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General Music Discussion / Re: Forum Game: Guess the album cover
« Last post by twosuitsluke on Today at 06:04:18 AM »
Damn, I wouldn't have got any of those!
What would be the purpose to 'script' this over a 13 year period?  What would be their desired result of doing this for so long?

Yeah, I'm with wolfking hereľa 13-year plan makes for a fun story, but in reality, it really stretches the boundaries of plausibility.
Movies and TV / Re: Last movie you saw? v2.0
« Last post by MirrorMask on Today at 05:23:40 AM »
Finally got around to watching Nightmare Before Christmas a few weeks ago, a short 30 years after it came out.

Well, not gonna judge you, until two months ago I never saw the two original Terminator movies  ;D
Dream Theater / Re: JLB - "I can't sing like that anymore"
« Last post by crystalstars17 on Today at 05:17:41 AM »
It's good to know that the problem is with his technique and less to do with the limitations of growing older

It's both, but it's definitely not "just age" as many suspect. As a singer gets older they need to be keeping up with the changes in the body by constantly adjusting their technique.

Do we know for a fact that he is not being coached by anyone presently?

We don't. I don't know him personally. It's speculation based on what I am hearing live (and in live recordings) these days with a trained ear.

All I know is that he was for some time so it would seem weird for him to have these problems

Without at least a "checkup" on a regular basis with a second set of ears, bad habits can creep in. Especially as the voice changes with age, illness, injury/scar tissue, too much belting, years of touring, etc taking their toll, all the more does even the best professional who has built a solidly reliable technique need to check in with a good technician once in a while. Think of it as a tuneup. It's just necessary maintenance.

I agree on your pitch analysis and I dare to bring on the table a distinct lack of palatine veil's muscular tone (when flat, but I never heard him go sharp) and I strongly and respectfully concur he needs to rethink his technique, and he's possibly 20 years late.

Very possibly. I agree about the palate. I also think he has some issues with vowels, and spreading. This is a trifecta of bad habits that can bring down the best technique over time.

I don't think all of these habits are entirely new, either. As early as the early 2000's you can hear him scooping up to a higher note with an audible "wah" syllable before the word. This tells me it's a long-standing issue with approach to the note that has worsened, perhaps because (speculation alert) it has not been addressed. You can hear this as early as Chaos in Motion but it's at its worst when it becomes a full on "yyyah" when attempting the F# in Learning to Live on the recent I&W anniversary tour.

Problem his you need rest and time to do that, not tour cycles, even if not extremely intensive.

He needs to put in the work, and I'm sure he does, but I believe he really should be given proper time.

And this is exactly what he never got. After the injury, he should've been on vocal rest, not on tour.
I've been known to enjoy PJ. MmmmMMMMmmm...good cracker!
Kade, Riot Act is my least favourite but the 3 album run after that starting with the self titled is an excellent run.
Latest two, by a LANDSLIDE. A View (along with its title track) is their crowning achievement to date. And I love Distance Over Time.

I do enjoy BCSL (Wither, TCOT) but SC ranks very low (despite Forsaken and Ministry of Lost Souls). The highs are very high and the lows are abysmally low on these (especially SC).

The newer albums have it. They are consistently good, even stellar (in the case of AVFTTOTW) albums that I want to hear as a whole album, not just a good song here and there.
General Music Discussion / Re: Forum Game: Guess the album cover
« Last post by bl5150 on Today at 04:22:38 AM »
G'day Kade - might pop in as it looks like some assistance is needed here.   :biggrin:

A1 : Crypt Sermon - The Ruins of Fading Light
C2:  UDO - Solid
C3 : Don Dokken - Up From The Ashes
C4 : Vega - What The Hell

D4:  DGM : Frame

D2 had me thinking The Magnificent but your clue says it ain't

Movies and TV / Re: What Shows are you currently watching?
« Last post by soupytwist on Today at 04:22:04 AM »
Finished up the first Season of Severance.  Fantastic, loved the fact we learnt so much in the final couple of episodes.  Normally these mystery box shows just layer mystery on mystery without giving much back - but this really opened up the show in the finale, and everything they revealed made sense of some of the weird stuff we saw in the earlier episodes.  Really impressed.
I just noticed the quote on my photoshop skills. That description is why they are glorious. Lol
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