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Re: All musicians unite! - The Musicians Chat Thread
« Reply #1820 on: January 29, 2024, 09:40:08 AM »
At my church, we of course have a pipe organ (actually it's digital, but it sounds good) and we usually augment that with acoustic instruments.  I've never quite figured out how that evolved into a regular thing, but it seems to be the norm now, and people say it sounds really good, so we continue with it.  The "core" group is Michael on Violin, Shirley on Autoharp, and myself on either Flute or Melodica.  We are often joined by another flautist, an electric bass, and/or one or two acoustic guitars.  There's also a girl that plays cello sometimes.  It depends on who's there.

Anyway, Shirley (music director) asked me to cook up an arrangement of "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles, for Violin, Flute, Autoharp, and Organ.  Ah, a challenge!  It's been a while since I was "commissioned" to do something like this.  I put together a nifty arrangement that we ran through yesterday and will play on Feb 4th and Feb 11th.  It sounded pretty good.

I prepare a score and individual parts, but I only pass out the individual parts, so I'm not sure if anyone there realizes how much work goes into these things.  So I have to share it here if I'm gonna brag and/or get any adulation.