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Evermind's Second Roulette v. The Aftermath

Started by Evermind, February 09, 2016, 10:34:25 AM

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Quote from: Evermind on April 17, 2016, 01:55:28 PM

StarGate – The Wonders of Nature / Save the World

Secret Sphere – Wish & Steadiness

Quote from: Evermind on April 17, 2016, 02:55:18 PM

Pathosray – The Sad Game

Labyrinth – State of Grace

Quote from: jingle.boy on February 27, 2016, 04:47:26 AM
Protip to everyone - stay away from Italian Power Metal.

You boys should've listened to ole jingle.boy.
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Vision Divine did well earlier so that negates the argument a bit.

In the end i was happy enough with the Pathosray mark - it was a risk to send such a frantic song and it really doesn't sound like traditional Italian power prog.   I was hoping that Ruslan wouldn't notice the fucking awful cymbal sound on that as it was driving me crazy after repeated listens  :lol  He didn't mention it but it may have annoyed him subconsciously.

Labyrinth I was expecting to be weakest but not that weak.  Beautiful song IMO but wouldn't have sent to Ruslan if it didn't match the theme.  In the end I went for broke on the theme (trying to make up ground there) as I knew it would be hard to gain 2 pts just with songs against this competition.  In the end I failed but had a red hot go  :)

PS  I have just discovered the perfect song that would've fit the theme and replaced the Labyrinth :lol


Vision Divine was great, yep. I don't pay a lot of attention to drums so no, I actually didn't. I might have to listen again to it just for fun.

Quote from: bl5150 on April 18, 2016, 05:54:53 PM
PS  I have just discovered the perfect song that would've fit the theme and replaced the Labyrinth :lol

That's how it always happens!

Alright folks, I've sent the second (and the last) round of PMs, check them out if you're interested. I don't have a lot more to say actually, I feel like I said all I needed in the post before the results:

QuoteI wanted to thank you all guys for participating in this, taking your time to send me the songs, writing in this thread, keeping it off the second page, being so active and so interested. I wanted this to be an awesome roulette, and all of you who accepted my invites, all of you who decided to play even if you didn't receive an invite, all of you who frequented this thread, you made it more awesome with each post. I loved how it turned out. I won't host another roulette for a while, but I can safely say this was a blast and it was much more than I could hope for. Thank you everyone.

So yeah, there.

Now, you probably don't care about that, but I feel obligated to tell you this anyway. :lol Regarding to what I'm up next DTF-wise, well, I'm going to use the rest of this year (and most probably a chunk of the next one too) to check out all the awesome music you folks sent me in this roulette, and I'm going to be a bit more strict about it than I was after my first roulette, I'm going to make a list and planning to be getting through albums on the weekly basis. You can definitely expect some thoughts on those records from me in "What album are you listening to?" thread.

Eventually (I think in the second half in 2017, but could be earlier, no promises), I'll run another Top 50 albums list, where I'll post 50 best albums I've discovered because of DTF (idea shamelessly stolen from Chad). There are some fierce competition already, and with all the albums I'm going to discover now after this roulette, this is going to be interesting. Everyone who played in either of my roulettes might want to check that out.

Regarding the Polls / Survivors section, I've got Kamelot Survivor up and running this year, so join in and vote if you feel like it; and I plan to run a massive Arjen Lucassen-related Survivor in 2017 if there will be enough interest - and I think there may be, so stay tuned for that too.

If everything works out, I'm also planning a trip to Germany in 2017, the time is unknown as of yet and will depend on my work / my favourite bands' concert schedule / and if Gilmour will be playing anywhere in 2017 I'll probably go to that country instead of Germany. Those are some long-term plans and it's all contemplative right now, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Finally, I'm also determined to kick your asses in the roulettes this year, so I'll meet you in those other threads! :biggrin:

So, thank you folks for reading this, and on this positive, hopeful and determined note I'm out. :lol

P.S. I forgot to include the link to one EP in your PM message, and it says I've exceeded the limit of PMs I can send for an hour. I'll send the remaining link to you a bit later. :lol
Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Train of Naught

Wow, all is said and done folks, not quite the 50 pages but yeah this was one active roulette man.. it went by so quickly tho.

Top 50 albums based on DTF discoveries sounds pretty cool, might do something like that for my v2 aswell, either that or just "favorite discoveries over the last (..) years", something like 2014 up until then. Because I've gotten a ton of shit through reddit, spotify and even too.

Depending on my living situation next year I would be down for a meetup in germany if there's a cool concert or something related, it's not too far but I don't know if I'll have a job that allows me to go on trips like that next year, along with paying rent and shit.

I might end up checking out those EP's, the Earth, Wind & Fire one in particular because I'm interested how those Thrice songs fit in the EP, and those last two Agalloch tunes sounded pretty cool even though I'm still a bit turned off by the vocals.


We're usually renting a flat in the country we're travelling to (I'm going with two friends and that's what we did in Netherlands), so if you'll need to live somewhere in Germany for a day or two I think this can be arranged easily. But yeah, this is all just a speculation until the New Year anyway. We planned the Netherlands trip early (I think November 2014 and the actual trip was September 2015), but this happened because The Theater Equation show was announced early.

My Europe-travelling plans definitely include attending a gig or two, so I'll be choosing the trip time accordingly. Bonus points if it's the band that never comes to Russia.

And Casper, your PM inbox is full so I can't send you link to Nelson's EP.

Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Train of Naught

Makes sense, yeah it's too soon to really arrange this kind of thing but it would be cool. As long as I'm not traveling for like a Gloryhammer concert or something I would consider it :lol


time for the rest of the mystical best-of-roulette album, because i care apparently

1. Psychopomp
the build throughout this song is quite good and there's a lot of different cool little moments, the instrumentation is all-around solid. the climax at the end is great too. this is really pretty good
2. Handcuffs
i'd listen to you if i had the time
3. The Lonely View of Condors
i don't really have a lot to say about this other than "it was pretty solid and i wasn't bored at all"
4. Time Immemorial
i think i listened to this album after getting This Right Here in my roulette. this one's nice but doesn't really have the emotional presence of This Right Here imo
5. Mermaids From Their Moons
ahh, there's the solid and pretty standard power metal that i'm pretty meh on
6. The Bold Move
the production on this kind of bugs me but it's got a pretty cool flow to it, gets pretty intense at times but nice and melancholic at other times
7. Black and White World
ahh, redemption, the band nobody sent in my roulette. man, i have nothing to say about this. it's ok
8. Rhyme of the False Orchestra
i dunno i guess the strings there are all fake apparently? wow. you lied to me. anyways this is alright but kinda generic really
9. Winter
this is really quite good, i might relisten to it later
10. The Bonding
sorry but i already listened to this once, and it's 15 minutes long

anyways i'm off to review a djent album now