the shit out if it :metal Thanks for playing!


Quote from: Elite on April 03, 2016, 12:31:53 AM
On the last two tracks, I really wanted you to like both, because I thought you would appreciate them with enough listens. Especially the Deafheaven track could be really rewarding.
I wanted too, but they just never clicked  :(

Quote from: home on April 03, 2016, 12:06:16 PM
I agree about the similiarity, though In the Aeroplane Over the Sea reminds me even more of Syd's solo albums (which are not as brilliant as the Piper, but still have a place), mainly because of the unpolished recording and voice. In fact, the fact that In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was in Sacul's top 50 albums list was one of the reasons for sending some of Syd's solo songs.
I guess I don't find much similarity between NMH and the Syd songs - at least not with ITAOTS, and in a melodic sense they're pretty different. And Jeff is pure raw passion, poor Syd was nuts :P


i mean if your EP average is 3.7/5 you did a pretty good job imo

Train of Naught


I already knew the #1 spot was pretty much no option here, so I'm pretty comfortable with #3. It's the closest I've ever come to winning one of these :lol

Not gonna lie though, I had my doubts about Deftones but I was very confident in Slipknot and Children of Nova, and the flow between #1 and #2, well yeah.. Sean Ashe was kinda my 'filler track', couldn't find something that fit better before Danger - Keep Away, I tried to fix it with the editing but it was still kinda awkward.

I guess me thinking that Children of Nova song had a bit of a Coheed vibe without the poppy stuff doesn't help either since you don't even like that band.

After frantically listening to my own EP ever since I made it I would say the first and last songs are my least favorite, and Second Sight Blackout, like I said in the writeup, is always the big climax of the song I'm looking forward to when the EP starts, phenomenal song by a band that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore and hasn't put out anything near as good.

Quote from: Parama on April 03, 2016, 01:54:35 PM
i mean if your EP average is 3.7/5 you did a pretty good job imo

Yeah I guess it is. But if these were the 3 'disappointments I'm looking forward to the 4.5/5 average EP's, unless this wasn't one of them and there's still one disappointment left.


Actually only the #5 and #4 were disappointing, yours wasn't. And one of the two left grew on me a lot tbh.



Parama - I made this in 15 minutes and didn't listen to it yet

Tracklist too awesome to be revealed to humanity. Trascendental stuff  :hefdaddy

EP Average = 42/20
Flow = 7/5
RP = -0.25

Score = Infinite

Final Thoughts
You are my dark master, Parama.

Train of Naught



tbh i'm expecting like a 3.5 average for reals tho because it's sacul, but it could be lower, probably not higher

also zantera it's only 26 pages i don't know what you're talking about


Quote from: Zantera on April 03, 2016, 02:40:45 PM
lol why is this 37 pages
Worse is Evermind's - he's about the same pages and ain't even into the final rounds  :lol


bolsters' is at 13 pages (half of sacul's and evermind's) and he's on round two

Train of Naught

Because every roulette in 2016 seems to be some sort of clown fiesta where like 30 people sign up and all comment on their songs and ratings, and some hosts like to hype every single update they make :lol We also have the fancy blurred pictures now, on top of the 'tidbits'







Remember there's a roulette that never delivered their final round results and it's been like a year  ::)


i mean that's different from finishing a roulette, also i have only been participating in roulettes for like a year so anything that happened before 2015 doesn't count


Bolsters - Roulette EP
1. Haamoja - Return To Zero
Well, this is some pretty nice piano indeed! Reminds me of a 90s JRPG piece. Maybe a bit... cheesy, or amateur-ish? Feels more like belonging to a videogame OST than a standalone piece tbh, but it serves well as EP opener I guess. 3.5/5

2. zircon - Skyline
I struggled to difference this one and the following, for they feel very similar, and while that wouldn't be a problem if they were awesome, they sadly aren't. This is probably the kind of electronic music I can't get into, breakbeat. Like Venetian Snares, it has some interesting rhythms and fast drums, but I'm a melody guy. And these rhythms aren't impressive either, for it's the classic breakbeat one all over the place, so... It was ok. 3/5

3. zircon - Timeless
Pretty much what I said on the previous track, except I like this a bit more since it has more variety, but that's it. I added Identity Sequence by this guy to the list because I stumbled upon Neurobazaar on Spotify and it quite impressed me for its mix of electronic sounds and world textures - something like that would have scored better I guess. Anyways, an enojyable tune. +3/5

4. Blackmill - The Drift
So the two Blackmill tracks are what had you worried? I can't see why since they're better than what's before. A short but pretty epic track I quite enjoyed. +3.5/5

5. Blackmill - Let It Be (feat. Veela)
Interesting song, serving as a breather after such intense songs. The production and atmosphere are great, as well as the vocals. Maybe a bit amateur-ish, but quite more refined than the previous songs. +4/5

6. BT - Every Other Way
The climax of the EP, as you said. At first I thought it dragged, but I've got used to it and think it's quite impressive how well this track flows and doesn't feel too long. Very good atmosphere and nice vocals. The outro is weird, indeed, but I like it. +4/5

7. BT - Always
Well, this could have been the climax of the EP for it feels... bigger, more epic, even if it is shorter than Every Other Way. As the previous track, it has a great stmosphere and some nice vocal lines. 4/5


A bit of a disappointing EP at first, but one that has grown on me a lot, lucky you ;) Just a few duds that prevented this from getting a higher score. Fantastic flow, given that most tracks are basically electronic, so it all remains cohesive, and there are calm moments between the more intense sections so it is an easy listen.

Average score = 14.86/20
Flow = 5/5
RP = 2

Score = 21.86

Final thoughts

Very consistent through all the roulette, appealing to my poppiest, more electronic side and showing me some fantastis stuff with only a few downsides. Thanks a lot for playing, and I hope you participate in my v3 whenever it happens!

Fluffy Lothario - ;D / :sadpanda:

1. Silverchair - Across the Night
Pretty interesting song, and more knowing its background. Joyful and fun, grandiose with the symphonic elements. The melodies are nice though not really special - doesn't surprise me considering they used to be a grunge group. But the emotion behind it is enough to proper me to check the album some day. Great track. 4/5

2. Kimbra - Come Into My Head
I had seen Kimbra's name being tossed around here and there, but had no clue about what kind of music she made. Well, this is surprising - a mix of several styles that work very well together, giving this track quite a unique personality. Her voice has a lot of attitude too. Yup, I quite like this. +4/5

3. Movits! - Sammy Davis Jr.
Dunno if it is "the coolest song ever" but it's a strong contender - just pure fun and joy is what I hear. Maybe a bit too repetitive in terms of songwriting, but other than that, it was very good. 4/5

4. Ben Howard - Depth Over Distance
Damn, this track has a fantastic atmosphere, with those soft vocal harmonies. I have no clue what's going on behind the vocals, feels like the guitars are fucking around or something. Probably what prevents me from loving this track are the vocal melodies - they're nice, but there are barely any moments in which he isn't singing, making it feel like he's stretching some melodies. And the songwriting is ok I guess. +3.5/5

5. Beck - Lonesome Tears
Last year I checked Odelay! but didn't really like it - I just couldn't connect with it in any sense. Well, this song is already better than such album at least. Interesting symphonic piece that could have been a bit more epic, but that I quite enjoy, and makes me want to give Beck another chance. 4/5

6. Florence + the Machine - Seven Devils
Ok, the previous writeups I had for you disappeared so I'm rewriting everything. And yes, this one is the song that destroyed what I thought about her. I mean, I'd heard of Florence a lot, but for some reason thought it was just another pop artist for hipsters that I'd probably don't like. Well, this is just fantastic. Such a big, epic, grandiose song that sounds almost apocalyptic with those pianos and her haunting voice. Starts great, and ends awesome. I'm really looking forward to listen to this album and her debut. And the third one too, what the hell. The best song of the round. 4.5/5

After such a great performance during the roulette, and considering you have a huge, diverse musical library, it didn't surprise me you still had lots of great stuff for me. I expected great things from your EP, and it certainly didn't disappoint - hell you even sent the best song of the round, barely ahead of Elite's opener. Great songs here, and kind of weird choices, for one half of the EP is pretty joyful and happy, while the other becomes somber. The flow within each half is excellent, but between these two is a bit weird.

EP Average = 16.33/20
Flow = 4/5
RP = 3.25

:2metal: Score = 23.58 :2metal:

Final thoughts

After reading your top 50 list, I knew you weren't the tipical proghead lurking DTF, and as my tastes have been expanding way out of prog, I thought it'd be interesting to have you participating here. And you exceeded my expectations, leading the roulette for more than half the rounds, showing me some amazing music - your consistency is almost ridiculous. Like Evermind, as a bonus for winning this roulette, you have reserved a spot in my next roulette, whenever it happens, if you want to play.

So that's it folks - the most pretentious frustrating roulette ever has reached to an end! I'll update the "Best of Roulette" playlist later to include this last round, and provide links to the EPs in case you're interested. And post how much Parama's EP sucked :neverusethis:

Hope you had fun - see you in my v3!  :smiley:


man, i could've sent come into my head and gotten a +4/5? should've done it. radical song.


After sending I thought maybe you'd think Let It Be was a bit dragged out and too dubsteppy, and then later I thought you might think The Drift was repetitive. I did think Return To Zero and the zircon tracks would do better than they did, though.

Anyway, I went into this roulette thinking I was going to be at the bottom the whole time, so I can't really complain about coming second. I really surprised myself, and probably you too. :lol I'm definitely in it for the v3 whenever that happens.

Congrats to the victor aswell! :tup

Fluffy Lothario

The contrast between how well I did in this roulette and how poorly I've done in the other two from recently (coming last, kicked out in first qualifier) is amusing.  :lol I'm happy I could give you a bit of stuff you really liked though.

For the record, I thought Kimbra's first album was great, then her second fell totally flat on me. Though that's definitely not everyone's thoughts on it.

I feel the same about Beck's regular stuff. The music is incredibly creative, not bad at all, but after checking out a few albums, I just found I felt no connection to it at all. His lyrics are abstract, but unlike a lot of artists, he doesn't really evoke a tone or speak through them, it's just a bunch of wacky shit. Sea Change and Morning Phase are the polar opposite, basically all tone, very grounded and emotional. Still very experimental, but in a more understated way.

Ceremonials is definitely the darkest, gothiest Florence album, so check that out for sure. Though make sure you hear the bonus stuff as well. Remain Nameless and Strangeness and Charm are better than anything on the album itself (I very nearly sent Remain Nameless instead) and the "acoustic" Breaking Down pisses on the album version. If you want to hear what she's like at her best, yet not dark at all, check out the song How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

By the way, had I held Bic Runga until this round and sent Movits! earlier, I probably would have used Ruby Nights and Jeff Buckley's Dream Brother and made my entire EP dark as hell.

Fluffy Lothario

Oh, by the way, can you post the best of roulette here as a list or something? Some of us are technologically backward and won't make the leap to Spotify for years yet, probably.


Sure, I'd probably make it a YT playlist, or just a text thing if I don't have time. Give me a couple hours.