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As all of you know, I am a huge fan of metal, prog, death metal etc. but one of my weak spots is classic melodic rock and/or AOR.  I know there are a few guys on here that enjoy this sort of music so I wanted to make a thread out of it, as I think it deserves some more attention.  Mainly, I wanted to reccommend 2 outstanding releases that have come out this year that will make my top 5 albums of the year.

Toby Hitchcock - Mercury's Down

This is the debut solo album from Pride of Lions singer Toby Hitchcock.  Every song is written and performed by Erik Martensson from the amazing WET project as well as Eclipse.  Every song is melodic rock goodness with great guitar work, catchy chorus' and amazing production.

Work of Art - In Progress

Second album from these guys.  Features Robert Sall from the WET project also.  This is more classic, Toto inspired music but has brilliant vocals, stunning guitars and just great hooks and keyboards too.

I urge anyone remotely interested in this style of music to check out both of these albums. 

Anyone that wants to discuss bands like; Danger Danger, House of Lords, Pride of Lions, Allen/Lande, Last Tribe, Hardline, Sunstorm, Pink Cream 69, Giant, Ten, Magnum etc, knock yourself out.

(I know this won't get many hits) :)

This thread will interest me. :tup
I've been trying to get into more AOR recently, although a lot of it sounds kind of same-y to me. I believe I've checked out stuff from both of those albums before, and they didn't interest me. Allen/Lande didn't live up to my expectations either.

I really enjoy Stan Bush's last two albums. Dream the Dream isn't as good as In This Life, but they've both got some great melodic rock tracks. Journey - Revelation is also another of my recent favourites.
Aside from that, it's just the odd album and track here and there.

If you don't know about this website you may like it.  Try it out.

I don't really like the site, but I've used it often just to keep up with what's out there. but it's dreadfully laid out, and any album that's even half ok gets a glowing review.

I love your music tastes Wolf, so I'll check it out :)


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