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General Discussion / Re: Video Game Thread v. Series Xbox One X Series Switch S 5
« Last post by orcus116 on February 08, 2023, 05:58:11 PM »
So...fully immersed in Skyrim.  I feel like the divorce papers are impending.   Just so immersive, and I think El Barto was correct; the writing on this is just next level. 

Funny thing; I "married" Lydia; I was running through some of the "enhancements" for our house and at the third one (1,000 gold) even though I had more than 100,000 gold, she said "No, you don't have enough gold for that." FFS, I have a real life wife to tell me that!

Takes me back to my playthroughs. I think I clocked 125+ hours each time easily, maybe more.

I forget where you are in the game but have you met up with a lad for some drinks in the Riften tavern?
Re: DSOT vs Pulse. I hold DSoT in rarefied air for several reasons.

* It was my first full intro to Floyd. I knew the radio hits, but this was the first album of theirs I bought. It opened the door to their catalog, which opened the door to 70s rock, which opened the door to prog from the late 60s, which opened the door to prog-metal, which led me here.
* I am lukewarm on the post-RW Floyd albums, but I enjoy the AMLoR songs performed live much more than the TDB songs.
* I don't need or want a full play through of DSotM.
* There is something about the stage production I prefer that I cannon explain. I really like how dark it is.

I remember when my parents bought me the CD (the blinking light!) as a surprise. After a couple listens, I was happy to have High Hopes, but it didn't bring anything to the table to make me want to take DSoT out of its semi-permanent residency in the 6-disc CD changer.
Dang it, I was hoping I was going to score at least 8.5 due to your first impression!  Ah well.  Round Two sent.

The first impression, unfortunately, was the best impression. This started out quite high, but dropped with each subsequent listen. The drumming felt programmed. Not sure if it was a real person or not. It was almost too fast and I started to find it distracting. And while I initially was able to look past those harsh vocals, eventually it would catch up with the song.
Dang it, I was hoping I was going to score at least 8.5 due to your first impression!  Ah well.  Round Two sent.
You had mentioned the guys went on to other projects and I was going to ask you for specifics after Results.
General Discussion / Re: NBA 2022-23 Who's the MVP so far?
« Last post by Vmadera00 on February 08, 2023, 05:31:50 PM »
If it comes to domination of an era, going to the finals 8 years in a row should count for something, even if he only won 3 of those 8 years.

I had a conversation with a friend recently, and we were talking about how the 2013 and 2014 Pacers would have won against San Antonio, if they didn't get knocked out by Lebron and the Heat.
General Discussion / Re: The Official Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Cool Chris on February 08, 2023, 05:31:47 PM »

WHOA! Prime on Switch?! I've played through the Prime games, which I love to varying degrees, enough times to the point I never thought I'd have a desire to revisit, but this changes things!
Lithojazzosphere  Non Human Level-Divine Creation Of Void

These guitars are razor sharp. Great instrumentation.

I knew with just the intro that I was going to like this. Nice tone on the guitars and excellent riffing. The harsh vocals are acceptable. There seems just enough taken off the top of them. The chorus is nice. The bass solo section at 2:50 is awesome. Nice way to break things up and the rest of the instrumental break absolutely kills.

So I'm sort of surprised how obscure these guys are given some of their pedigrees and actually being stealthily DT-adjacent.  But I guess there are so many one-off Swedish project bands that they just got totally lost in the sauce.  The vocalist is Peter Wildoer, who's done drums and harsh vocals for LaBrie's solo projects (and of course finished 3rd in the Portnoy replacement soap opera), the drummer has performed a fair amount with Devin Townsend, the guitarist is from Darkane, and the bass player was in Pain of Salvation and Meshuggah.  The Swedes really know how to do supergroups right.  Some of the other songs are significantly more downtuned, I picked one that mostly stays closer to standard tuning range, so your mileage may vary, but the whole album is fantastic. 
Movies and TV / Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe thread v3 (no recent spoilers)
« Last post by Dream Team on February 08, 2023, 05:23:48 PM »
I may be off on this one but I feel like the American media or internet was out to get Brie Larson early on for some reason and that negatively coloured the movie for a lot of people. But I may be remembering that wrong or misinterpreting it.

I think there's a grain of truth to that.  I think there were two large segments that were sort of "out to get" her or the movie.  One segment was a segment that really came across as mysogynistic that was very vocal, despite being a vast minority (as loud minorities tend to be).  Then there was also the group of Marvel purists that didn't like a lot of the changes that were pretty big departures from the source material.  Also very vocal.  And in some cases, those groups overlapped.  But you had those two groups that were vocal and trying to tank the film right from the getgo.  Still, they were minority groups, not "the Internet" or "the media" as a whole.

But then of course, you had folks at the other end of the spectrum overreacting to the two groups mentioned, who then tried  to portray it as "the Internet" or "the media" as a whole, when that was clearly NOT the case, and as a result, overhyping the good in the film and trying to say anyone who didn't like it must be misogynistic white males who don't like anything not featuring a white male.  Also dead wrong.  Just for different reasons.

I seem to remember her as coming off as kind of weird and maybe a little snobby in the press tours. A lot of her interaction with fellow cast members during talk show appearances and the like seemed awkward. She didnít come across as very likeable and got some backlash.
I mean címonÖ itís Jorn Fucking Lande (just giving Tim the opportunity to meme his response).

The picture of Jorn he always uses is actually from this album, I think it's from the music video of Shitting on Water.



Well played, my friend.
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