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General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus Thread v.2
« Last post by Nekov on Today at 02:53:26 AM »
Spain is the same. There is a new wave due to these new variants. Many people at the office I work at have been getting it lately (and based on how my throat feels I suspect I may have it as well).
I think periodical vaccination and some care is the only way to go. Unfortunately this thing is not going to go away unless the whole world shuts down for a month or two, which is not going to happen.
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus Thread v.2
« Last post by soupytwist on Today at 02:39:33 AM »
In the UK we are definitely on an uptick of cases, with talk of a being on the brink of a 5th wave.  But these new strains BA.4 and BA.5 while apparently super spreaders are milder strains so with the vaccines there shouldn't be any major disruptions.  It's no longer headline news here, you actually have to search for Covid info at the minute.
General Music Discussion / Re: Pain of Salvation thread, v.2 (merged)
« Last post by Pettor on Today at 02:36:18 AM »
Damn, seeing The Perfect Element live must be something special. Just quickly skipped through and it sounds daaaamn good. The keyboard guy is awesome! 🤘 I hate how POS usually manages to skip Sweden haha.

Her Voices is one of my favorite songs and it sounded amazing here!
General Music Discussion / Re: Porcupine Tree v. Glarung is a Lightbulb
« Last post by Pettor on Today at 02:16:48 AM »
Trying to spin the album a bit and sounds good. It has the same issue as always for me with PT, which is basically that the material sounds sameish and there's a certain fatigue that quickly becomes apparent. Not sure if it's the production or just Steven Wilson pretty narrow singing range that somehow makes the songs flow together. It's of course also that the material requires a bit of listening, so I expect that to open up a bit over time.

FOTBP was unusual in that it actually had more "vibrancy" and each song stood out quickly for me. I guess I wish they would experiment a bit more with Steven's voice like they do on Harridan and make the keyboard sounds a bit more vibrant. The keyboard sounds are kind of back there behind the other stuff and usually gets a bit blurry for me. And a song like Never Have I feel that the piano sound lacks something. Maybe it's dynamic range or maybe it's just the lack of timbre, not sure.

With that said there's already some great moments here that does stand out. The album sounds consistent with no apparently bad moments. Harridan is easily the best starting track of their albums with it's stand out groove and Herd Culling sounds like PT making a PT influenced song, in a good way 🤔

The rest sounds cool but my brain still can't separate them from each other at this point.
This is a real struggle for me as I've been suffering from crippling anxiety ever since this pandemic thing began, and I've not been able to relax and enjoy music. Most of what I can listen to now is a far cry from what I used to listen to before. The following I can recognise as good, even if I've not enjoyed them as much as I should have.

Marillion - An Hour Before its Dark
iron Maiden - Senjutsu
The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll
Ebony Buckle - Disco Lasers
Tears for Fears - The Tipping Point
Big Big Train - Common Ground & Welcome to the Planet
Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus

Note that neither DT not TA made that list, nor did Nightwish. The new PT album is very good, but I'm not that familiar with it yet.

I usually only drink beer in social gatherings and in those cases I only pick stuff I enjoy or if I pick something new it's usually by someones request. However occasionally I just get whatever the bartender recommends and that can lead to some questionable things.

I've rarely drink alcohol on my own however sometimes I make myself a GT. My favourite beer during summer is probably a cold Hoegaarden.
I suspect we've seen the last of that album on this list (which means damn you all to hell for not recognising the concise greatness of The Fallen Angel!).

I fear you're right! I had The Fallen Angel at #41.. :(
I had it at 25, I was surprised each time just how much I love it when it always feels like itst the "filler" song of the album.
I don't really know why, but I'm still buying cds. New ones mostly at amazon and a lot of used ones for cheap prices through various outlets. Like wolfking I rip them to the computer and the physical product goes on a shelf and collects dust, but I just can't bring myself around to buy only digital.

I have around 1800 cds.
I have at least 6 CD's on their way to me now. Mix of old and new stuff. One of them shipped from Poland.

Is there an AA equivalent for CD buyers?

I had 6 CD's arrive today, 5 from CD Japan and one from Amazon.
Nearly all my collection is on discogs some 2,925, with not everything I have yet on their database and I started in 2015  :biggrin:
If your really curious you can look at what I have, my username is pure666metal  :yarr
Okay I am way behind on this. So much went on these past few weeks that I barely had time to really focus on this list and my responses. I will post some now and then the rest soonish...

#64 If Eternity Should Fail - (Did Not Rank)

I like the intro and it was a fantastic way to start an Iron Maiden show with Bruce. This will definitely go up in my rankings the more I listen to it. The Book of Souls is a great album, I just have not found the time to listen to it in it's entirely as much as I would have liked, and this is one song that is Iron Maiden.

#63 Prodigal Son - (Did Not Rank)

I am not really that big of a listener of Iron Maiden, although I do enjoy the band a lot and enjoy seeing them live. I am one that hasn't really listened to the older albums. The song has a nice, chill, vibe to it. It also is very UFO in it's style. There is one song by UFO when I heard it on, I think it was Deep Tracks on Sirius XM, that reminded me of Iron Maiden. It is interesting hearing Iron Maiden being more laid back on the distortion tone and using more of a cleaner tone. It really fits and it is something that would've been more nice to hear more of.

#62 Wratchchild - (Did Not Rank)

I mainly heard this song live. It's a great song live and it's energetic as well. I just prefer the live releases more than the studio version. It's one that is so and so for me, but when they have played it live it was always good because of the energy it brings to the set.

#61 Afraid to Shoot Strangers - (Did Not Rank)

This one just missed my top 75. I found myself enjoying Fear of The Dark as an album quite a lot. I also got to see it live, and it was way better because Bruce put more effort into his vocals. If I were to rank now it would be in top 75 for sure.

#60 Brave New World - (Did Not Rank)

I am laughing at how most of these did not make my ranking. I am just not feeling it as much as when I first bought the album. It's a great song, so it's good to see it here at number 60.

#59 Only the Good Die Young - #55

This one ranked close to mine. I like how it brings back the Seventh Son riff in the instrumental for a quick lick. This is one song I would like to see live one day.

#58 The Wicker Man - #5

I had a feeling I would have the top ranking for this song. This is a special song for me because of the memories associated with it. I first heard the radio edit of the song, and is also the version my uncles band played when they covered this song. I actually like the added words to the chorus on the radio edit. I sung them live when I saw them on The Final Frontier, which was my first Iron Maiden show. I think this is a great song that showcased the band being reunited with Bruce. It's short and is very reminiscent of the older songs, I thought it was an older song when I heard it, I was around 10 and didn't know much about the band at all, only that they were the band with the monster on the covers.  :lol

#57 Still Life - (Did Not Rank)

I don't know, I just could never get into this song. I do enjoy the verses though. It would be a fun one to see live and maybe I will enjoy more that way.

#56 The Nomad - (Did Not Rank)

This one is an alright song. I think it sort of drags on a bit with the chorus.

#55 Remember Tomorrow - (Did Not Rank)

I first heard this one from the Opeth cover. I like the vocal melodies and I think this is one song I enjoy the Paul Di'Anno vocals. It's a nice soothing song as well.

#54 Killers - (Did Not Rank)

I would fault this as not having heard the first two albums much at all. Killers is a fantastic song and is one of the songs that has the Iron Maiden defining sound. I like the harmonic slides and the energy of it.

#53 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate - #8

I love the way the song flows. The ending was a perfect way to end the album and a great ending to the first reunion album from Iron Maiden. This song signifies the return of Bruce and of what is to come from the future albums. I am glad they continued to make these longer songs as I feel they really shine with the long songs. I enjoy how they ride along with the riff and play along with it, sort of opposite of how Dream Theater has riffs and melodies I wish they would repeat and play with longer. Iron Maiden knows how to do that and they have some great long songs due to that.

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