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Started by Train of Naught, November 03, 2015, 06:36:44 AM

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I've experienced that. They (wisdom teeth) almost weren't showing up yet, but I needed to do that to set my teeth straight later. They've cut out those teeth from both sides.

I took three days off at work after that because my face was swollen so much I couldn't possibly show up there. :lol
Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Train of Naught

In some cases your face swells up so much you can't see the screen, making you unable to send songs  :-\



It actually hasn't been too awful for me, at least not as bad as people make it sound. But I think a lot of it depends on just where they are positioned, and mine were positioned where they were fairly easy to get out. I don't know.

Anyway, sent something. I'm not very good at dark/depressing themes... Unlike most people on this forum, probably, I'd actually do better with an "uplifting" round than a "depressing" round.

Train of Naught

Oh you're not the only one who claims this, heh. Maybe in hindsight I shouldn't have done some of the themes but whatever.

I'll try to get results up either tomorrow or saturday, almost through my first listen.

Train of Naught

First listen is done, currently I'm doing it a bit differently, writing down all my first thoughts of every song seems like a better way to accurately describe what I feel than just writing down a summary of my overall experience.
Probably no one is beating their highest score in this round (though one person is pretty close), which isn't too crazy because I don't think anyone hasn't gotten at least a 9+ by now. I'm glad I did this round because there's some songs I would never have discovered otherwise because you guys would probably not feel comfortable sending them, but obviously not everyone liked doing this round, still it worked out fine for the most part.

Not going to do any of the revealing/quotes BS, results tomorrow. Cheers!


Quote from: Train of Naught on January 07, 2016, 06:02:46 AM
I'm glad I did this round because there's some songs I would never have discovered otherwise because you guys would probably not feel comfortable sending them, but obviously not everyone liked doing this round, still it worked out fine for the most part.

This is definitely not about me.

By the way, the title says the results are already here. That's unfair.
Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Train of Naught



Very well could be me. I don't listen to a lot of dark stuff, so I sent something very angsty.

Train of Naught

Well I have the writeups and scores ready to go.. suddenly my internet connection died, sending this from my phone. So you can expect results whenever I get my connection back.

Train of Naught

Round 8 results!!
For this round I took my evil pill.

The Angelic Process – Dying in a Minor:

Meh, first impression is just meh. I could have this song playing and totally forget about something that happened 2 seconds ago, no reslitening value to me. I want to like these type of songs but it's just not working. Maybe it'll get better after 2-3 more listens?

Nope, still not feeling it. After sending your 2 best songs of the entire roulette you managed to follow it up with something I really don't get, and receives the lowest score of your songs thus far. I thought I had mentioned this in my thoughts after the first listen, but 8 minutes, really? I was done with this song after a minute, I have to see what this album is all about at some point simply out of curiosity.


Cave In – Requiem:

First impressions: The music is fitting to the theme alright, I'm not a big fan of this singer as of yet, and not too fond of the middle section, either. I feel that for a 9 minute song it offers shockingly little. It does get better near the end, and closes on a dark note, but yeah, I'll have to see if I end up enjoying it more.

I still don't like how it takes so long to build up to the main part of the song, which ends up being nothing too special. Maybe that's where the beauty lies, but not for me. When I hear this song I just want to skip ahead to the 6th minute or so, where I finally start to get interested. The dark powerchords around there are pretty cool. The ending climax is still my favorite part, just yea, takes too long for me to get interested in this. I can see why people would enjoy this more than I do though.


Tori Amos – The Waitress:

Sorry I had to reject Strange Fruit, that's a wonderful song though and very good for this theme, sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it. The chorus of the Tori Amos song kinda creeps me out though, I don't know how to react to it, but in the end it's pretty neat, because I think it serves the song and its atmosphere well. It's still just.. extra-ordinary. Let's see how this turns out a few listens from now. 

I'm still a bit weirded out by the chorus, but it makes sense for this song I guess. The last minute of  the song is significantly better though, and I kept looking forward to it whenever this song came up. Sure the end doesn't have much to offer musically, but it ends on a very gloomy note and may not have the best vocals technically, but they do fit way better to the atmosphere.


Ulver – Eos:

My first impression of this song came from outside my own experience, always heard great things about this song and I just didn't understand it, well now I got to listen to it in full focus myself, but I still don't get it, what's so godlike about this song? I should say with the exception of one or two songs ever, I rarely enjoy ambient, or just any song purely based on creating an atmosphere, out of the context of the album.

For what it is, I like it, but nothing more. The way they create the atmosphere is quite nice, and the violin is very depressing-sounding, but I don't think I will go out of my ways to listen to this.


Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers:

Needless to say, this is dark as shit, so there's that. The atmosphere is kinda there, I'm not really into this like I am with some of the other songs though, and the singer does not really wow me either. There's this crazy ass bass guitar (at least I think that's what it is) throughout the song that's supposed to invoke a very dark feeling, but it kinda puts me off.

I am now less annoyed by that main bassline (still not entirely sure if that's a bass), so this did get better, but not much. The song has alright vocal melodies, a fairly good singer which I'm personally not too fond of, but purely objective I'd say it's a great voice. It's still in the category of 'nothing about this makes me want to revisit this', not the worst of the round, either.
Okay, I'm starting to get this song a bit more, and it's alright, still not part of the round 8 favorites but definitely a grower on consecutive listens.


Shadow Ninja 2.0
PJ Harvey – Down By the Water:

First impressions: This song gives me the chills, creepy whistling towards the end of the song, not overly complex, catchy vocals, yeah I'm quite liking this so far, not an outstanding track but it's pretty good.

Getting some weird blues vibe from the beginning, but in a very dark way. I'm still convinced that I will at some point forget that I ever heard this song, but right now I'm liking this alright. It's just nothing spectacular, solid scores win the race (unfortunately that's probably too late for you now though).
Very cool song, I'm beginning to like this a bit more.


Sufjan Stevens – No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross:

For the shortest song of the round, I gotta say this is pretty cool. When you listen to this for the first time it feels like a pretty uplifting song, but then you pay more attention to the song, and it turns out to be this inauspicious little song. So far so good..

Still a very good song, somehow reminds me of Brand New a bit. Overall I don't think this would be a round winning song, it's pretty simple but it works very well in its simplicity. Still a very solid song, and offers a lot in just under 3 minutes.


Primal Fear – When Death Comes Knocking:

Hell yea, a metal tune for this round, why not? It fits the bill. First impressions: Very strong vocals, killer guitarwork, and certainly some dark melodies, the pre-chorus especially. Your other classic-metal sounding tune (from Thunderstone) was great, and I'm on the same page with this song, very, very solid metal.

For sure upper half of the round, I'm confident that this is one of the artists I will check out regardless, because I think I've heard a song from these guys that bl5150 either sent or received in a roulette and it was killer. Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove I believe it was called. So overall, this song is pretty amazing, I like the Home guitars (whaddya call them, eastern guitars?) in the pre-chorus and the beginning of the instrumental section, aswell as this killer main riff, the slow pace really adds to the power of the melody. I could do without hearing the title a hundred times in the chorus, but I'm not too bothered by it.


Obsidian Kingdom – Not Yet Five/Oncoming Dark/Through the Glass/Cinnamon Balls (Mantiis)

So these are the first four songs off the album, which could be seen as one big song. First impression of this piece is that it fits the theme perfectly, first off. Secondly, I went to check the lyrics, 'Cinnamon Balls' is a curious name for a song and you mentioned they sing about fucked up shit. It's indeed fucked up, the music doesn't come across as fucked up in an uncomfortable way though, which is nice.

Liking this song, still. The dudes calm voice in Oncoming Dark matches the music amazingly well. All the transitions are close to perfect, but the one from Oncoming Dark to Through the Glass is literally unnoticable. Cinnamon Balls, as the final section of your submission, is about as crazy as it gets, resulting in some weird-ass-yet-amazing breakdown. I didn't know what I was experiencing half of the time, but I knew I liked it. It's melancholic at times, it sure as hell was evil. I guess I'll have to check out the whole 'song' at some point, I'm digging this shit.


Swans – Lunacy:

From the first round of listening, I've learned that mostly, atmosphere is the name of the game this round, and judging from my first impressions of this song, they do one hell of a job with it. The 'Lunacy' chanting towards the climax at 4:10 is nice, I don't know how I feel about the rest of the song yet, but it's well-crafted, it's definitely got that going.

One of the songs where I feel I was spot on with my first impressions, still feel the same way. This vibe that they carry on throughout the song is wicked gloomy, and while I was still pretty undecided about the final part of the song, I think I can safely say that this is one of my favorites from this round.
Okay I am not undecided anymore, amazing vibe throughout the whole song, not just the middle. This might very well have been the best song for this theme if it wasn't for seneca, Lunacy is a beautiful disaster, have some points.

This is also the first time I'm doing this during results, but Coming For You was the one song I kept returning to besides the dredg and Thank You Scientist songs, I'm feeling more comfortable about my recent scoring, and a + 0.5 feels like the right thing to do here.


Opeth – Windowpane:

Yes, this was allowed, never heard anything from the album Damnation. First impression of this song is actually pretty great, I'm all sorts of excited about the guitarwork on this song, they make a very fine line between a dark atmosphere and just straight up groovy vibes.

Yes or no? Definitely yes, this is cool! Opeth sounds like an uninspired thing to send in a DTF roulette, and maybe you really did not have much of an option with this theme like you said, but screw it, this is awesome. Guitarwork is still groovy as hell, Mikael's clean vocals have always appealed to me unlike others, and the way he makes it sound so dark and depressing here is enjoyable (as far as enjoyable goes for a depressing song). Have some well-deserved points.

As to your comment yesterday, yea I definitely would've found out about this song either way because Damnation was already on my list, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, this album has just become more interesting.



Circle Takes the Square – Enter the Narrow Gates:

If your goal is to creep me out, you've done good, those (almost) isolated choir-y vocals in the beginning are kinda haunting. Yeah as far as evil goes, it doesn't get much better than this. I think I gotta award some bonus points for managing to surpass all the songs by such big a margin when it comes to the theme. Musically, after my first listen, I'm a fan of the riffing during the metal parts, screams add a lot to the power of the song, and the mellow parts are very gloomy which also adds to the theme of the song, I'm liking this.

I've gotten some names I'm pretty familiar with, Opeth, Swans, Chelsea Wolfe, Primal Fear, etc. This, I'm completely unfamiliar with, and it fucking blows my mind. From the first listen I knew I would keep liking this, but it has grown on me even more since. The song feels like it's a 10+ minute song with a crazy yet epic theme to it, all of this is stuffed into a sub 7 minute song with subtle transitions. I might like this song more than your very first song in this roulette, making this your best song so far. Attaboy.


I enjoyed this way of making writeups more than I did previously so I think I'll stick to the first thoughts>final thoughts layout for the rest of the roulette, I feel this way I can get my thoughts across more clearly.
I'll post the standings shortly, just getting this out there so you can have a look and send songs for Round 9 A.S.A.P., we're hopefully finishing the standard 10 rounds within the next 12 days orso and then it's just the best 3 of you doing the finals.

Round 9: Paschendale

It was at this point that I had run out of original song titles and just ended up entering a random name of one of my favorite songs that also sounded pretty cool, open round folks! It's the last open round, so make good use of it.


I did have other options (maybe I'll send a few of them to you after this roulette), both non-metal and metal ones, but this was the song I enjoyed the most out of those. Besides, it's not that fun playing in a roulette if you don't cheat a bit somewhere. Like when I sent Avantasia in Brent's. :lol

Also, great pick from Bolsters. I didn't even think of this Primal Fear song, but yeah, it definitely fits the "dark" theme.

I'll try sending something today, but in case it won't work, I'll send something by Sunday.
Quote from: Train of Naught on May 28, 2020, 10:57:25 PMThis first band is Soen very cool swingy jazz fusion kinda stuff.

Shadow Ninja 2.0

Train of Naught

Current Standings

Elite: 62 + 8.5 = 70.5
Evermind: 61 + 9 = 70
senecadawg2: 60 + 9.5 = 69.5

Parama: 61.5 + 6 = 67.5
Tyrias: 60 + 7.5 = 67.5
425: 59.5 + 8 = 67.5
Sacul: 59.5 + 7 = 66.5
Bolsters: 58 + 8.5 = 66.5
mikemangioy: 56.5 + 9.5 = 66
LordCost: 58 + 6.5 = 64.5
splent: 56.5 + 6.5 = 63
Shadow Ninja 2.0: 53.5 + 8 = 61.5

Elite, Evermind and Seneca are in the lead, not by enough to already be able to call it a day, but the end is coming near.. Parama's fail made him go from #2 to a three-way tie with Tyrias and 425. Sacul, Bolsters and Mike aren't far behind either and both still have a good shot of making finals, they have to deliver two really really good songs though. LordCost splent and Shadow would need a miracle to make the finals at this point, but miracles are worth fighting for ight?

Train of Naught

Quote from: Evermind on January 08, 2016, 07:57:43 AM
Besides, it's not that fun playing in a roulette if you don't cheat a bit somewhere. Like when I sent Avantasia in Brent's. :lol

Gotta slip in that cheat somewhere. If it weren't for the cheaty moves I wouldn't have heard Shine On You Crazy Diamond by now, hell yeah.



I have three more artist to send and only two rounds left.
I expect a result like this, I thought that sending an epic from the same artist was a safer choice because you generally like epics but it didn't work :D
I think I will send metal for the next two rounds that has worked well on this roulette for me

Train of Naught

Metal! :metal

Top 25 roulette songs thus far:

1. Voices from the Fuselage – Meteorites
2. Ne Obliviscaris – Forget Not
3. The Human Abstract – Antebellum
4. Devil Doll – Mr Doctor
5. Thank You Scientist – My Fames Disappearing Act
6. Avantasia – Scarecrow
7. Circle Takes the Square – Enter the Narrow Gates
8. Jolly – Despite the Shell
9. Anathema – Thin Air
10. Thrice – Wood & Wire
11. Destrage – Are You Kidding Me? No.
12. Frost* - Milliontown
13. Dredg – The Canyon Behind Her
14. Yes – Roundabout
15. Transatlantic – Duel With the Devil
16. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
17. David Maxim Micic – Where Is Now?
18. Coheed and Cambria – Key Entity Extraction I: Domino The Destitute
19. Rishloo – Landmines
20. Caravan Palace – Suzy
21. Twelve Foot Ninja – Coming For You
22. Ben Folds Five – One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
23. Glen Hansard – Bird of Sorrow
24. Opeth – Windowpane
25. Jeff Buckley – Grace

This is interesting, from this I learned that you all have great taste, it's just a matter of connecting it with my tastes, or sharing something accessible in a style that I'm not very familiar with, I also learned that Sacul performs best with songs containing a question mark in the title.
Here's how the top 25 songs are distributed among you, everyone has at least one song in it:

Elite: 3
Evermind: 2
senecadawg2: 3
Parama: 3
Tyrias: 2
425: 2
Sacul: 2
Bolsters: 1
mikemangioy: 1
LordCost: 3
splent: 2
Shadow Ninja 2.0: 1


Sorry for not going back through and reading the rules and everything carefully, but is this the last round before elimination? And in the final round, with the top 3, are the scores reset?

Train of Naught

Quote from: senecadawg2 on January 08, 2016, 10:07:18 AM
Sorry for not going back through and reading the rules and everything carefully, but is this the last round before elimination? And in the final round, with the top 3, are the scores reset?
All good.

There's two more rounds in which all participants send songs, the next one is the last open round, and the tenth round is a closing themed round. After that, the bottom 9 will be eliminated, I got potential tie-breakers figured out in case it happens, but I don't expect this.
Scores don't reset, and the point advantage that the #1 has on the other two won't be his only advantage in the final round, will explain how this works later on, but basically the three finalists all send a piece of max. 20 minutes, containing multiple songs.
The at that point #1 has the freedom of choice for something I'll reveal soon enough, while the #3 has to go with the last remaining option. The choice he'll make will not directly affect his score, but can make sending the right songs easier and more comfortable.

This is all kinda vague but you'll see.

BTW I'm hoping to get round 9 songs within the next couple of days, is 3 days from now a reasonable deadline?


That all sounds good. And I'm glad you enjoyed ma the evil song. Like I said, I might could've gone darker, but I don't think that would've worked to my advantage.

I'll send round 9 soon


Very nice! sending soon.

EDIT: Sent.


Hey, nice! Glad you liked it. The whole album Carrie and Lowell is full of sad little acoustic songs like that.

Working on what to send next. We're reaching the point in the roulette where I'm running low on artists! :lol I'll be fine, but I need to figure out who I want to send this time and who next time.



Sent for next round. Depending on how this goes, I might just say fuck it next round and take a huge risk with my last song.

But first, I hope you like this one.


Train of Naught

Quote from: LordCost on January 08, 2016, 11:37:16 AM
Sent! Glad to have 3 songs in the top 25 :)
Yeah your highs were incredibly good, actually Antebellum might be my #2, beating Forget Not, I've been returning to it a lot.

Already got 4 songs within a couple of hours, keep it up!


Quote from: Evermind on January 08, 2016, 07:57:43 AM
I did have other options (maybe I'll send a few of them to you after this roulette), both non-metal and metal ones, but this was the song I enjoyed the most out of those. Besides, it's not that fun playing in a roulette if you don't cheat a bit somewhere. Like when I sent Avantasia in Brent's. :lol
I briefly considered sending Opeth myself, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Blackwater Park or Watershed song.

I will send out my round 9 submission later this evening.



Sent something that continues with the aggressive trend. Don't know why exactly, but I think you might like it just as much, if not more, than all of my other submissions.



Quote from: Lolzeez on November 18, 2013, 01:23:32 PMHey dude slow the fuck down so we can finish together at the same time.  :biggrin:
Quote from: home on May 09, 2017, 04:05:10 PMSqu
scRa are the resultaten of sound nog bring propey

Train of Naught

In a world.. where half the entries are either fucked up as shit or agressive as shit.. and Shadow Ninja is not a part of that half :ninja:

Already have 8/12 songs, great pace guys.