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I still got 3 or 4 to check out, and then I'll get around to ranking my top 10. Shouldn't be a problem to have it for the end of the month/year/decade.
Agreed. Especially given JP's concern in how the band is presented live in having consistent performances, you would think the idea of wanting to present the band in the optimal way would also be at the forefront of his thinking when it comes to videos on YouTube. Videos on YouTube have the ability to reach many more people in ways that they cannot in the live setting - it's easy and free to view a YouTube video; it takes effort and costs money to see the band live. So you would think there would be some more willingness to invest the money in putting together a proper video, whether strictly showing the band performing the song or including a conceptual storyline, which, as was already pointed out in this thread, would be pretty appropriate given the subject matter of the lyrics to this song.

At Wit's End (IMHO) is probably one of the best songs on the new album, so it's cool to see the band doing something to promote it further, but given the heavy handed nature of the lyrics what kind of "official video" would you prefer to see? How about some depressing B/W affair with a sad couple in the state of breaking up. Dude you really got to check this band out! They made this kick-ass video. It's about this girl who gets raped and her husband's really struggling to deal with it. And ultimately she ends up leaving him because neither of them can do anything to salvage their doomed relationship. I really doubt that on any budget they would have been able make this anything else but cringeworthingly awkward. Would probably have ended up like Rush's video for "The Pass" or perhaps like Suzanne Vega's "Luka" at best.

Uggh. Just thinking about it makes me glad that ELP never even attempted a music video for "Daddy". At least that would have been funny (for all the wrong reasons) while making me feel like a horrible person for laughing at its ineptitude (just like I do the song).
Sunless Dawn! Sunless Daaawwwnnnn!!!

I mean I have to check them out for ProgPower :lol
Sunless Dawn! Sunless Daaawwwnnnn!!!
So we have a private work chat room in slack (chat app for work) that uses a bot that follows PCALive on twitter so when they tweet a link for a live video of an active police chat, it send an alert to the private chat room at work (some tech guy set this up, so awesome for us) but as much as these are entertaining to watch and I've seen some messed up stuff happen, today was probably the most disturbing. 

There was an armed robbery and the guy commandeered a UPS truck taking the driver as a hostage.  As he was being chased, he shot at the cops.  This all happened before the live feed.  While watching, you could see the hostage in the truck and the driver was clearly on a suicide mission because he was driving so wild and there must have been 30 cop cars around when they zoomed out.  The UPS truck hit some traffic and got stuck around civilian cars and the cops then drew near.  This guy took the hostage as a body shield and started shooting which got all like 30 cops surrounding the truck to start shooting.  The two robbers, UPS truck driver, and now I am reading a bystander (since he was surrounded by real traffic) were killed. 

I don't know if it was brutality, as the guy was an active shooter, but the cops are definitely getting some heat here and I personally have not seen such an aggressive chase but at the same time, what do you do when this guy is firing?  I feel so bad for these people involved and to watch it live was really crazy.  So much gun fire that you could see and then just two bloody bodies on the ground with everyone trying to save one of them (obviously must have been the hostage).  This was somewhere near Miami I think. < the video
I am stunned this is still going on  :lol

I'm kinda thinking of resurrecting my thread as I only now began to check a lot of stuff sent in my roulette.
I don't think I did mine yet, I will do it next week
Yeah I just caught that and edited my post. :)
OK he has 9 tracks that each get a 10.  That's 90.  plus ten for the double points song is 100.  100/9* 2 is 22.2.  Plus a bonus point.  Or am I missing something with how it's scored?

It's 100/10
Not bad! Thanks for having me, it was fun :)
Best of luck to everyone who can still win!
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