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 :lol :lol
Here's the hangman for a new page, and I've thrown in an extra letter for you. First impressions post is linked at the bottom of the OP as always.

wolfking: Norther
    1: Death Unlimited
    2: A Fallen Star
    3: Vain
    4: Omen

??: Dir En Grey
    1: Vinushka
    2: Tōsei
    3: Incon_enient Idea_

??: Stoned Jesus
    1: I'm the Mountain

??: Estradasphere
    1: T_e _rinces
    2: _i__enniu_ C_i_d
    3: __ui_
    4: S_u___ed _utation
    5: __anet S_ar__e / Court Yard Batt_e _

Lethean: Almah
    1: Trace of Trait
    2: Breathe
    3: Box of Illusion
    4: Almah

Sacul: Saltillo
    1: _i_in_ In
    2: A _air on t_e _ead of _o_n t_e Ba_tist
    3: Deni_
    4: T_ey A__ Do It T_e Sa_e

Nekov: Bend Sinister
    1: Best of You
    2: _ot B_ooded _an
    3: _an_ of _o__es
    4: _ot You on _y _ind

Evermind: Voices from the Fuselage
    1: Meteorites
    2: Nine _e_e_s
    3: Life on Titan

Cyril: Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng & Linnea Olsson
    1: Begin Again
    2: Dead of Night
    3: Mine
    4: The World We Knew
    5: Inside
    6: Wild Hearts Never Die
    7: A Place I Don't Know

??: A.A. Williams
    1: Exit in Darkness
    2: Control
    3: _e_t

??: Cave In
    1: Final Transmission
    2: In the Stream of Commerce
    3: Big Riff
    4: Innuendo and Out the Other

??: Noumena
    1: The End of the Century
    2: E_er_astin_ _ard
    3: _rey of t_e Te__ter

Shadow: Cloud Cult
    1: C_e_ica_s Co__ide (_i_e)
    2: No One Said it Would be Easy (live)
    3: Co___icated Creation (_i_e)
    4: Love and the First Law of Thermodynamics (live)
    5: Good Friend (live)

??: The Intersphere
    1: Re_ations in t_e Unseen
    2: S_ee_in_ _od
    3: Out of __ase
    4: The Grand Delusion
    5: S_i__rec_

??: _.I._OD.
    1: _erti_o
    2: T_e So_itary __ost
    3: Sonata in Tenebris (Inter_ude I)
    4: Tears of Today
    5: T_e Ca__
    6: _ei__t of a _i__ion Sou_s

??: Frea_y _e__y
    1: _i__est _round
    2: Nothing to Feel

TAC: Netherbird
    1: Mercury Skies
    2: Lunar Pendulum
    3: Harvest the Stars

??: Deadly Circus Fire
    1: T_rou__ t_e Soi_ (i. Born ii. Da_ned iii. Re_uie_)
    2: _er E_ita__ (i_. T_e Return)
    3: T_e _in_ and T_e Bis_o_

Indi: Gino Vannelli
    1: A _au_er in _aradise (_rd _o_e_ent)
    2: Brot_er to Brot_er
    3: Stor_ at Sunu_

Elite: Messa
    1: Snakeskin Drape
    2: Hour of the Wolf
    3: Tulsi

Katt: Frédéric Chopin
    1: _re_ude No. _ in A: T_e _o_is_ Dancer
    2: _re_ude No. __ in Db: Raindro_
    3: _re_ude No. __ in B: T_e Dra_onf_y
    4: Nocturne No. _ in Bb _inor
    5: Nocturne No. _ in Eb
    6: _re_ude No. __ in C _inor: T_e Funera_ _arc_

Stadler: The Panic Channel
    1: Teahouse of the Spirits
    2: Outsider
    3: B_oody _ary
    4: _oo_ _o_e

Guessed letters: FORNICATES BUDDY
You moved the cheese though.  You shouldn't give impressions until all men are hung.
Eh, the hangman tends to lose momentum either way, and I've got quite a good rhythm going with Monday hangman, Tuesday impressions and then Wednesday reveal whatever is still unguessed.

I'll await final reveal without further embarrassing myself guessing.
Good correction, best not commit to not embarrassing yourself for the best part of a day.
You'll supply the Tim, I'll supply the Shovel.


I'll supply the Tim, he'll supply the tiny shovel.

And pointy, too.  Jesus, poor Mrs TAC.
You moved the cheese though.  You shouldn't give impressions until all men are hung.

I'm content enough being "solid", or "cracking".  I'll await final reveal without further embarrassing myself guessing.
Leaving work now!
Wonderful musicians, great singers, but terrible lipsync-ers. To Breathe Another Day proved that.

Thankfully this is music, and the videos aren't necessary to enjoy the song.
Alright I still have no idea which one is mine so let's Cyril strategy it.

2.   Great hooks and energy.
10.   Madder than I expected, and all the better for it.
13.   Each track starts only ok but gets more interesting as it goes.
16.   A solid enough example of a genre that I’m extremely familiar with.
17.   Another solid example of the genre that I’m extremely familiar with.
18.   A cracking example of the genre that, again, I’m really very familiar with.
19.   An excellent example of a genre that doesn’t feature much in my collection.
21.   This could have been risky, but instead it’s wonderfully unique and I love it already.
22.   Great combination of punchy and catchy – liking it a lot and more than I thought I might.
You are going in the wrong direction, please do a U-turn at the next available opportunity.

EDIT: By the way everyone, hangman still isn't complete. :lol
General Discussion / Re: The PC thread
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 :lol one more SD slot than me

I finally kicked off some game installs and a data transfer before going to bed around 3am absolutely exhausted, but I'm so happy to report no issues today.  I removed my old 3TB drive as the data transfer completed and made some more adjustments on my settings... now I've got Call of Duty back running, but I'm trying to reconfigure all my settings with OBS to record properly.  Lots of testing going on today.
Old man Tim lock himself in his basement by accident? 
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