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Yeah, the sense I get is there was some consternation amongst the band members that started with the split on the album and never really fully resolved itself through all of the touring this year. I think it may be more likely that they get together to do another round of touring at some point without a new record than try to go through the creative process again as a group.
I'm not in this batch I'm pretty sure.
I'm guessing I'm not in this batch.
General Music Discussion / Re: Soen (new album Imperial is out)
« Last post by majo on Today at 03:19:15 PM »
Atlantis - what a brilliant and beautiful album/revision. Amazing usage of the piano/organ and strings throughout the whole record  :tup
General Music Discussion / Re: Pantera
« Last post by wolfking on Today at 03:19:10 PM »
Yea, Zakk always came across as a cool but weird dude. Not one I'd have anything in common with, but far from a prick.

Also checked out a few videos. Charlie sounds like Vinnie. Phil sounds like....a meh version of Phil. Rex sounds mostly inaudible. Zakk sounds like Zakk playing Pantera songs in his own style.

I guess it depends what you want. If this was just the new Pantera, then I'd be fine with Zakk putting his own style on things. If this is really meant as a tribute to Pantera, and they want to be true to the original sound, then he's far from that.

For his age and the abuse he's put on his body, I think he's sounding really good.
I liked each release from Periphery less and less.  I think I stopped after this one.  Maybe I need a revisit.
Number 3?
General Discussion / Re: What made you happy today?
« Last post by DragonAttack on Today at 03:16:14 PM »
Maybe you'll find out somehow....

As for me

A great semiannual trip to NYC with the wife.  New York slices, vendor hot dogs…Bryant Park, the Tree, Broadway (Wendell Pierce as Willy Loman in ‘Death Of A Salesman’…top three of any show or individual performance I’ve ever seen), and perfect weather throughout.  Today started a four day visit from her sister for the first time since she moved out of state in the spring (and I get along with her quite well).

What makes her happy these days, makes me more than happy these days.
General Discussion / Re: 2022 NFL Thread (R.I.P. NFL)
« Last post by DragonAttack on Today at 03:10:24 PM »
Wow, Kansas City on the national game with Nantz and Romo.  Nantz just called KC a “dynasty in the making”.   Okay.  Couldn’t be rooting harder for Cincinnati if I was banging one of their cheerleaders.  Looks like another game I watch and listen to Christmas music.  ;)

For the record, no beef with the scheduling; this is a possibile AFC Championship game. It’s the Nantz/Romo Mahomes fellating that I’m bummed about.

For those two, I'd have the volume up just loud enough to hear the crowd, so they can fellate away all they want.  I've done the same for years for SNF as well.  But I'm going to watch SF-Miami instead.  I don't need to see close ups of Mahomes yet another 300 times, or Reed 75 times.
General Music Discussion / Re: Pantera
« Last post by Setlist Scotty on Today at 03:07:04 PM »
Keep in mind that I've never been a Pantera fan aside from perhaps Cemetery Gates and maybe one or two other tracks, so this "reunion" or whatever you wanna call it doesn't mean much to me personally. But am I the only one calling BS on how this is what at least Vinnie would want? I check out Blabbermouth pretty often, and regularly I see "headlines" from all sort of musicians such as Paul Stanley, Corey Taylor and a bunch of others who have all proclaimed in interviews that Dime and Vinnie would be proud of this. Now I know that the estates of both Dime and Vinnie have given this thing the OK, but given that Vinnie remained on non-speaking terms with Phil until he died (and I don't think his relationship with Rex was great either) and based on comments I've read that he made in various interviews (courtesy of Blabbermouth), I find it hard to believe that Vinnie personally would've been OK with this thing. Am I the only one on this board to think this way?

Like I said, it doesn't matter to me personally either way, but I find it comical how all these famous musicians are speaking out in support of this as if it's necessary or if they're trying to convince the naysayers to see that this is a good thing that Vinnie would've wanted. From my perspective, it looks more like wishful thinking or simply trying to push something through as fact until it essentially becomes fact.  Anyone more knowledgeable about Pantera, feel free to explain this to me (aside from telling me that Phil and Rex were also part of the band and so therefore have the right to perform - I get that). Is there any provable evidence that Vinnie had a change of heart shortly before he died? Because from my (very limited) perspective, if Vinnie was still alive today, I don't think "Pantera" would be out on tour again right now or perhaps ever.
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