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Reminds me of the time Portnoy tweeted something like

" Man Matt Sorum plays the same fill like 19 times in November Rain ! "

And Sorum replied something to the effect of :

" There's more to drumming than fancy fills and loads of cymbals "

and Portnoy backtracked

" I agree 1000% : ) : ) "

Thanks for running this!
Still on holiday, so posting from a phone, but I want to commend you for your write-ups; theyíre very well written and thorough.

I think that despite you not really liking this track, you might actually enjoy the rest of the album. I sent it because I thought it had some vague similarities to that Spectral Lore track you sent me once, but I must admit Iím not too familiar with that one.

Hurray though! :partyinpartyinyeah:
Musicians / Re: Scale & Key
« Last post by Kotowboy on Today at 04:13:09 AM »
A singer singing a perfect C# in the Key of C major could say to be out of KEY

However - singing out of TUNE means they're going for a C but it's a few hz sharp or flat.

This has always bugged me when people say a terrible singer is out of key.

They're probably aiming for the right pitch but are failing to be in TUNE.
General Music Discussion / Re: The Alice Cooper thread
« Last post by Mladen on Today at 03:00:45 AM »
I haven't listened to all of Alice Cooper (I think I've only heard a third of his discography), but DaDa has always been one of my favorites. Truly an underrated record.
General Music Discussion / Re: Martin Birch passed away
« Last post by Mladen on Today at 02:58:56 AM »
I usually do not pay too much attention to the producers, to be honest. But when a guy produces Machine Head, Rising, Heaven and hell and Powerslave, he must be a genius. Rest in peace, Martin.
Same approach as with ADTOE.
I don't know why, but I love this post.
General Music Discussion / Re: What album are you listening to? v.6
« Last post by Lowdz on Today at 02:51:59 AM »

Never gave this the time I should have when it are out.

I checked it out when it came out and I thought it was absolutely terrible.

I listened once or twice when it came out and didnítgo back to it. Iíve been on a Y&T kick in the last few days so maybe my ear was tuned to it as I liked it. Itís too long so a couple of the less memorable tracks should have been cut, but it was good. Thereís something missing in the production too.

Iíve never listened to the first two comeback albums (musically incorrect and the other one I canít even remember the name of). Should I bother?
General Music Discussion / Re: RIP Martin Birch
« Last post by MrBoom_shack-a-lack on Today at 02:45:53 AM »
Ninja:d! Plz remove
General Music Discussion / RIP Martin Birch
« Last post by MrBoom_shack-a-lack on Today at 02:45:10 AM »
Legendary British producer Martin Birch, who is best known for engineering and producing albums by DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, FLEETWOOD MAC, WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH, BLUE ÷YSTER CULT and IRON MAIDEN, died earlier today (Sunday, August 9) at the age of 71. His passing was confirmed former DEEP PURPLE and current WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale, who tweeted: "It is with a very heavy heart I've just had verified my very dear friend & producer Martin Birch has passed away.

General Music Discussion / Re: Martin Birch passed away
« Last post by Zydar on Today at 02:45:07 AM »
Yeah I just read that in the Maiden thread.

RIP Mr Birch  :'(  Thanks for all the great albums you've been involved in through the years. Those run of Maiden albums from 1981-1992 are just incredible, and he had a big part of it.
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