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A bit of a tangent here, I use Yandex.Music as my go-to streaming service, and today it showed me my stats for what I listened to this year. The album I spun the most was:

Dream Theater / Re: Vinyls
« Last post by Wim Kruithof on Today at 06:12:24 AM »
Now, that is truly a very nice collection. Good to see some Transatlantic there as well... and lucky us, in a few months they'll release their last album on vinyl, The Final Flight. I'll pre-order the blue vinyl, that's for sure.
I'm not really familiar with Floor. I'm not into symphonic metal either. I'm sure she's an amazing singer though.

I had Rob Halford at #20.

I have a pic!

June 4, 1984
Providence Civic Center

Floor is amazing, had her ranked very high at #5.

While I love Halford and respect all he's done for metal, I just don't dig Preist that much.

23- Peter Gabriel
10- Brad Del
5- Floor Jansen
1- Jon Anderson
General Discussion / Re: NHL 2022-2023: FA July 13th - LET IT BEGIN
« Last post by KevShmev on Today at 06:09:20 AM »
Binnington is definitely somewhat of a prick, although I don't think it a coincidence that he usually does this stuff when the team is not playing well. I think it's his way of trying to start a skirmish to get the team's blood going and increase the energy level. I remember a game a few years ago where the Blues looked lethargic and he started a tussle and then the Blues got fired up and scored two goals in the next few minutes.  He's like the goon teams used to send out to start a fight to pump up the team, only he's the goalie, too. :lol
Metal it is!

12 Floor Jansen

Appeared on 8 of 36 lists
Highest Finish: 2 (bosk1)
7 Top 10 Finishes

Great voice, great singer, but I couldn't rank her as I barely listen to anything she sings, just the Ayreon/Arjen albums in which she was one of many contributors.  I don't really like symphonic prog metal, so her normal bands do not interest me.  Again though, great singer for sure.

11 Rob Halford

Appeared on 13 of 36 lists
Highest Finish: 4 (DTwwbwMP)
6 Top 10 Finishes

I was hoping he would finish top 10, but he just missed out.  I ranked him 9th; I likely would have had him higher years ago.  Not that I think any lesser of him, but Priest is more of a once in a while band for me now rather than one I listen to regularly.  For my money, when it comes to metal singers, he is in my holy trilogy along with Geoff Tate and Devin Townsend (I don't really think of James LaBrie as a metal singer per se).
I failed (and bailed) at this in an earlier round, but feel confident I can pull off 'First Gifpressions' later today.

I failed (and bailed) at this in an earlier round, but feel confident I can pull off 'First Gifpressions' later today.

Feel free to express YOUR confidence in me being able to achieve this, in gif form  :corn

Ben Folds Five - The Last Polka

Oh boy, I wonder who sent that :neverusethis:

Someone seeking another 3/10 :neverusethis:
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