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The Song Roulette Tracker Thread 3.0 - v. Betting on red just this once

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Roulette Archive

An archived list of all previous roulettes can be found here.

Winner Standings
senecadawg2          10
lonestar              9
Ravenheart            7
Cyril                 7
Elite                 7
Gorille85             6
bl5150                6
TAC                   6
Nekov                 6
Evermind              6
kári                  5
Scorpion              5
Sacul                 5
wolfking              5
ariich                5
jingle.boy            4
Bolsters              4
Dr. DTVT              3
ClairvoyantCat        3
Ultimetalhead         3
Zantera               3
home                  3
Train of Naught       3
orcus116              2
Sigz                  2
Space Invader         2
Heretic               2
Dark Castle           2
Fluffy Lothario       2
Tomislav95            2
Puppies_On_Acid       2

One-Time Winners: 425, adace, antigoon, Big Hath, Buddyhunter1, contest_sanity, Cthrubuoy, H, Hefdaddy42, Indiscipline, Kattelox, KevShmev, kingshmegland, kirksnosehair, Lateralus88, LordCost, Lowdz, Luoto, Marvellous G, mizzl, MoraWintersoul, Nihil-Morari, obscure, romdrums, skydivingninja, sneakyblueberry, Stadler, theseoafs, TheVoxyn, YtseBitsySpider

Championship Winners
2012: lonestar
2016: Sacul

Recently Completed Roulettes

- Participants: Train of Naught, Parama, Scorpion, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Sacul, splent, Scar, WebRaider, home, Tomislav95, Elite, Stadler

- Participants: Train of Naught, Elite, Scorpion, home, twosuitsluke, Fluffy Lothario, Luoto, Parama, Evermind, Sacul, Scar, Shadow Ninja 2.0

Parama v3
- Participants: Bolsters, home, Train of Naught, Tomislav95, Elite, Luoto, LordCost, Sacul, Nekov, Stadler, Evermind, twosuitsluke

TAC v2
- Participants: LordCost, Parama, Sacul, Train Of Naught, Home, Tomislav95, The Silent Cody, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Tyrias

Cool Chris
- Participants: TAC, jingle.boy, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Tomislav95, kingshmegland, Elite, home, Stadler, Sacul, Parama

- Participants: home, kingshmegland, antigoon, jingle.boy, TAC, Mosh, lonestar, Elite, v_clortho, Lethean

ariich v3 (albums)
- Participants: Nekov, jingle.boy, lonestar, Parama, Elite, Evermind, Stadler

lonestar v3
- Participants: Elite, kingshmegland, Parama, Train of Naught, Tomislav95, jingle.boy, Evermind, TAC

Train of Naught v3
- Participants: Elite, Parama, home, TAC, lonestar, Sacul, twosuitsluke, Tomislav95, Bolsters, LordCost, Nekov, kingshmegland, Stadler, Puppies_On_Acid, jingle.boy, Evermind

Bolsters v3m (2017)
- Participants: Elite, Parama, Train of Naught, home, Puppies_On_Acid, TAC, soupytwist, jingle.boy, Sacul

Sacul v3
- Participants: Bolsters, TAC, Elite, home, Stadler, Parama, Train of Naught, Kattoelox, Tomislav95, Lethean, twosuitsluke, Puppies_On_Acid, Luoto, ariich, Nekov, kingshmegland, Evermind

Kattoelox (albums)
- Participants: Sacul, Puppies_On_Acid, Lethean, Stadler, Evermind, home, Parama, Train of Naught, jingle.boy, TAC, lonestar, Tomislav95, twosuitsluke, ariich

Tomislav v2
- Participants: home, Parama, Puppies_On_Acid, Sacul, LordCost, Elite, Train of Naught, twosuitsluke, Shadow Ninja 2.0, soupytwist

- Participants: Parama, Train of Naught, jingle.boy, Elite, Kattoelox, home, Tomislav95, soupytwist, twosuitsluke, Sacul, Evermind, TAC

wolfking v2
- Participants: bl5150, jingle.boy, TAC, Evermind, Lowdz, Bolsters, Big Hath, Parama, Luoto, Puppies_On_Acid, Tomislav95, Kattoelox, Lethean, Stadler, Elite

Parama v4 (albums)
- Participants: ariich, Puppies_On_Acid, Elite, Bolsters, Train of Naught, Evermind, Sacul, TAC, home, Tomislav95, LordCost

Elite v4
- Participants: Parama, ariich, Puppies_on_Acid, Sacul, LordCost, Tomislav95, Train of Naught, TAC, Nekov, Stadler

- Participants: Parama, Kattoelox, Evermind, Stadler, Puppies_On_Acid, Sacul, jingle.boy, TAC, Train of Naught, Elite

jingle.boy v4
- Participants: Bolsters, kingshmegland, lonestar, Elite, Evermind, Train of Naught, TAC, Kattoelox, Puppies_On_Acid, Indiscipline, jjrock88, Lowdz, Lethean, Stadler, wolfking, Parama

ariich v4 (albums)
- Participants: Train of Naught, jingle.boy, Parama, kingshmegland, Kattoelox, Evermind, Sacul, Lethean, Puppies_On_Acid, twosuitsluke, TAC, Elite, Luoto, LordCost, Nekov, romdrums, Stadler, Indiscipline

- Participants:TAC, Puppies_On_Acid, Aefenwelg, Stadler, Kattelox, Parama, Evermind, jingle.boy, romdrums, kingshmegland, Elite, Sacul, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Destiny Of Chaos, lonestar, ariich

425 v2
- Participants: romdrums, Parama, Train of Naught, Kattelox, Nekov, Evermind, Elite, Lethean, kingshmegland, Stadler, ShadowNinja 2.0, Indiscipline, OpenYourEyes311, lonestar, TAC, Aefenwelg, Puppies_On_Acid

Puppies_On_Acid v2 (albums)
- Participants: ariich, Parama, Kattelox, Sacul, Stadler, jingle.boy, TAC, Elite, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Lethean, romdrums, Indiscipline, LordCost

Stadler v2
- Participants: TAC, Indiscipline, Scorpion, Nekov, romdrums, home, Lowdz, v-Clortho, Evermind, jingle.boy, Kattelox, wolfking, Sacul, kingshmegland, Puppies_On_Acid, Elite

Kattelox v2
- Participants: Sacul, Stadler, Puppies_On_Acid, Nekov, kingshmegland, wolfking, Indiscipline, TAC, Elite, Evermind, jingle.boy, Parama

Parama v5 (EPs)
- Participants: ariich, Kattelox, Lethean, home, "Ghost Malone", Elite, Puppies_On_Acid, Indiscipline, romdrums, TAC, Sacul, Train of Naught, senecadawg2

TAC v3
- Participants: wolfking, Stadler, kingshmegland, Evermind, Indiscipline, Kattelox, Lethean, Puppies_On_Acid, senecadawg2, Elite, Parama, Kwyjibo

Evermind v3
- Participants: Puppies_On_Acid, Parama, Elite, Luoto, Stadler, senecadawg2, jingle.boy, TAC, Indiscipline, Tyrias, Kattelox, Sacul, Kwyjibo, LordCost, romdrums, wolfking, Lethean, lonestar

Ruba v2
- Participants: TAC, Parama, Kattelox, Sacul, Puppies_On_Acid, Lethean, senecadawg2, Stadler, Train of Naught, MoraWintersoul

Buddyhunter v4
- Participants: Kattelox, Puppies_On_Acid, jingle.boy, Nekov, Cyril, Stadler, TAC, DTA, senecadawg2, Ruba, kingshmegland, Sacul, Evermind, Tomislav95

Tomislav95 v3
- Participants: Cyril, Lethean, senecadawg2, FlyingBIZKIT, Puppies_On_Acid, Evermind, TAC, Kattelox, Sacul, home, Kwyjibo, Stadler, wolfking

senecadawg2 v3
- Participants: Nekov, TAC, Kattelox, romdrums, Lethean, jingle.boy, Puppies_On_Acid, Stadler, Cyril, Tomislav95, ariich, Evermind, Buddyhunter1, FlyingBIZKIT, Ruba, wolfking, Sacul, LordCost

425 v3
- Participants: Evermind, Cyril, Puppies_On_Acid, Sacul, Kattelox, TAC, jingle.boy, Stadler, romdrums, Elite, Tomislav95, Nekov, Lethean

ariich v5 (albums)
- Participants: Luoto, senecadawg2, Elite, Nekov, kingshmegland, Kattelox, Cyril, TAC, Puppies_On_Acid, FlyingBIZKIT, v_clortho, jingle.boy, Sacul, Stadler, Train Of Naught, Tomislav95, Evermind, Romdrums

TAC v4
- Participants: wolfking, jingle.boy, Cyril, Romdrums, Evermind, Puppies_On_Acid, Buddyhunter1, Faizoff, Kattelox, Sacul, Stadler, ariich,
Elite, Lethean

Cyril v6
- Participants: Puppies_On_Acid, ariich, Buddyhunter1, Sacul, Elite, Evermind, Bolsters, Nekov, Train of Naught, TAC

Train of Naught v4
- Participants: Evermind, Kattelox, Cyril, TAC, ariich, Sacul, Bolsters, Puppies_On_Acid, home, Elite

Kattelox v4
- Participants: Stadler, TAC, Train of Naught, Puppies_On_Acid, Cyril, Buddyhunter1, Nekov, Sacul, romdrums, lonestar, ariich, kingshmegland, Elite, jingle.boy, Tomislav95, home

Puppies_On_Acid v3
- Participants: ariich, Tomislav, Kattelox, TAC, Cyril, Lethean, Train of Naught, Elite, romdrums, Nekov, Stadler

home v2m
- Participants: Cyril, Kattelox, Puppies_On_Acid, Train of Naught, Tomislav, Sacul, romdrums, HOF, Elite, Nekov

Indiscipline v2
- Participants: lonestar, Evermind, TAC, jingle.boy, romdrums, ariich, Stadler, Podaar, Elite, Puppies_On_Acid, Kattelox, kingshmegland, Sacul, Train of Naught, Cool Chris

ariich v6
- Participants: Buddyhunter1, Cyril, Elite, Evermind, Indiscipline, jingle.boy, Kattelox, kingshmegland, Lethean, lonestar, LordCost, Luoto, Nekov, Puppies_On_Acid, romdrums, Sacul, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Stadler, TAC, Tomislav, Train of Naught, wolfking

Kattelox v5
- Participants: Indiscipline, Sacul, HOF, kingshmegland, jingle.boy, Cyril (replaced by TAC), Train of Naught, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Stadler, Podaar, romdrums, Buddyhunter1, Evermind, wolfking, Big Hath, ariich, Elite, Puppies_On_Acid, Bolsters

Cyril v7
- Participants: Elite, ariich, Sacul, Stadler, TAC, Tomislav95, Nekov, Indiscipline, Puppies_On_Acid, Kattelox

Lost in the ether (on hiatus or inactive)

Implode v2, Zyzzyva17, Dr. DTVT v3.5, Scar, splent, Nekov v5, FlyingBIZKIT v3, Kattelox v3

Roulettes in Process

Shadow Ninja 2.0 v3
- Participants: HOF, Stadler, Evermind, Puppies_On_Acid, Buddyhunter1, TAC, wolfking, ariich, Cyril, romdrums, Kattelox, Elite, Luoto, Sacul, Tomislav95

Waiting list
On Hold
If you aren't ready to host when your turn comes up, you will be put on hold. You will have 6 months to inform me of your intention to start, otherwise you will be removed from the list.

Waiting List
If you'd like to run a roulette, let me know and I will add you to the waiting list.

Words of wisdom from the former thread:

--- Quote from: jingle.boy on August 10, 2013, 11:16:22 AM ---First, some FAQs for noobs:
What is a roulette? The concept of a 'Roulette' was introduced by Orcus here, as a way for members to share music in a fun and game-like format.

What is the format of a Roulette?  Organizers chose.  The basic premise is to pick/invite some contestants, each submits one song per round, and the songs get ranked/scored by the organizer.  Number of rounds (usually anywhere between 5 and 10), scoring scale, themes, limitations etc.. is at the organizer's discretion.

How do I sign up for one?  Just ask.  Bolsters will add you to the list.

Suggestions for Organizers:  Be considerate of your participants, and those 'Up Next'.
1)  Keep the pace moving at a reasonable pace.  1 week per round seems to be the usual expectation.  Faster if you want to; slower if/when real life gets hectic - but let your participants know if that's the case.  Don't expect your participants or those on the waiting list to be too thrilled if you're consistently running weeks or months between rounds.
2)  There's no reason a complete competition should run longer than 2 months.  If does, you're probably running too many rounds, too slow, or both.  If you can't consistently commit a couple of hours a week to listen to the songs submitted, rank/score them, and write a couple of sentences on your thoughts, you're not ready to run a roulette.
3)  Before it's your turn, try to have your participants lined up and ready to go.
4)  Make it FUN!

Suggestions for Participants:
1) Be attentive.  If you can't be at DTF to follow the competition every few days and submit songs in a timely manner, you're not ready to participate in a Roulette.  Don't take 2 weeks to think of a song to submit.  Be considerate of your organizer, fellow competitors, and those on the waiting list.
2)  If/when the real world gets in the way, and you can't/won't be at DTF to check up on the competition (example - vacations), let your organizer know, and see if you can pre-submit some songs.
3)  Have FUN!

Above all else.....


--- End quote ---


Commonly, hosts will play games with their participants where they try to figure out what songs were sent, in order to maintain interest in the thread while everyone is waiting for results. The most popular of these is hangman, and to make this easier to run, Sacul made a script which allows you to easily turn your list of songs into blank spaces and then input letters guessed by people to automate the process. If you'd like to run hangman in your roulettes, I highly recommend using it.

Download here.

--- Quote from: Sacul on November 20, 2018, 03:29:20 PM ---To use, just decompress it in an empty folder, and use the executable that corresponds to your platform (you can delete the others) - should work fine on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is a default game loaded to show how it works, edit the file entries.json with any text editor in order to add/remove/modify entries.

--- End quote ---

Good one Bolsters for getting this organised.

Chad was into me for ages about doing a roulette and I never took the bait as I found it hard to imagine how I could make it work - my banned list would crash the internet for starters :biggrin:    But what the hell - put me down and I'll see if I can come up with some ideas between now and when I get my turn some time around 2020-ish .   

Thanks Bolsters, I've stickied this and locked and un-stickied the other one.

Let me know whenever you need to move any completed ones to the Archive!

Hey man, great job with updating the standings and with the thread overall. Thanks for doing it! Just a small correction, TAC decided he won't be able to play after the first round, so Scorpion replaced him in my roulette.

Also, my roulette will be finished later today.


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