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Thank you for the very insightful (and investigative) commentary.  If the agreement didn't specifically outline "exclusive" around the theatrical release, then (imo) the ground is pretty shaky for ScarJo.  I will admit, I was taking her claims in the 'reporting' at face value.  Their accuracy (or potential lack thereof) does have some sway with my opinion on the matter.
PG makes a good point though, that it's not a simple, cut-and-dry matter of "if it says exclusive then it is, if it didn't then it isn't". Common industry practice when it comes to definitions and protocols can definitely be argued to be implicit in a contract even where not explicitly stated. Whether that's the case here I have no idea - the plaintiffs are clearly arguing that it does, but whether a court would agree with that (if it ever got to that stage) would, as PG says, depend on the testimony of experts which might very well be split and inconclusive, unless there is any clear legal precedent.

But, to you and to Jingle, what the contract DOES say - clear or not - is far more at issue than what ScarJo claims in her petition.  I didn't "ignore" what she said, I just took it at the value it deserved, i.e. one of two probably very different points of view of the SAME LANGUAGE.   Blue shirts.
General Music Discussion / Re: New LTE - LTE 3 2021!!
« Last post by Cocopjojo on Today at 03:29:46 PM »
LA Show from the reunion tour was uploaded earlier today
Going all the way back to 1983, that's the best live show I've ever seen. The Jordan Rudess thing was so kick ass I'm flying to see him play in San Diego thirteen years later.
Do you mean the current solo tour that Jordan is doing?  I'm pondering making the four hour drive to catch him in Portland Oregon.
I thought about going to this show too, but I really dislike General Admission. I'm getting too old to stand in line for hours hoping to get a good seat.
General Music Discussion / Re: Transatlantic: The Absolute Universe
« Last post by Kram on Today at 03:28:03 PM »
Who’s gonna be the fifth member this time? Pain of Salvation and Pattern Seeking Animals are both on Cruise to the Edge so it could be Daniel or Ted or maybe even both.

Heck, throw Bill Hubauer in there too. He played with TA on CTTE 2017.

I'm guessing we'll see both Daniel and Ted - to truly make it special and the "complete TA Experience" if you will - not sure about Bill though.

It would be cool to see the 6-Man Transatlantic perform together again (yes, again, because Daniel popped up during a festival show during the end of the Kaleidoscope Tour in 2014 where he played a few songs with the band, including Ted). I think it largely depends on their availability before and during Morsefest, as well as after Cruise To The Edge, because they'll probably want to try and do a small tour after CTTE, if everyone's schedules permit it. They'll probably want to play the TAU material as much as they can since they're going through the trouble of learning 100 minutes of new music to perform for Morsefest and CTTE.


Yeah, not sure for the tour, but I'm thinking for the one weekend of Morsefest, we see both Daniel and Ted.
Dream Theater / Re: Tour incoming? (New Tour dates announced)
« Last post by RaiseTheKnife on Today at 03:27:37 PM »
Ticket sales are underwhelming at best right now.  I suppose many folks are hedging their bets as to whether or not they want to go to a public show this Fall.  I checked many different venues, from San Diego to St. Pete's, and NC to Texas.  Lotta seats still available.
Movies and TV / Re: Jeopardy
« Last post by Stadler on Today at 03:26:37 PM »
I imagine you have 96 other, more pressing, things to deal with in the moment, but all things being equal, that would be funny, to answer all the questions in the "wrong" way:

"When is The Yangtze River, Alex.  House Parts for $400, Alex."
"Who is a doorknob, Alex.   Russian Literature for $600, Alex."
"Why are Anna Karenina, Alex."

I'm not sure if I'm one of the "others" mentioned here, but I feel compelled to point out that I merely asked who this guy was (yesterday afternoon) and then (this morning, after a whole bunch of comments by others) explained why it matters to me who he is and why his status as a "super-shredder" makes his opinion less meaningful to me.  Honestly

Anyway...this is why I usually avoid these album build-up discussions, so I'll go back to doing so.

Maybe it's not what you intended, but "Is he someone who's opinion should matter to anyone?" came off like a pretty dismissive comment right from the outset, as opposed to something like "Haven't heard of him, what's he been involved in? Am curious what point of view he's coming from". Plus, not to be condescending but... Google and YouTube exist. It would take the same amount of effort as questioning whether his opinion is worth anything in the first place before even knowing who he is. Even then, something like "Not personally a big fan of his music, so am not sure what this means for the album's quality, though glad he likes it and I respect his talent." would've came off less judgemental.

Very useful tools.  :)
General Discussion / Re: WTF?!? - An Airline Thread
« Last post by wolfking on Today at 03:25:53 PM »
I've only flown once in my life.  Fucking hated every minute of it and it was only a 2 hour flight.  We hit turbulence too and I thought we were fucking going to crash into a mountain or something.

There's 0 chance of ever meeting up with you at a concert in the US then

Hey, if COVID wasn't a thing and I could come over to meet all of you and go to concerts and festivals, I most definitely would take the plunge and jump on a long flight.  Where I am in life, it actually was starting to become a possibility as I have leave coming out my ass, but yeah, then COVID happened.  For the flight, I'll just get really drunk or take some pills or something haha.
General Discussion / Re: WTF?!? - An Airline Thread
« Last post by cramx3 on Today at 03:23:15 PM »
I've only flown once in my life.  Fucking hated every minute of it and it was only a 2 hour flight.  We hit turbulence too and I thought we were fucking going to crash into a mountain or something.

There's 0 chance of ever meeting up with you at a concert in the US then
Dream Theater / Re: John Petrucci - Terminal Velocity (Fall 2020)
« Last post by Ben_Jamin on Today at 03:22:57 PM »
For those interested, this guy has uploaded videos of JP's band performing 5 different tracks live at JPGU last week:
This is great!  I like it even more for the fact that JP is human and makes mistakes live. You can tell all three of the band members were a bit nervous especially during Terminal Velocity.  You know what, that is totally ok and I can relate.  I've made tons of clumsy mistakes live due to nerves.
It also comes down to the setting you are playing. That particular setting where they are playing looks a bit out of their element making them feel vulnerable.  I love it!   :metal

That could also be due to the audience they're performing for. They're all guitarists/musicians whom will be watching their every finger playing that note, and will be analyzing the playing as it's happening.

That's a lot of nerves to have when playing 😂
Dream Theater / Re: YOUR pct of chances that MP EVER returns to DT
« Last post by cramx3 on Today at 03:22:31 PM »
Rejoining the band permanently replacing Mangini - 0%

Rejoining the band permanently alongside Mangini - 10%

Why would they have two drummers? a band can get away with three guitarists instead of two, or two singers instead of one, but two drummers? especially considering the size of both kits.... was there ever a band that had two permanent drummers?

A lot of bands also have a drummer and percussionist which isn't too different than two drummers.
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