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They look like the biggest bunch of pussies. :lol
Had Halford at number 5.  :metal
I'm taking about Atilla.  You silly ninny.

Oh WTF?  :lol
General Discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup Football 2022 (Qatar)
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As a Englishman I can say this is the best squad I've ever seen (84 being my earliest memories).  The France game is going to be epic.
I'm taking about Atilla.  You silly ninny.
I think king was talking about the other one (as was I), but I don't fully have your dynamic down.  :)
Floor Jansen - not considered. I just don't listen to enough of her music for her to make my top 25 favourite vocalist list. I have watched her live performance of Ghost Love Score and it is amazing, no doubt of her talent.

Rob Halford - my number 13. Just awesome. Love Priest and love Rob. One of the greats.
I actually loved the plot.

You don't know the plot.

Yeah I do. It was about a future robot assassin sent back in time to kill the mother and/or the child that would be =come something or other in the future..a rebel leader or something like that.

They crammed four movies of plot into it (and could have easily cut out most of the stuff with the love interest), but the visuals are breathtaking. 
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