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Sorry mate went to order but current exchange rates with that post puts it up around $70 to get down here atm so will  need wait a bit for hardcopy and def grab digital version for now...

Not anyone's fault is just the way things are with the world atm.  Looks fantastic BTW look forward to reading \m/

Wardy, not sure if it makes a difference, postage-wise, but the book is available on here:

Perhaps the shipping from the UK to you is cheaper? It'll be up on most if not all the country-specific Amazon sites by the 25th or 26th if I understand the process correctly.

Thanks for picking up the digital version (that should be available for Amazon Kindle as well sometime in another week or so). Really appreciate it and hope you like it!

We've just started sending out the initial pre-orders for the paperbacks. I know about 10 were sent out on Saturday, and many more will start to be sent out this week. So for those of you who ordered just the paperbacks from NWMetalWorx, those are shipping now. If you ordered the hardcover AND PB, or just the hardcover, those will be shipped together when the hardcovers come in...I think mid-to-late November.

Thanks again everyone. It was a blast to write it with Beach and Naron. Happy to answer any questions too, if anyone has any (our writing process, our interviewing, the band in general, etc.)

Sad news regarding the new lawsuit. But this book is a positive in that whole depressing affair. A great read about a groundbreaking band. So if you're sick of the negativity, the book is just what the doctor ordered to get you happy about Queensryche again.

I had the same issue as Wardy. When I went to order from that site the shipping costs almost quadrupled the cost of the paperback, so I didn’t bother.

I saw the paperback available for pre-order on Amazon Canada a couple of weeks ago, but now it says it’s currently available. I’ll just keep monitoring until it becomes available again.
I mean….they got away with it last year so why change what works? It’s almost 100% certainty that he will ‘recover’ just in time to get back in shape for the playoffs.
Dumping on N.E. that they don't have Brady to bail them out.  Of course he did. I don't expect that from a rookie.
General Discussion / Re: 2021 NFL Survivor - Week 6, 5 Still Alive
« Last post by pg1067 on Today at 01:23:46 PM »
I think generally, though, the idea is sound.  (Tangent:  I hate sports stats that are inexorably tied to betting; I'm not interested in the ROI on these games, just whether there's an advantage).

Yeah...all the gambling crap makes that hard to follow (what the heck is "units won," and what does "ROI" mean in this context?  I don't know and don't care).  So I did the research myself.

Here are the 2000-2020 road records of the Chargers, Raiders, 49ers, Seahawks (and, from 2016-20, the Rams) against teams in the eastern time zone:

Rams..............................11-5 (.688)
Seahawks........................34-30 (.531)
Chargers.........................30-40 (.429)
49ers..............................21-35 (.375)
Raiders...........................20-47 (.299)
TOTAL..........................116-157 (.425)

It is, I think, interesting to see that, over 21 seasons, the Chargers played 25% more road games against eastern time zone teams than the 49ers.

NOTE:  I did not take into consideration games played in London.

I guess the moral of the story is that the Rams have been remarkably good in eastern time zone road games, and the Raiders have been consistently bad (only four times during the 21 seasons did the Raiders have a winning record in these games).
Dream Theater / Re: New Sonic Perspectives JP Interview
« Last post by Architeuthis on Today at 01:23:30 PM »
The NMB and other bands postponed their tour to February, so I wonder if this has any influence or pressure on DT's decision to do the same? 
At least the NMB band allready has their new dates posted.  DT'S managment or promoters must be having a logistical nightmare trying to secure the same venues for later dates. Being that the venues that DT are playing are somewhat larger with more traffic going through them.
I've also emailed "Estética Torta", recommending your book to them:
I think it's up their profile. Let's hope for a portuguese version in the future!
I just saw them live last Friday night in Leesburg VA. Good show marred by some technical difficulties that sapped some of the show's momentum. I was pleasantly surprised that they were promoting new material, playing four songs from The Symbol Remains in a 17-song set. If you get a chance to see them, I would recommend it.
What a fall from grace for Kaleidoscope! How does a song go from being the 4th greatest Transatlantic song of all time to not even being in the finals?

Probably because it was brand new at the time and fresh in everyone's heads. I think it's way better than Into The Blue but the masses have spoken.

Thanks Letter M for doing these! Very entertaining and an excuse to revisit some of these albums. Maybe do Genesis next?

Genesis would be good, but I may hold off on that for next year for the band's 55th anniversary. The last time I did the Genesis Survivor was nearly a decade ago when I did it for their 45th anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long!

Dream Theater / Re: DT tour delayed !!!!
« Last post by bosk1 on Today at 01:08:06 PM »
Hey Bosk...

Since the tour is delayed, do you happen to have any information on if JP had a setlist idea in mind already set for the tour?

I am very confident that they will have had the set list firmed up a few months ago.  As far as what it is, I have no idea.  I haven't asked. 
That's your take from the game?  Kid is doing well for a rookie..  The D couldn't get off the field.  That's why they lost.

It's kind of hard to tell, but I think Dream Team was sarcastically defending Mac (or dumping on Brady).
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