Author Topic: DC++ hub for lossless Dream Theater bootlegs  (Read 9955 times)

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DC++ hub for lossless Dream Theater bootlegs
« on: April 27, 2009, 11:16:50 PM »
The requirements for it is a DC++ client software which you'd then use to connect to the hub and to download shows from other users.

The rules are simple: nothing official is allowed, nothing that has been requested by MP not to be shared is allowed, no bands that are against bootlegs are allowed, which essentially means pretty much exact same as this very forum. Also not allowed are shows that have requests from the taper/releaser that it shouldn't be traded electronically (GDT shows mainly). You're not required to have any shows before entering the hub, but you are required to share what you download, this of course is to prevent people from just leeching. You can trade shows electronically at the hub but the main thing is to share the shows to everyone in the hub.

If you're interested in registration for the hub (required for entry), you need register yourself to the hub forums Read the rules and follow the instructions there. Do not PM me (admin) for the accounts.

Currently there's about 50 active users, with 15-25 users constantly online. The total sharesize is about 8-10TB and the collection available through the hub consists of over 1200 Dream Theater & related shows.

Please note that anything officially released, or otherwise banned material will result in an immediate and permanent ban with no chance of coming back.
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