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Help Fund A Movie
« on: June 24, 2012, 04:23:02 PM »
If you've ever wanted to be a part of the movie is your chance. A dear friend of mine, Aria London, sent me the following email yesterday. I told her I'd pass the message along, and so now I bring it here.

"Tempus, (she didnt actually write Tempus btw)

Hey there! How are you? Great I hope. Tony says to say hello the next time I talked to you, so hello from Tony! I saw him last week. He's doing really well now. Let me know when you plan to be out here next and I'll make dinner! Hope its soon. As you may remember I was recently cast as a lead in the comedy feature 'Killing Birds', Michael Collins from Vizion Productions wrote and directed it. I am so excited and thankful to be apart of this film and given the opportunity to play the alluring, cunning, Russian swindler "Natasha" (who better right?) who lures in her prey "Jim Boy" (played by Brian Hunt), with the sway of her hips and belly dancing charm. This movie follows "Jim Boy" an over-scheduled under-achiever, who lives with his Grandma (played by Anita Horn). A bit of an old lady himself, too serious, and extremely awkward, apologetic, and gullible around women his patience is running thin and Jim's ready to finally spread his wings and flee the coup. It's when Natasha & Sean aka "Birds" (Joe Gentry), enter into Jim's life turning his comfy nest upside down before he gets the chance to soar. I had a ton of fun on this project, and I think it willl really help my resume. Right now we could really use alot of help to bringing it to a full feature. I know you get asked to be involved in a ton of projects, but as you know every little bit counts. I would never ask you directly for help, but maybe you could pass this along to any of your friends who might secretly want to be part of a movie. If you would be willing to do that for me I'd be really apreciative. You know I wouldnt just hit my friends up like that if it wasnt really special. Anyway, they can donate and there are lot's of incentives depending on the donation. Its at Kickstarter. Heres the link.

Thank you so much! Miss you and hope to see you soon. Dont be a stranger.
Lots of love.
~A. "

So, there you go. If interested, log onto Kickstarter, donate, and get your special incentive. Thanks! TempusVox.
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Re: Help Fund A Movie
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 09:20:47 PM »
Not sure if I will be able to fund this, but I am a huge fan of kickstarter. I backed three games that got fully funded, including my favorite game franchise from my teenage years (Tex Murphy), and new projects by the creative team of another one of my favorites (Gabriel Knight). It is a cool concept and I hope it helps more projects of all types get exposure and funding.

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