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Re: Pain of Salvation thread, v.2 (merged)
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Was at the DC show.  I had the prime spot right in front of Daniel, which really wasn't that hard to get because the venue was less than half full.  Kind of sad to see that the turnout is so low.  I'm still wondering why they've never toured as a support act in the U.S. (as far as I can remember).  It seems like they went straight to headline shows but never built the audience up. 

Anyway the show was amazing.  I honestly neither noticed nor cared about the lack of bass player, except in the intro of Icon when that bass solo came through the PA lol.  I was surprised that Daniel's singing was impeccable and he was hitting all the high notes from TPE material without issue.  After seeing some clips of recent years I though he couldn't do that anymore but at least tonight he 100% could.  I also gotta say that the new stuff rocks harder on stage and when they busted out The Perfect Element it actually sounded kind of antique.  Leo sang that "I lost the will" moment in On a Tuesday which was a really big moment. 

Daniel didn't come out after the show unfortunately but I had lovely conversations with Vikram, Leo, and Johan.  All unbelievably nice people, an excellent lineup on and off stage.
Great report! I agree, they should open for DT or Opeth or someone like that.  They're one of my favorite bands, so it's sad to hear of such small turnouts.  It must have been amazing for you to be right in front of Daniel though.
Pain Of Salvation did open for DT already, in 2002, during the first European leg of the 6D tour (and the only one of the tour to actually have carried an opening act, all the others didn't anymore, at least in Europe), which btw was the second time I saw DT.
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