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Re: Anything related to automobiles
« Reply #595 on: July 01, 2018, 06:47:32 PM »
I am so stupid, so fucking stupid. Warning semi-long story ahead:

So not sure if anyone remembers but a few months back I ended up changing my water pump and oil filter gasket in my bmw. I had a small oil leak which is why I did the oil filter gasket. Well I finished and my car started leaking even more oil. I pretty much said fuck it, I getting rid of my car soon and I'm tired working on it. Today I'm doing an oil change and I go to reach for oil plug crush washer and realize it's different from the one I found on the garage floor a few months back. It then clicked! I opened my hood and saw one of the wiring harnesses was wearing away underneath the VANOS feed line. Turns out there are two crush washers on the VANOS nut, I only had one. I remember moving my car and seeing it on the floor, I just thought it was from an oil change I did previously and never saw it before.

I finished my oil change and put a clean paper towel under the nut and started my car, sure enough that's where the oil was coming from. Put a new washer on and hopefully no more leaks.