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Elite's Top X DT Songs v2: Top 20 LEAST favourite DT songs (Finished!)

Started by Elite, July 16, 2013, 05:27:40 AM

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Shadow Ninja 2.0


You and your little nugget Elite...

Love Six Degrees... Probably Top 5 for me



As I've said, I disagree with AROP. But Honor Thy Father... I feel like I have to agree at least in ranking if not in actual feelings toward the song. To me, it feels somewhat on the forced side. I've said before that, to me, about half of Train of Thought doesn't really sound like Dream Theater (for good or for bad), and HTF is definitely the biggest contributor to that. And for that one, not really in a good way.

I eagerly await your actual least favorite. ;)


Totally agreed on AROP and I also agree with what you said about Six Degrees even though it isn't your actual least favorite (and wouldn't be mine, either).

You Not Me or Burning My Soul would be a safe bet, but those might be too predictable :dunno:

Tom Bombadil

Agree with AROP but I'm one of the few who really likes HTF. Kinda wish you were serious with SDOIT, it's a bottom 5 song for me. Not as bad as burning my soul though, which is my guess for your real #1.



I would have used italics. That would have made it really serious to get :D


Ah, poor Six Degrees  :'(
You just didn't understand the complexity of it Elite...  :lol :lol :lol
Meme time



1. Burning My Soul

I love troll #1's. I did it with my original top 50 too, where Metropolis Pt. 1 ended in first place (and still remains there). Burning My Soul was my troll #1 there - and this is what I wrote for it back then:

QuoteWell, this comes as a surprise. doesn't it? The thing is, I don't get why people actually dislike this song. I really love Falling Into Infinity and this song is the main reason why. it starts with the most awesome bass riff Dream Theater has ever written and the guitar riff that's ripped off from that is equally awesome. When the lyrics start I always get overwhelmed by the immense literacy the guys put into this song, especially with James's screams. BURNING MY SOUL. The robotic voice that echoes the chorus is unique, I've never heard that before and the second verse doesn't disappoint at all, with more of James's screaming. Simply put, simple as a song can be, it can be absolutely awesome, and this is a prime example of that. Derek Sherinian gets even more shine-time, with an awesome keyboard solo that in some way reminds me of Jordan Rudess's work with Dream Theater later on in their career. Perhaps that's why they chose him, because his style is as awesome as the solo on this song, which is awesome as well. The bridge sort of brings it down, but the chorus makes it all up for it. BAAAAHRNING MY SOUL! Seriously, if you haven't been triggered enough to actually appreciate this song, listen to it right now. It's fucking amazing

It doesn't really take a genius to realise that that is all sarcasm in there, but I must say, Derek's keyboard solo is actually awesome and might even make the song worthwhile to listen to, were it not so insanely bad in every other part. This is - and has been - my least favourite DT song for a long time, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.


And now it's finished properly. Once again thanks for following! :)

P.S.: look closely to last post (some people already figured it out) :biggrin:
Quote from: Lolzeez on November 18, 2013, 01:23:32 PMHey dude slow the fuck down so we can finish together at the same time.  :biggrin:
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Tom Bombadil



Thanks for sharing. Ignoring a couple picks, it seems that we share a lot of the same least favorite songs! Burning my Soul, Honor Thy Father, JLMB, Panic Attack  are all pretty bad in my book as well  :tdwn :tdwn


I wouldn't call it their worst song but it's not one of my favorites, either. This was a fun list to follow! A lot of unexpected picks, which made it very interesting! Thanks for taking the time to share!


And thanks everybody for following, that makes it worthwhile to actually share these lists! :)
Quote from: Lolzeez on November 18, 2013, 01:23:32 PMHey dude slow the fuck down so we can finish together at the same time.  :biggrin:
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scRa are the resultaten of sound nog bring propey


I like Burning My Soul quite much. It's pretty natural, 'cause I love industrial and alternative rock music.