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General Discussion / Re: Post Your Picture Thead v. Surfin' Bird
« Last post by TAC on Today at 06:55:18 PM »
How far down were you?
General Music Discussion / Re: Official Helloween thread v. Pumpkins United
« Last post by TAC on Today at 06:53:20 PM »
So when I started this, I think I had 66 songs make the first initial cut. That averages to over 6 songs per album. I'd say that is quite a statement on the 10 album Deris Era discography. And I would say that even leaving some songs off at that point was difficult.

I ended up trimming it down to 30 songs. With the Top 25 starting tomorrow, I thought I'd leave five Honorable Mentions tonight..

The Tune (Rabbit Don't Come Easy) (Weikath)

The first time I listened to this it didn't really click, but all of a sudden...bang! In my head, I kept hearing Kai sing this. I think it would be perfect for him. This song really just hung around long enough to make the HM list.

Silent Rain (Keeper: The Legacy) (Deris/Gerstner)

This song really jumped put at me. I thought it would end up a bit higher, but there was tough competition. Nice to see Sasha with a writing credit on the list. Excellent tune that closes the first disc of The Legacy.

My Life For One More Day (Keeper: The Legacy) (Deris/Grosskopf)

A closer of mini-epic proportions. An excellent song I love the pre chorus. Classic melodic Helloween. Starting with the solo section, the second half of this song is particularly strong.

Find My Freedom (Gambling With The Devil) (Grosskopf)

The first B Side to make the list. Fantastic song from Markus. Amazing chorus. It really lifts the song. A case where a B side is stronger than a number of album tracks. Excellent instrumental section.

Immortal (The Dark Ride) (Deris)

A shame that this song didn't make the Top 25. This song is so unique for this band. I feel like this song is still rising and if I did this list a year from now, it will have moved up quite a bit. The chorus is really moving. Fantastic stuff!

And counting down the albums...
Starting with a bit of a surprise:

10. Master Of The Rings

Master Of the Rings is basically responsible for me giving up on Helloween. I bought the two lead singles and thought the album tracks were so weak. Plus I had no idea what to make of Andi Deris. He was so different to Kiske, and not all that pleasurable on the ears. If their first album out of the shoot was The Time Of the Oath, my history with the band might have been quite different. It is easily the least represented album in my countdown.

9. Straight Out Of Hell

Another album not well represented on my list.  I don't not like it. But they have so many better albums as a whole. There are a number of decent tunes on this, but there's nothing great.
The packaging looks great, the handling of it did not! I'm glad I preordered the physical edition. Hopefully Barnes and Noble deliver, never ordered anything through their site before.
mine's definitely in there somewhere
Round 5 First Impressions

This is a song!

Haha, nice song.

This is cool.

Yeah, I like it

Haha niiice.

Okay wtf Cyril.

Wow, this is a good song.

Okay, not my favorite song.

This reminds me of another song.

haha parama's gonna get last place then
sent a horrendously bad idea
General Discussion / Re: Post Your Picture Thead v. Surfin' Bird
« Last post by cramx3 on Today at 05:55:42 PM »
An hour long tour, plus a 5 minute descent into the mine in a trolley was TOTALLY worth the $10 ticket and the early arrival to Scranton.  I actually overslept so had to rush to get there before their last tour at 2:00pm.
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