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You know how all tribute bands use the same old cliche...."as close as you'll get to the real thing"? ::) I've seen a bunch of them. Zeppelin, Queen, Floyd, etc. It's all BULLSH*T  :tdwn  Hardly ANY are even a smidge of the real thing (Brit Floyd & Aussie Floyd ARE good though :tup)! I've seen Rush 16 times between 1977-2015 and I feel like I just returned from the 17th time. THE RUSH TRIBUTE PROJECT! THEY WERE THAT GOOD! :omg: :omg: :omg: I finally saw a band that can HONESTLY use the cliche! They are ABSOLUTELY as close as you'll EVER GET to experiencing RUSH!
    If you've seen Rush...GO SEE THIS BAND! If you WISH you could have seen RUSH....GO SEE THIS BAND! A 3 hour performance (w 15 minute intermission) that had a great light & LASER show as well (In fact, give me what TRTP gave me tonight over the overblown and silly "show" Muse gave on their recent tour, ANYDAY)!
    The concert in Red Bank tonight was INCREDIBLE! I'm not saying they are as good as RUSH, but damn, they are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! I'd see them again in a heartbeat! :metal

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Not really sure we need a separate thread for this, but...

For my money, no one is better at covering Rush than YYNOT.  The "problem" with most Rush cover bands is that recreating Geddy's vocals (especially during the "classic" era) is insanely difficult.  The Rush Tribute Project's vocalist does a decent job, but the two singers that YYNOT has had are just about perfect.  I'd suggest seeking out their cover of No One at the Bridge.  The other thing about YYNOT is that they dial in the guitar and bass tones almost perfectly (although their cover of The Body Electric puts the original to shame because they made it MUCH punchier).  And YYNOT has three excellent albums of originals to boot.
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Saw them^. Not bad at all but can't hold a candle to TRTP!

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Did they play that Diane Sawyer song