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Re: DT "reaction" videos
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Ehh, I'm approaching 50 so my common sense kicks in here...

I've seen these "reaction" videos show up on the "up next" list when I am watching more worthwhile things on You Tube and I have completely avoided them until I read this post a few times,  and then tried the first couple posted above just to finally see what all the fuss is about.   It must be trendy now because these things crop up more and more I notice. 

I know that the point of the videos are that if you watch them, by default you are accepting the fact that you will see their reactions, but why anyone gives a crap about them is beyond me.  Even worse than the person skipping parts of songs (or whole songs, whatever) is that they all seem really fake - as bad (if not worse) than supposed reality television plaguing the airwaves these days.  The kids in that Baby Metal clip in particular just seem too neat, clean, and polished (i.e., "staged") one of those marathon "let's make fun of the videos" you might see on an off cable channel during the holidays.

At the end of the day, I am happy if any new DT fans get into it and like the band - even if these dumb videos help them get there - but all of it really seems like a giant waste of time to me.