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Yeah, it seems that Anneke inspired a lot of women to take more prominent roles in bands, but it either was more in the beauty and the beast gothic tradition, the bombastic symphonic metal bands, or the more streamlined Evanescence-type rock bands.  I enjoy various artists of those traditions, but the more ethereal vibe, subtlety and nuance is too often lost.  The Third and the Mortal is kind of a precursor to it, and Trees of Eternity a spiritual successor.  Lacuna Coil was more interesting up through Unleashed Memories when they tried to carry on more in that style.  Within Temptation's first album and EP in the less-death-influenced parts.  Cardamon's first album has some similarities, though not quite as atmospheric.  Octavia Sperati has that feeling at times, which is probably why they recruited Silje.  Autumn's albums have a similar effect, as well as Vetrar Draugurinn, though a bit heavier.  Kingfisher Sky in a more proggy, folky way.  Chelsea Wolfe's heavier material, and some of the similar artists like Shedfromthebody, The Answer Lies in the Void, some of King Woman, Frayle at times.  But I've been searching for more music in this vein for years and it's hard to come by. 
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Exactly - and Anneke's voice was very different from the "operatic" style that was so prominent in the beauty and the beast approach...

Lots of cool artists you are mentioning here...The Third and the Mortal certainly embarked on their own personal journey...from doomy-folky metal to more trip-hop influenced music. Really good stuff. I've always been very fond of my fellow Italians Lacuna Coil. I don't dislike their current style, but they had a very special melodic sensibility in their first few albums and they lost it a bit along the way (that first EP, while a bit rough around the edges, was fantastic)

I've been exploring Chelsea Wolfe's music lately and it's pretty great. I was quite impressed by The Answer Lies in the Void's album too.

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Thank you both for mentioning The 3rd and the Mortal! I had never heard of them before but now Iím hooked after listening to their album Painting on Glass. Iíll be buying their whole discography soon for sure.