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Re: The Iron Maiden Thread v. The Merge of Souls
« Reply #10465 on: April 16, 2024, 11:09:18 AM »
I had a fun time at the show last night.  Bruce was just as animated and engaging to watch as he would be for Maiden shows and I think the crowd was a solid bunch.  Also, I think he dropped a small tidbit where once he's done with the other solo shows and the Iron Maiden shows throughout the year, he wants to do more solo shows next year across NA.

The main downside of the evening was that it looked like the venue looked really unorganized when it comes to setting up parking.  The way the Observatory works is that there are two designated parking lots.  One that's right next to the building that costs $30.00 and one lot that is 5 min. short and easy walk to that costs $15.00.  The problem is that you had to pay for parking in advance and if you did not, you had to drive back to the lot near the building to pay for it so that you get the slip to put in the car.  Had to wait around 20 minutes around 5 PM (doors opened at 7 PM) before I can sort out parking.  Probably would have been better if I would have just taken the bus to the Observatory and then took a Lyft/Uber home and would have cost just as much as the parking.

Still, I griped about missing an opportunity to get the ticket for less, but for a show like this.  I'm really happy that I attended this show at the price I paid and I'll contemplate seeing Maiden at the Inglewood Forum a little more depending if the right cirumstances are favorable for me.