Author Topic: Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"  (Read 2437 times)

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Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"
« on: November 08, 2011, 07:32:17 PM »
This has nothing to do with the music so i post it here!... unless it needs to be moved ;o;

So, I was wondering how "V" (five)  ties into the story of Atlantis, ancient Egyptian mythology, and astrology, which is what the album was written about.

I asked Mike Lepond but he gave me very very very vague answers not explaining anything :(  but he did say it did have something to do with it all.

i was wondering if anyone here knew what it ment? google wouldnt tell me either =/

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Re: Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 07:42:09 PM »
This has nothing to do with the music so i post it here!... unless it needs to be moved ;o;

Um...V is an album...of music.

And as far as your question:  click
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Re: Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2011, 08:10:08 PM »
but my question more had to do with the story in general. like what 5 had to do with all that. the question just came from the album. so i figured GD would be the place for it. ohwell thanks tho

and i wouldve never thought to search the power of 5... >:|

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Re: Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2011, 09:01:52 PM »
V is 5 in Roman numerals and V: The New Mythology Suite was their fifth album. That's all I got.
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Re: Quick question about Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite"
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2011, 11:58:48 PM »
Based on legends of Atlantis, ancient Egyptian mythology, Astrology and Edgar Cayce's clairvoyant readings about Atlantean culture.
From Cayce's perspective, much of modern day is simply the rediscovering of knowledge and information possessed by the Atlantean culture. The good, as well as the Evil.

At the beginning of time, there was an evolution of material beings from a drifting cosmic intelligence that arrived to this planet. Highly advanced, and able to physically project itself into this material world. It colonized and created the civilization of Atlantis (the islands of Poseidia, Og and Aryan). And they were the "Sons of the Law of One", the keepers of truth, technologically advanced beings. (using Crystal-based energy). The first of the Atlanteans was Ptah-Khnemu (translated from Egyptian as "Creator"-"Projector/Enricher"). The high priest of the Temple of Ra, and ruler of the Atlantean civilization.

Quite impressed by their own ability to take physically form, the idea of creating entirely new beings would be an even greater display of their power, but in attempting to merge their energies, something went wrong and the newly made beings were disfigured, and there were altered beings with wings, hooved legs and tails - part human, part beast. This disrupted the "natural" evolution of the beings and they became divided. The first creature was spawned from the energies of Ptah-Khnemu - using the Magic of Five. This creation becomes his alter-ego - his dark side - the half-human/serpent creature Montu-Sekhment translated from Egyptian as God of War - Goddess of Destruction... [having both female and male qualities]).
Montu-Sekhmet and the other creatures are banished from the great cities of Atlantis to live in the swamplands where their numbers will grow and they will eventually rise up against the "Sons of the Law of One". And they will be The Children of Belial.

Realizing that there is conflict, the people of the Law of One look to the sky for a messenger of peace. A bringer of Balance - the child Ma'at (Ma'at translated from Egyptian means "Truth" or "The Goddess of Order & Truth").
And so she is delivered to them - to teach a new order of Equality, hopefully able to bring about peace by her divine powers and wisdom.

Nevertheless, the Children of Belial knew there would never be true balance, nor were they interested in the spiritual ways of the Law of One. So, Montu-Sekhmet gathered his legions of beasts and plotted the destruction of all those of the Law of One as well as the child Ma'at.
Foreseeing that there would be a confrontation, people of Atlantis called upon the power of the Great Crystals to provide the energy for a supreme weapon, a weapon that could forever rid them of their dark counterparts. Unfortunately, the power of this weapon would be so immense, that it would shake the earth they stood on and destroy all they had created. And as Atlantis sank into the sea, the child was given to the waves and carried across the sea to find a new land and a new hope.

Ma'at arrives at the shores of Alnantees (Egypt), where she is discovered by the inhabitants of the area and is brought before their king (RaTa).
As they realize her powers, she is hailed as a 'prophet'. Her writings and words are forever hidden deep within a sacred book (hopefully, for a future civilization to find and learn the Ways of Balance.) Still in search of the child, we see the arrival of Montu-Sekhmet, shortly followed by Ptah-Khnemu.
Summoning an army of the un-dead from Set-Amentet - (the mountains of the underworld, the undead), Montu-Sekhmet lays waste to the city and captures the child. With the child in his grasp, Montu-Sekhmet grows stronger, taking the energies from Ma'at, the Magic of Five giving power to the Dark Side.
Ptah-Khnemu arrives, and a battle between the forces of Dark and the Light begins. - but in an act to prevent the shifting of balance, Montu-Sekhmet kills the child, now with the power aligned in his favour, there is nothing Ptah-Khnemu can do.

With Montu-Sekhmet having possession of the ultimate power of Five, he is undefeatable. Balance is lost and this will forever have an impact on the future. As we move through time, we realize all the evils of the world.
Understanding that the balance was altered long ago from the ways of Montu-Sekhmet and his actions. And this forever effected every civilization and every generation of mankind, being that darkness is the stronger force.
(Comparisons to modern day events, etc.).

But ther is hope... Ma'at's words remembered, "when five align, seek the hidden word, a message locked in time."...meaning: a time will come when balance can be regained. Ma'at spoke of an alignment of five planets, and this would open a portal to another dimension, where the two forces of Good and Evil would again be equal, to battle until the end of time. And the beings on this Earthen plane could bring about their own balance seeking out the words of Ma'at and understanding her hidden rhyme. And on that Eve of Alignment, Ptah-Khnemu and Montu-Sekhmet are thrust into the void, to do battle on a higher dimensional plane, leaving us to start over and rediscover the truths of our own past - leaving the final outcome up to us.
Can we change?