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Your Favourite Bootleg From Each Tour
« on: July 11, 2018, 02:48:50 PM »
Hello, friends.

So, simple concept -- what are your favourite bootlegs from each tour?
Feel free to skip any tours you like, but please do hit the major ones. Go ahead and include one or two cross-tour/non-live compilation ones aswell if you like. This thread is more a case of "Talk about some kick-ass bootlegs, and recommend some for others" type of thread than one I'm trying to apply any rigid rules to.

I'll start...

Images And Words tour: 1993-11-15: Lost In The Sky/Game, Set, Metropolis. Soundboard-sourced for the most part, and the partially-complete video version is good fun too. Images And Words is a very consistently good tour, so this one is a matter of it having a couple of tracks that weren't played earlier in the tour, LaBrie being especially awesome, and the sound being impeccable.
Awake/Change Of Seasons tours: 1994-10-28: A Kick Into A Dream. One of the best-sounding audience recordings from this time, an awesome setlist, the video version is really good(Though doesn't sound as good), and LaBrie was on-point! One of very few bootlegs containing The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun.
Falling Into Infinity tour: 1998-06-22: Nighttown Nostalgia/Stained Glass. Hands-down my favourite bootleg of all.
Scenes From A Memory tour: 2000-10-18: Of Pigs And Chicks. Ridiculous fun with a great setlist, great performances all-round, and just a joy to listen to from start to finish.
Train Of Thought tour: 2004-04-03: Eat My Ass And Cello/Strings Of Consciousness. Great set, has Eugene Friesen joining them for Vacant and Stream Of Consciousness, great performances all-round, and the show itself was generally just really good.
Octavarium tour: 2005-10-29: Milan, Italy 2-Cam Remaster. Good sound, great set, LaBrie was ridiculously good, a lot of stuff played here that wasn't done on Score... Really good show.
Chaos In Motion tour: 2007-07-27: LA 2007. Great sound, great video, great set, and LaBrie giving one of his best performances since the Images And Words tour. This is not one to miss!
A Dramatic Turn Of Events tour: 2012-07-19. Two video versions of this exist, one's a HD version that contains some select songs from the set, while the other is a DVD covering the whole thing. Both are excellent recordings of this great show.
Compilation: FM Compilation 1993-1995. Two Live At The Marquee outtakes, a bunch of acoustic tracks(Most of which you may recognise from Acoustic Dreams, though this doesn't have the over-aggressive noise reduction that ruins the sound, but it is missing Long Island Expressway, which as far as I'm aware, isn't on any bootleg aside from Acoustic Dreams), the encore from the Live In Tokyo show from '93, and a couple of cool tracks from 1995.

I skipped the Six Degrees, Black Clouds, DT12, Astonishing, and Images And Words And Beyond tours, as the Bucharest DVD is so perfect, it kind of killed my interest in 6DoIT bootlegs, I've never really jumped down the rabbit hole of Black Clouds bootlegs, and the DT12, Astonishing, and I&W&B tours were (mostly) static sets.
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