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General Discussion / Re: DTF Chat Thread v.BrexitMeansBrexit
« Last post by TAC on Today at 01:30:11 PM »
:biggrin: You remember what it was like to try and cook a meal with kids right? I don't got time to peel, boil, and mash anything!

I have a wife for that!  Seriously, she makes great mashed, and *she* is the one absolutely opposed to powdered vegetables.  I could probably tolerate it, but thankfully don't have to.

My wife is a great scratch cook, but I must admit, I love instant potatoes.
Love it, it's like Alita: Battle Angel in the Terminator universe. 
Floor just barely missed the cut on mine.  Probably top 30.  For a long time she was in my top 10, but Nightwish's lackluster last few albums haven't helped, and other vocalists have grown on me or I've found other ones since then.  Floor has probably close to the most raw talent though. 

Halford is maybe in my top 75, just an incredible singer. 

If Floor is already in, I'm guessing Simone probably didn't quite make the cut, and I can't see anyone similar being higher, though I'd love to be wrong. 
I'm back with more album art, this time for Vmadera. The first collage shows the progression of war between humans and AI. The second shows the progression of development of more human-like AI.


@jingle...just looking at my list, and 4 of the next 5 would be in the discussion for your list as well.
Huh, that was the Periphery album where the band lost me. I liked pretty much everything they did up to that point.
My results remain the same.  Not familiar with Floor and Rob I barely considered.

6. Robert Plant
5. Chris Cornell
2. Layne Staley

And selections from my long list: Ann Wilson, Jon Anderson, Åkerfeldt, McCartney, Gabriel, Delp
General Music Discussion / Re: Share a tasty drum groove/fill/sound
« Last post by JLa on Today at 12:53:23 PM »
"Quite Firm", Gavin Harrison. The guy is unreal.
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