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General Discussion / Re: The Official Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Kattelox on Today at 10:46:27 AM »
Bumpity bump. I know Ben_Jamin and I are playing Animal Crossing. Anybody else? My friend code is 4250-9730-4436. I have a massive orchard growing which in a few days will have all the fruits in the game. People are free to come and take what they wish.
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Polls/Survivors / Re: Rush Survivor 2020 - Power Windows - FINAL ROUND!
« Last post by jjrock88 on Today at 10:26:22 AM »
There are different reasons different guitarists have become iconic. Not one reason for all of them.

People here seem to be arguing that Alex is a great guitarist. He is. But that wasn't the question, the question was why he wasn't more highly regarded, specifically by non-huge Rush fans.

That question has been answered multiple times, and the responses....again...focus on why he's a great guitarist. Two different topics.

He has MAYBE one iconic riff, and how iconic it is is very debatable. He has no iconic solos. His playing more blends in than stands out. Etc. etc.

For big Rush fans, he has plenty of iconic riffs, iconic solos, and signature style playing. But that wasn't the question. He's already highly regarded among huge Rush fans.

If I ask random rock fans (not big Rush ones) to sing a single Rush riff, they might...MIGHT be able to remember the opening to Limelight, but that'd be it.
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Iíll just throw this out there as one (of many) reasons; Alex doesnít have an iconic solo.

Page has Stairway
Slash has Sweet Child
Gilmour has Comfortably Numb
Etc etc

Does Eddie Van Halen have an iconic solo?  (unless we want to cheat and call Eruption a solo when it's actually the entire song)

Does Jimi Hendrix?

Let's put it this way: if we want to list the, say, 10 most iconic solos of all time (which would include both Comfortably Numb and Stairway, but not Sweet Child O' Mine), sure, Alex wouldn't have one on there, but many other all-time guitarists wouldn't either.

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