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General Discussion / Re: 2022 NFL Pick'em
« Last post by hunnus2000 on Today at 03:19:19 AM »
Mkay, so what have we decided? I have a coin here that needs flipping.

I'm thinking, Eagles in a blowout. KC has too many players banged up.
Strong start. :metal Interesting to see your view on what makes a good opening song though, for me a big expansive opener works just as well as a short punchy one. But I still got a good score so I ain't complaining.

Just to check, round 2 is just a single song yes? But with no length limit.
Dream Theater / Re: This or That - DT edition
« Last post by wolfking on Today at 03:12:54 AM »
General Discussion / Re: The post funny stuff thread v.Aleph-naught
« Last post by wolfking on Today at 03:11:49 AM »
Haha, that's an outstanding pic Brent.
Yeah, that's cool as fuck.  There are some awful band names in there though.  :lol

You mean, you don't want to go to the big Joy Thunder, Sleez Beez, Cherri Rocket show??

No, because I'll already be at the Cats in Boots show with support act Toy Roz.
I'll wear the comments as a badge of honor forever.  :tup  (it'll make up for all the 1s and 2s I get from here on in).

Tim doesn't give out 1s and 2s (unless it's a Winger round) - he hated everything about Genesis tune and it still got 6.5.
There was a interview where a few of the cast were together, 'those people' said the body language of the others round Brie suggested they didn't like her.  Don Cheadle who was part of the interview heard about this and stuck up for Brie calling them out as idiots.  Thus Don also became a target from 'those people'.  'Those people' also believe the only reason it took over a Billion at the box office is because Disney were buying tickets  ;D
General Discussion / Re: The Official Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by ErHaO on Today at 01:03:53 AM »
Looking forward to playing gba games on the Switch, that will get me to sign up for the service again.

I am disappointed that Metroid Remastered is basically a full priced standalone release at 40 euros. But it is good to see it release, I assume the other titles will follow (but who knows with Nintendo, haha)


Nice, I definitely want to play these:
-Metroid Fusion
-Minish Cap
-Fire Emblem

Looks like I have Schrodinger's Score until I post my results, well played Tim.
That's it. You've jogged my memory.

I remember watching her talk show things at the time and thinking she seemed completely fine, yet there was this general feeling from some that she was not acting in the way an MCU actor should. Obvs, all subjective, but I didn't catch any "inappropriate" (for want of a less loaded term) attitude from her, personally.
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