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DTF Donations Contest update
« on: March 04, 2024, 03:07:57 AM »
Not reopening the last thread that Tempus locked, as there is no need for it.  Updates will be posted here until this is complete. 

Here's where we are as of the time of this post:  I said I hoped to have everything logged and winners selected by this weekend or a few days after.  Well, I basically met the deadline and have the heavy lifting done on that.  Winners have been picked and will be announced within the next few days (I just need to get some logistics squared away).  Then I will reach out to those individuals in order with the list of prizes.  PLEASE BE PATIENT for that part of it.  There is a limited number of prizes, so winner #1 gets to pick whatever she wants from the entire list.  Then winner #2 gets to pick from whatever is left.  And so on.  If it isn't obvious, if winner #1 takes awhile to respond to me, that will hold up the process.  So it may take a bit.  People are generally good at responding relatively quickly, but delays can and do happen.  If I don't hear back from someone via PM, I will try via email, and if I still don't hear back after a reasonable amount of time, that person will be dropped, unfortunately (has never happened, but I have to have that continency in place just in case). 

Once the above is done, I need to go back through the list and see who needs stars that does not have them.  That may take me a bit, but the good news is that I can probably get help from the other mods for that. 

Again, really, really sorry for the inexcusably long delay.  The issues I have been going through for the last couple of years have caused a number of problems and things to get dropped.  And again, that isn't anyone's problem but mine, and I'm sorry you all were impacted in various ways. 

More coming soon...
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Re: DTF Donations Contest update
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2024, 07:38:38 AM »
Cool man. Hope everything starts to go better at home.

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Re: DTF Donations Contest update
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2024, 09:20:53 AM »
sounds very interesting Bosk1, glad you're back.
Wim pointed out something I don't see mentioned very often...