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Damn...Nilsson's guitars are so f'in sweet.


Looking forward to this. Modern-day Kaipa has a lot of great music. Children Of The Sound was pretty good, but Vittjar and Sattyg are fantastic.

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The title track for the upcoming album has been released as the first single!



The band also released a visualizer clip of their incredible instrumental track "Wilderness Excursion". You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/hx3YiKJbpkA


The whole album is out.  Really solid.  Per in particular continues to dazzle.  I was worried about Agren's absence, but Darby Todd was excellent. 

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Looking forward to checking this out over weekend when I have a chance (real busy with work), between spinning early Tangent albums as well. Before I left my house for work today, the mail truck stopped by and my CD was delivered, so I have it in hand at least!


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According to a reply in the 2024 Album Release calendar, there seems to be a new Kaipa album coming this June 28th, titled Sommargryningsljus.

I checked their Facebook but no other details have been given other than the release date, and the release of a single tomorrow:
KAIPA – Sommargryningsljus (Single Edit) (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) April 26th



New Kaipa is interesting. I feel like they've released the same album about 6 times now but all of them are still pretty good even if nothing stands out. Curious to hear this one and see if they've changed up the formula at all.

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Legendary Swedish progressive folk-fusion-rockband KAIPA returns in June 2024 with their 15th studio album "Sommargryningsljus".

In the summer of 1964 Hans Lundin's musical career started when he became a member of his first band as organist and singer. He says that the following years were "the best education I could ever get". Nine years later in 1973 he formed the group KAIPA.

Now 60 years into his career he and his current bandmates Per Nilsson, Jonas Reingold, Darby Todd, Patrik Lundström & Aleena Gibson are proud to announce the release of Kaipa's 15th studio album Sommargryningsljus (Summer Dawn Light).
"A whispering dawn the sun's on its way to open up a brand new day out of the shadows of the night" is the opening phrase of the song Songs in Our Hands.

The dawn theme has always been close to Hans Lundin's heart in his songwriting. On the self titled debut album released in 1975, 49 years ago, he wrote about this in the song Se var morgon gry. Also in the songs Dagens port and Visa i sommaren on the following albums he returned to this theme. With the new album he closes the circle and returns to where it all began. 

Sommargryningsljus contains eight tracks portraying a nocturnal journey from dusk until dawn, with the first two tracks representing the twilight and the closing two indicating dawn. This nighttime odyssey can be seen as a metaphor for the state between death and rebirth, or as an allegory of life told in reverse.

As a bonus track Sommargryningsljus (single edit) is included where the entire song can be heard as it was originally written including Sommarskymningsljus. 

The basic structures of two of the songs on the album (Seven Birds & Spiderweb Train) were originally written in the late 90's. The same period as the songs for Kaipas comeback album Notes from the past (2002) were written.

Hans comments: I found two old long instrumental songs that I really liked. I only had the songs mixed on a cassette tape. At the time when they were recorded, I used an Atari computer and the Logic program Notator where I could record midi-files addressed to all my different keyboards. The songs were saved on a floppy disc. I managed to transfer these midi-files into my modern recording system and slowly I could build up these old songs again. I had to dust off a couple of old synthesizers, that had not been used for many years, to find some of the original sounds I used at that time. I edited the songs, removed some parts and wrote some new bridges. I also decided to use some of the instrumental melodies as vocal tracks and wrote lyrics. One of the songs was called Seven Birds and it inspired me to write lyrics where I could keep the title intact. Some of the synthesizer solos on these tracks are actually recorded in the 90's. Working with these songs was really fun and inspiring and I felt I was building a bridge between the past and the future, the old and the new. This is the 10th KAIPA album on Inside Out and I think it's logical to celebrate this with two songs that are like a melting pot, born some 25 years ago and dressed up for success today.

Sommargryningsljus will be available as

Ltd. CD Mediabook with extensive 24-pages booklet
12'' Gatefold 180g 2LP black vinyl
digital album

Release date June 28th 2024

Hans Lundin – keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson – electric & acoustic guitars
Jonas Reingold – bass
Darby Todd – drums
Patrik Lundström – vocals
Aleena Gibson – vocals

Special guests:
Elin Rubinsztein – violin
Fredrik Lindqvist – recorders & whistles
Olof Åslund – saxophone


01 Sommarskymningsljus [1:30]
02 Seven Birds [9:50]
03 Like Thousand Dawns [11:08]
04 Revelationview [9:28]
05 Chased by Wolves and Burned by the Sun [10:17]
06 Spiderweb Train [15:29]
07 Songs in Our Hands [13:00]
08 Sommargryningsljus [3:58]

Bonus track
Sommargryningsljus (single edit) [5:24]

KAIPA – Sommargryningsljus (Single Edit) (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)




An auspicious start so far.  Not much Per, but I'm sure he'll be featured more on other tracks. 


The upcoming album is available for review


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Received my mediabook in the mail today from Laser Cd. Upon opening it and perusing the artwork, I noticed in the credits that the album art was generated artificially, which is unfortunate, and it gives off an uncanny valley feel. I've always thought their artwork was a bit more unusual or fantastical, but the art on this one just feels off. A shame, really. Hopefully the music itself makes up for that misstep, and maybe they'll return to using real art by real artists next time.



I own 1 Kaipa album, Keyholder. I remember really liking it as well. I have no idea why I never followed up with future releases. I need to try and get back to them.
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I like Seven Birds. Like Thousand Dawns, the ending goes on a bit too long for my liking.