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Re: The DC Movies Thread v AQUAMAN
« Reply #1190 on: May 17, 2019, 03:10:57 PM »
...So, I'm just trusting that Reeves has got the perfect guy to tell his more "detective" version of Batman story. I am looking forward to that approach. That's sort of where I thought a fourth Nolan film should go. Flesh out that side of the character, involve The Riddler, and make him a serial killer to a degree as well.

Yeah, that could have been really cool.  Even though I felt like the third film fell flat and had some missteps, I really loved Nolan's overall arc and his take on the characters.  I think another film or two, or even a second trilogy could have focused on that aspect of the character.  It could have started with Bruce firmly in retirement, but coming to the realization that, without Batman, things were getting out of control.  And then him facing the dilemma of feeling inexorably drawn back to donning the cowl and cape, but not being physically able to do it as the street-fighting "superhero," and so opting, of necessity, to go more the detective route (and it also being of necessity due to the nature of the villain).  Then, supplementing that arc, you maybe bring in Robin and the mentoring relationship borne out of need to have that physical element, but Bruce being physically incapable of bringing that himself, and him eventually then just passing the torch.  With Nolan's sense of character and tone, I would have loved to have seen him build that type of arc in his own Gotham universe.

Other hardcore fans of TDK Trilogy may disagree, but I think the ending of The Dark Knight Rises was a perfect opportunity just for that (bolded part). Although as has played out over time, with exceptions in various story arcs, Bruce Wayne IS Batman. My thought is that when Robin (Blake) finds the note and the cave, at the same time, Bruce and Selina, while on holiday in Europe -- that never works. That relationship never works. It's a dead giveaway to a setup of Bruce coming back. His money is recovered by Alfred (remember, "remainder to Alfred Pennyworth") and Bruce returns after the Selina fling ends. And "Robin" becomes Robin, and Bruce trains him, and they go on. At least for the next several years. Blake's age isn't given, but looking at the character, I think he's supposed to be in his early 20s. Bruce is...38 I believe. So there's ample time for another trilogy of sorts, going on that angle you were talking about.

My thought always was that at some point, you do Riddler, work in Penguin, and at some point bring back The Joker, and make a true live-action arc of The Death in the Family, where Robin is brutalized by the Joker (in the comics, it was Jason Todd being killed), which sets Batman off the deep end. I would have LOVED Nolan to do something with that, in his own way. But oh well.

That's not at all where I think Reeve's story would go, I think he's very much got his own detective-based movie that is totally separate from Nolan's trilogy. But we'll see.
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Re: The DC Movies Thread v AQUAMAN
« Reply #1191 on: May 17, 2019, 06:08:37 PM »
Very curious to see if/how The Batman is worked into the DCEU. Or if they're just going to scrap the whole thing and just make solo movies.