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I feel like I may have forced some of the transitions (it didn't really help that the Solitude Aeturnus song fades in at the beginning and fades out at the end). I was pretty happy with the last transition.
puppies EP:
this moonsorrow song sounds like a song i've heard before. i have never heard it before. it's totally fine though but just hammers in that folky black metal doesn't do a ton for me
i have never liked this style of doom metal so solitude aeternus was never gonna do much for me
helrunar song is again, pretty dang fine but i'm not super into it
i've heard the thirteenth sun song before plenty of times but man i forgot how black metal-esque that first bit is, huh.
the transitions generally feel sloppy except 3 -> 4 which worked really well, i have a suspicion you cut down the endings of some songs too as the total length of these 4 songs is around 42 minutes combined according to what i'm seeing looking them up  :P
solid EP overall though but i mean the one track i really liked was the one i already knew  :lol
I only voted for Paint it Black. It's the only Rolling Stones song I ever enjoyed.
Karmakanic - Send a Message from the Heart

Focking gorgeous

Evermind, if that's your handicapped epic, hats off.

Cool news! But now I'm really scratching my head why Ray left Redemption. He'd have plenty of time to handle two bands, especially since Jim is busy with A/M.
General Music Discussion / Re: XTC
« Last post by Zydar on Today at 10:54:42 AM »
I don't have the original albums, so I'm getting them all on physical format as they are getting the 5.1 releases. Hopefully we'll get another one soon (Black Sea was released last year).
Incredible analysis! Thank you it was very informative.
I wonder Zack if there any chance that he can enhance his voice and range at least to 2011 era (ADTOE)?
General Music Discussion / Re: XTC
« Last post by KevShmev on Today at 10:44:00 AM »
I normally don't have to, since a friend, who has fairly similar taste in music to me (except he doesn't like the 80's like I do), always buys the good ones, so I can just listen to them at his house and not have to spend a dime. :lol  He doesn't like XTC much, though, and would never buy anything by them, so I took the plunge.
General Music Discussion / Re: XTC
« Last post by kingshmegland on Today at 10:32:36 AM »
Cool.  I just can't pull the trigger on those even for Rush.
Ah, okay.  Like I said before, hopefully he finds a way to go.  27 days to go!! :coolio

He just posted that he found someone. NICE
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