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Started by jayberwanger, April 08, 2023, 12:47:08 PM

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A long time ago I thought I saw a music video for "Right Side of my Mind" by Queensryche.   I couldn't find it on You Tube.  Could anyone tell me if Queensryche did any videos for songs of off:  Hear in the Now Frontier, Q2k, and Tribe?


Yes, they did a really cheesy computer animated video for Right Side Of My Mind. I remember video recording it off of VH1's That Metal Show.

Edit: it was The Rock Show, and here is the entire Geoff Tate appearance including the video:



Don't we have a Queensryche Thread already?


King Postwhore

Quote from: TAC on April 08, 2023, 01:11:03 PM
Don't we have a Queensryche Thread already?

Can't handle 2 threads like your bitches Tim.


Reminds me of when my Dad had an illegal Direct TV satellite dish from 99-01.  Used to always watch Behind the Music and Rock Show on VH1.  The graphics of this video are the shits.


Why would anyone want to watch video clips from these 3 albums?